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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Electrical Components
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Current-limiting Superconductors

Current-limiting Superconductors Current-limiting components based on the latest generation of superconductor materials are proving tough enough for deployment in power plants to protect equipment, says The superconducting material is composed of yttrium, barium, copper, and oxygen (YBCO) — and you can see a batch being cooked up here. For current limiters, the YBCO is grown just 1 micrometer thick on stainless steel strips only millimeters wide. Below -183 C (90 K), the component acts as a superconductor, but if the current spikes above the design value, then the superconductivity collapses and the remaining high-resistance steel strip limits the current. After the event, the device cools down and regains its normal function.

Earn Your Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering Online with Purdue
Purdue Engineering Professional Education
IP66/NEMA4 Power Supplies for Signage and LED Lighting
Triad Magnetics

Earn Your Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering Online with Purdue Expand your electrical engineering design skills and broaden your career horizons while you work full-time with Purdue's online MSECE. This top ranked program has expanded online courses in cutting edge specializations taught by faculty members who are active in state-of-the-art research and training. Contact an enrollment advisor to learn more.

IP66/NEMA4 Power Supplies for Signage and LED Lighting Triad's 20W/40W encapsulated power supplies are available with 12 VDC, 24 VDC, and Constant Current outputs. All accept input from 90 VAC-264 VAC and are UL recognized, CE marked, and RoHS compliant. They are designed to fit standard electrical junction boxes for electrical installations including signage, architectural lighting, and LED fixtures. Custom designs are available upon request.

Connection Technology for the Future
Multi-Contact USA
Precision Passive Components
Mini-Systems, Inc. (MSI)

Connection Technology for the Future • Electrical drives: high performance connectors for high demands
• Battery contacts: connectors with minimum power loss for maximum efficiency
• Testing stations: modular connectors for high mating cycles
• Charging systems: custom solutions for demanding applications

Precision Passive Components For over 40 years, MSI has been delivering superior quality products. Absolute tolerances starting at 0.01% and TCR's at ±2ppm/C. Case sizes start at 0101. Standard deliveries start in just two weeks! Applications include medical implantables, military, aerospace, microwave/RF, and telecommunications.

Immediate Download or Convenient Site Licenses . . .
Obtain U.S. and International Electrical Component Standards
American National Standards Institute, Inc.

Obtain U.S. and International Electrical Component Standards Electrical component standards cover vehicle applications in cars and boats, industrial machinery, construction equipment, aircraft, and aerospace. Electrical characteristics, test methods, and design and installation among other things are covered by these standards from SAE, ISO, IEC, NEMA, ASTM, and many others available for immediate download on the Webstore or via site license for multi-user licenses.

Power Generation, Distribution & Protection . . .
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Big Steel Goes from Power Parasite to Producer

Big Steel Goes from Power Parasite to Producer The world steel industry consumes a significant portion of energy generation. Now, engineers have found a way to harvest the hydrogen- and carbon-rich exhaust gases (which are actually low quality) from the process — then compress, clean, and mix them to fuel a gas turbine generator. Power Magazine points out that reduction of greenhouse gases is another benefit.

Smart Circuits Help Utilities Solve Problems

Smart Circuits Help Utilities Solve Problems A Pacific Northwest utility is using the enhanced data acquisition capabilities of "smart circuits" to optimize its distribution management system for quicker response times, according to Transmission & Distribution World. In the event of changing loads or a fault, intelligent end devices supply the information required by operators to identify repair or rerouting needs.

Connectors & Relays . . .
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VGA and DVI Ride Off into the Sunset

VGA and DVI Ride Off into the Sunset We'll likely be saying goodbye to our VGA and DVI connector interface friends by 2015 as chipset makers phase out support in favor of HDMI and DisplayPort connections. says that the newer HDMI and DisplayPort connection interfaces offer upgrade paths and feature a more favorable thin physical format.

Explosion-proof Extension Cord

Explosion-proof Extension Cord Hazardous locations create challenges even for simple tasks like powering lights. This extension cord is configured with three explosion-proof receptacles to give operators safety and convenience. The cord is part of a larger product line of explosion-proof components, and InterconnectionWorld reports that custom configurations can be built to order.

ARCA® Redefines Enclosure Technology!
Fibox Enclosures
Test Your Knowledge with Mersen's PIQ

ARCA® Redefines Enclosure Technology! State-of-the-art ARCA JIC enclosures offer a new era in enclosure technology. Manufactured using injection molded polycarbonate, a high, impact-resistant plastic, ARCA enclosures provide customization, robustness, superior UV and chemical resistance, and wide temperature range. ARCA features JIC sizes, UL listing, NEMA 4X and IP 66 / IP 67 rating, and CE certification.

