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Description: Machine Safety Technology focuses on perimeter guards and enclosures; light curtains, safety mats, and safety interlocks; automation and control equipment; regulatory compliance. Machine Safety Technology keeps engineering managers informed of new products and automation trends designed to promote plant safety.
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IHS GlobalSpec: Machine Safety Technology
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Safety — Enjoy the Benefits
Safety — Enjoy the Benefits

"Companies that implement safety functions [and] perform functional safety evaluations...are finding benefits where few expected to: on the bottom line." Safety function options include dedicated safety relays (best for simple applications), networked safety relays, dedicated safety PLCs, and integrated control/safety systems (see video). Consider complete lifetime costs when choosing among them. Choosing well can increase your product throughput and overall equipment effectiveness.

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elobau Introduces: Intelligent Input Expansion Units
elobau Introduces: Intelligent Input
Expansion Units
elobau sensor technology, Inc.

To ensure the safety of machines and systems, moveable guards such as doors and flaps are monitored with special safety sensors. To avoid having to wire them individually, interfaces or input expansion units are used in which the sensors are connected in series and plugged into the safety controller unit via a single cable.

Multifunctional Gate Box with PROFINET
Multifunctional Gate Box with
Euchner — U.S.A., Inc.

EUCHNER's MGB with PROFINET (Multifunctional Gate Box with PROFINET): The MGB basic system already contains everything that is needed to protect a safety guard in PLe/category 4 according to EN ISO 13849-1. In the PROFINET version we are additionally relieving you of time consuming wiring. You define which functionality is required and simply integrate the required elements to achieve your wishes. The MGB delivers the protocol frame with the PROFINET input and output data bytes required for it.

On the Hook for Machine Safety

On the Hook for Machine Safety Who is on the hook for ensuring that machinery is compliant with safety standards and regulations? It depends on where in the world you are. International standards are the most rigorous, so look for compliance with ISO and IEC functional safety standards. Soon, ISO 13849 and IEC 62061 will merge into IEC/ISO 17305, which should help eliminate the confusion of choosing between standards.

Machine Safety and Risk Assessment
Machine Safety and Risk

Safe-T-Sense LLC

Safe-T-Sense specializes in your safety by guarding your automated machines to OSHA's regulations, ANSI and ISO's standards. Machine safety starts with a risk assessment report; our safety engineers will reduce the risks on your machine by assisting you with the risk assessment report, engineering, and installation of the safeguarding measures. More...

Machine Safety @ Festo
Machine Safety @ Festo

Festo Corporation

With many machine safety regulations, it is important to stay abreast of the directives to help protect workers and equipment, helping the user avoid lost production due to incidents or injuries. Navigate our Web site to view our Webinar, white paper, and literature to learn more about Machine Safety @ Festo.

Saunders Professional Percision Cutting Solutions
Saunders Professional
Precision Cutting
R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

When it comes to precision cutting, converting and assembly, one company stands above the rest, Saunders. Saunders specializes in precision die cutting, kiss cutting, slitting, laminating, and more.

Call us at 1-888-932-8836 or visit us at No Project is too big or too small. Trust Saunders to get the job done.

Simple Steps Leading to Safety

Simple Steps Leading to Safety
Learn how one processing operation embraces the credo "Without leadership you can't drive safety at all." To "keep safety in front of the employees on a regular basis," company leaders created a procedure for addressing employee safety concerns, providing incentives for various safety achievements. The company also holds contests to identify areas where safety can be improved.

D200 Series DC Rated Switches Up to 1000V
D200 Series DC Rated
Switches Up to 1000V
Sälzer USA Corp.

With the new D200 Series, Sälzer is now in a position to supply a new kind of switch developed for today's applications. Its main focus is to provide safe, low-loss, and permanent switching of DC loads. It supports processes where currently available DC and AC switches have reached limits. Learn more.

Priming Assisted Pumps
Priming Assisted Pumps


Priming assisted pumps from BakerCorp are perfect for applications where you need to remove water fast. Trailer or skid mounted, these pumps are capable of removing 300 gpm to 6,000 gpm and can run on either No. 2 diesel or electricity depending on the power source on-site.

Precision Bolting
Precision Bolting
J.Lanfranco Fastener
Systems Inc.

Achieving precise preload is key to ensuring optimal performance of bolted joints. Lanfranco ESL and ERM dual-slotted locknuts provide consistent prevailing torque, guaranteed friction coefficient, and install with standard tools and bolts. ISO 9001:2008 certified. Locknuts for critical bolted joints.

Protecting Equipment from Natural Disasters

Protecting Equipment from Natural Disasters Power loss is a frequent side effect of natural disasters, and one that can wreak havoc with combustion equipment. To safeguard your equipment, be sure to maintian an alarm system for your cooling water flow and keep a backup system ready to go. Know the default position for valves and dampers in the event of a power failure and configure control systems for safe startups once power is restored. Here are eight more insightful tips.

Trends in Gas Detection

Trends in Gas Detection
Automated intelligence gathering for gas safety assurance is effective at revealing trends and is faster than manual monitoring. Docking stations collect information automatically; the data is analyzed using management software, which can assess detector performance, monitor preventive maintenance information, and help ensure compliance. The results are easily trended and summarized in customized reports which can be automatically shared with those who need the information.

Don't Allow Defeat!

Don't Allow Defeat! Machinery Standard Directive 2006/42/EC addresses interlocked guards and the prevention of the surprisingly common practice of defeating of them. The directive requires guards to protect against ejecting materials and requires that interlocks not be able to be defeated by a "reasonably foreseeable action at the interlocking device itself." Don't allow defeat; make sure your guards can only be removed with significant thought…and the use of tools.

Relay vs PLC

Relay vs PLC
If your application is small and simple, safety relays (video) are a reliable, inexpensive choice. If you have more than three safety devices or functions, a PLC is more likely to suit your needs. Other factors that point toward a PLC solution are the need for integration, flexibility, networked communication, powerful logic, and the use of fewer safety devices.

How's Your Fitness?

How's Your Fitness? To improve your plant's safety systems, first assess the current safety fitness level. This should include an accounting of production rates, quality standards, and environmental measures. Be sure you are up to date on the latest standards and codes; two-thirds of current systems are not! Demonstrated compliance — which is amazingly rare — can cut your insurance costs.

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October 31, 2013 - Volume 2 Issue 2
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Volume 2 - Issue 2 - 10/31/2013
Intelligent Input Expansion Units; Multifunctional Gate Box with PROFINET; Machine Safety and Risk Assessment; Machine Safety; Saunders Professional Percision Cutting Solutions; D200 Series DC Rated Switches Up to 1000V; Priming Assisted Pumps; Precision Bolting
Volume 2 - Issue 1 - 05/30/2013
Configurable Safety Made Easy; Machine Risk Assessment and Safety Engineered Services; Precision-made Vulcanized Clamping Heads; Phantom High-speed Camera; System Solutions for Enclosures and Guards
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