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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Mobile Apps Moving in for Motion Engineers

Mobile Apps Moving in for Motion Engineers Less than a year ago, ASME noted that of half a million mobile apps available, only a handful served engineers. They've been scarce, indeed, but engineering mobile apps are beginning to arrive. Autodesk is among the suppliers delivering mobile apps with true functionality and time savings for mechanical and motion engineers. Two recent releases should rank high on both cool and useful scales: ForceEffect and ForceEffect Motion. The latter, just released, permits testing mechanical systems with moving parts from iPhones or iPads. They simulate the motion of mechanisms (e.g., actuators, windshield wipers, scissor lifts) helping verify concepts early in the design process.

Next Generation Field Programmable
All-in-One Encoder

AVG Automation Group
Photo Reflectors Ideal for Sensing

Marktech Optoelectronics

Next Generation Field Programmable All-in-One Encoder Configure Smart Encoder™ right on the machine in seconds without a laptop or software! Find out more...

•  Position / RPM 4 digit LED display
•  Incremental and Absolute
•  NEMA 4, Class I Div II, Size 15, 25, and 40. Industry Standard Configurations.

Get a complimentary Encoder handbook here

Photo Reflectors Ideal for Sensing Photo reflectors are sensors that contain both the emitter and photo detector functions within a single package. A variety of options in power and sensitivity are available and include custom packaging and multichip arrays. Marktech offers a diverse product line covering general sensing applications as well.

Dynapar's New RIM Tach 6200 NexGen
Digital Tachometer

Dynapar Corp.
Slotless Servo Motors Improve Machine

Infranor, Inc.

Dynapar's New RIM Tach 6200 NexGen Digital Tachometer Dynapar's NorthStar RIM Tach 6200 NexGen Digital Tachometer offers largest non-contact sensing gap available on the market (70-thousandths), stainless steel, and ductile cast iron construction, and active LED with diagnostics. Perfect feedback device for steel mills, pulp and paper, and Vector motor applications. Learn more at

Slotless Servo Motors Improve Machine Performance Find out how this family of brushless motors can improve your machine with higher torque, higher speed (30,000 RPM), higher power, low energy consumption, and smooth motion with zero magnetic cogging. Torque range from 0.25 nm to 75 nm (664 lb-in).

Visit to get our white paper on this exciting technology.

Breakthrough Technology . . .
High-torque | Non-electromagnetic Piezo Motors
Discovery Technology International, Inc.

High-torque | Non-electromagnetic Piezo Motors DTI's ultrasonic piezoelectric motors represent a breakthrough in piezomotor technology. DTI piezo motors overcomes many of the limitations of conventional motors. Check out our line of rotary, linear, and piezoelectric valves. Call 1-877-725-3384 for more information.

Positioning & Sensing . . .
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Their Lips are Sealed, Doubly

Their Lips are Sealed, Doubly They might have had a story to tell, but these encoders' lips are sealed. So, instead of hearing bad news about failure, the report is about consistent positioning accuracy for machining centers. Compressed air in the housing creates a seal between two lip pairs, preventing dust, chips, and coolant from infiltrating and affecting the DIADUR graduation scale.

Precision Steering of Lasers

Precision Steering of Lasers Some lasers are easier to steer than others. For complex movement on multiple axes, this system guides laser beams with precision and corrects position drift. Two piezomotor mirror mounts and two miniature CMOS cameras enable continuous tracking of laser beam positions and profiles. Control algorithms ensure correct beam alignment in both X and Y, and near- and far-fields.

Motion System Hardware . . .
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Simplicity Key to Low Cost, High Performance

Simplicity Key to Low Cost, High Performance The simplest electric motor, coupled directly with the load, is the basis for a compact, low cost, high performance stage. Direct coupling enables faster acceleration and higher speeds with zero backlash. These voice coil positioning stages feature hollow cores through their entire body, making them suitable for optical focusing and other apps requiring an axial opening.

Good Guidance for Big Rig Cables

Good Guidance for Big Rig Cables The largest ever plastic cable carrier was a highlight in Houston's recent Offshore Technology Conference. The E4-350, available from stock, is designed for the toughest conditions that industry or nature can sling — ice, wind, seawater, storms, oil, and drilling mud. The drag chains can travel up to 2,600 ft., preventing cable from whipping, swinging, or tangling.