Test Your Knowledge with Mersen's PIQ How important is it to determine the risk of Arc Flash Hazard?

What you don't know about Arc Flash Hazard Protection could put you, your employees, and your company at risk. Take Mersen's PIQ Quiz, learn about the latest standards and how to minimize the risks of arc flash hazards.

MSK Developing Rad Hard Motor Drives for Space Use
M.S. Kennedy Corp.
0-6kV HV Cap-charging Power Supplies — C Series
UltraVolt, Inc.

MSK Developing Rad Hard Motor Drives for Space Use The M.S. Kennedy Corporation is developing radiation hardened motor drives for use in space applications such as satellites, planetary exploration vehicles, and launch vehicles. These motor drives are constructed with rad hard components and utilize hybrid microcircuit assembly methods to minimize size and weight while offering very high performance and reliability.

0-6kV HV Cap-charging Power Supplies -- C Series Are you looking for a power supply designed for fast rise-time/charging applications? UltraVolt can help with our "C" Series of 0-6 kV capacitor charging HVPS.

• 8 models from 0 to 6kV
• 20 or 30W

Typical applications include cap-charging, pulsed power, and mass spectrometry. Contact UltraVolt for more information!

Sensors, RFID & Passive Components . . .
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Touchscreen Data Recorder

Touchscreen Data Recorder Sensors and instrumented systems are of little use if the data is not indicated and recorded. This touchscreen-based data acquisition and display device can economically accept and display up to 300 inputs, and explains that an FDA-compliant security option makes the unit especially applicable to biotech and food industries.

Chirpy Insect Inspires Airflow Sensor

Chirpy Insect Inspires Airflow Sensor Cricket abdomen hairs used by the chirpy insects to sense approaching enemies are the unlikely inspiration for a synthetic airflow and vibration sensor. For the manufactured version, researchers have developed a way to apply an alternating voltage that adjusts the springiness of the "hair", and tunes it for a tenfold increase in sensitivity at a given frequency.

Electrical Design & Applications . . .
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Printing the Way to Solar Efficiency

Printing the Way to Solar Efficiency For the solar industry to commercially match conventional power generation, PV panel manufacturers must reduce product costs so that the electricity produced costs no more than one dollar per watt. While one route is to improve mass production efficiencies using current technologies, ElectroIQ explains that another method is to upgrade technology such as through the use of non-contact nanoparticle printing.

Avoid Meltdown: Follow Power-Over-Ethernet Standards

Avoid Meltdown: Follow Power-Over-Ethernet Standards Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an extremely effective way to energize devices that need an Ethernet connection such as cameras, TVs, VOIP phones, and networking equipment. This EETimes design article explains the importance of developing PoE designs that comply with standards to achieve the safe delivery of up to 100 W over the four cable pairs.

Shielded Plugs for CAT6a Patch Cables
Bel Stewart Connector
High Current Shielded SMD Power Inductors
Signal Transformer

Shielded Plugs for CAT6a Patch Cables Bel Stewart's SS-39200 Category 6a modular plugs offer a unique design to ensure superior repeatability plus high yields in cabling system performance. The RoHS-compliant shielded plugs are ideal for use in high-speed networking and computing applications.

High Current Shielded SMD Power Inductors Signal's High Current Shielded miniature SMD wire wound power inductors are magnetically shielded to provide reliable protection against challenging EMI problems. See datasheet example.

• Inductance Range: 0.01 uH to 1.0 mH
• Current Range: 6.0 A to 40.0 A
• DC Resistance Range: 0.005 Ohms to 18.5 Ohms
• Height Range: 1.8 mm to 8.0 mm; High Current Capability up to 40A

Drawn Metal Shells

Cly-Del Manufacturing Company
1000 VDC UL98B Switches for Solar Applications

Drawn Metal Shells Cly-Del Manufacturing Company offers drawn metal shells in single or multiple diameters, required shapes, piercing, slotting, beading, threading, and marking in ferrous, aluminum, copper, or clad metals. Secondary operations are performed as required.

1000 VDC UL98B Switches for Solar Applications SIRCO DC disconnects are UL98 and 98B certified with on load characteristics up to 1000 VDC, they are suitable for use in accordance with NEC art. 690 for photovoltaic installations.

Available from 16 A to 1600 A and from 3 to 8 poles for dual input configurations or 1500 VDC applications to suit all your requirements.

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