Gas Springs for Lifting Covers, Hatches,
and More

ACE Controls Inc.
Servo-driven, High-speed, High-accuracy

Aries Engineering Co., Inc.

Gas Springs for Lifting Covers, Hatches, and  More ACE Gas Springs provide counterbalance motion control for lifting and lowering covers, lids, panels, hoods, and hatches.

Fixed force and adjustable models available with push and pull type designs.

Solid, long life construction, precision steel body and treated steel rod. Wide variety of body diameters, forces, stroke lengths, and end fittings.

Servo-driven, High-speed, High-accuracy Actuator HyperCyl-EMA is an electro-mechanical actuator that provides the speed and accuracy required for precision manufacturing applications. EMA can offer speeds reaching 500 mm/sec, repeatability of .00254 mm and output forces from 5-230 kN. Add the HyperView-Press for active-cycle quality control to further reduce costs and part non-conformance. Speed, precision, power.

Exlar Tritex II™ DC Powered Actuators
Two-speed Gearbox
ZF Services North America, LLC

Exlar Tritex II™ DC Powered Actuators Exlar's Tritex II™ DC Powered line of actuators integrates power and control electronics with brushless servo motors and actuators in one compact package. Their next-generation design merges power with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Plus, offering a wide range of I/O capabilities, the Tritex II DC provides superior control and connectivity.

Two-speed Gearbox The ZF-DUOPLAN two-speed gearbox is mainly used in machine tool drives. The gearbox can be used in turning machines (horizontal B5) or machining centers (vertical V1) thanks to its variable installation position. The gearbox is also suitable for use in many systems where torque increase and/or speed reduction is required. From ZF Industries.

Motion Controllers . . .
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Advanced Motion Without Programming

Advanced Motion Without Programming The Melsec L series was already a powerful controller with many built-in features. By adding a simple motion module, Mitsubishi has now made the programmable device easier to tweak to achieve optimum performance — without programming. Engineers can establish position, speed, torque, cam, and synchronous control functions just by using simple parameter settings and a sequence program.

Energy Efficient Control Without DSPs

Energy Efficient Control Without DSPs It's easy to be swept into the DSP hoopla. But in some variable speed applications, modern microcontrollers have an advantage. This new 32-bit chip, for instance, features high-speed PWM, customized ADCs, and specialized timers. Onboard, there's enough for the OEM to eliminate DSPs, reduce the BOM costs, and provide energy-efficient drive for DC motors.

Drives & Actuators . . .
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ServoBelt Rotary Keeps the Slop Out

ServoBelt Rotary Keeps the Slop Out Mike Everman learned how to banish backlash when working on Space Station projects, where "all motion systems had to have absolutely zero slop." Here, he describes the best ways to eliminate backlash and improve the accuracy of belt and linear drives, then introduces Bell-Everman's first true rotary servobelt drive, one that delivers 15 arc sec repeatability.

Two Walls are Better Than One

Two Walls are Better Than One Not many motion components come with built-in insurance, but two-walled cylinders do. This doubled-walled cylinder features an aluminum outer shell that's epoxy coated, the front line in protecting the inner 304 stainless steel body tube. It is designed for applications where cylinders are at risk of damage by outside forces, such as industrial vehicles or heavy equipment.

The Problem Solver Linear Bearing

High Tech Rack and Pinion Planetary

Andantex USA, Inc.

The Problem Solver Linear Bearing Meet the problem solver from LEE LINEAR®! The LEE Roller Bearing Pillow Block can outperform other linear bearings with its ability to run in high contaminated environments, high-speed applications, or where a smooth running bearing is required. Meet the problem solver from LEE LINEAR.

High Tech Rack and Pinion Planetary Reducers KRPX, the latest evolution of Redex-Andantex rack and pinion dedicated planetary reducers, is cost-effective, easy-to-implement, and a high performing solution for moving column and gantry machines. Two krpx units are combined together to provide a zero-backlash electrically preloaded twin drive kit.

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GlobalSpec's Industrial Automation & Robotic Systems Event — May 23, 2012

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