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Description: Personal Safety Solutions focuses on garments and protective apparel; fire retardant materials; hearing and eye protection; safety tapes, labels, and signs; plus regulatory compliance strategies. Personal Safety Solutions keeps engineering managers informed of new products and industry trends leading to safer and healthier work sites.
Markets Served: Aerospace & Defense; Automotive; Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals; Building & Construction; Chemicals, Plastics & Rubber; Food & Beverage; General Manufacturing; HVAC/Fire Control/Safety; Oil & Gas

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IHS GlobalSpec: Personal Safety Solutions
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Robots and Humans Working Together
Robots and Humans Working Together

Companies are increasingly asking humans and robots to work together in the same space. There are no regulations that prohibit such an arrangement, as long as the process is deemed safe. But what constitutes "safe?" Standards needed for the operation of collaborative robots have been lagging behind implementation. The updated robot safety standard, approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), is a step in the right direction, but users must remain vigilant. Before implementing any new robot application, warns Control Engineering, identify and analyze the risks involved.

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Fall Protection with Self-closing Safety Gates
Fall Protection with Self-Closing Safety
FabEnCo, Inc.

As the world's leading manufacturer of self-closing safety gates, FabEnCo is the "one-stop shop" for high-quality American-made safety gates. FabEnCo offers a full range of easy-to-install industrial safety gates that fit unprotected openings up to 60 in. at ladderways, platforms, stairs, catwalks, and mezzanines.

Gates are available in carbon steel, as well as aluminum and stainless steel. On request, FabEnCo develops custom safety gates for unusual openings. For more information, please visit our Web site at

Enabling Switch Offers More Than Just ''On/Off''
Enabling Switch Offers More Than Just
Euchner — U.S.A., Inc.

The Euchner ZSM enabling switch is more than a trigger enabling switch. With modular design a large number of additional functions can be integrated including E-stop, LED's, and a key-operated switch. A special feature of the ZSM enabling switch is the new vibration signal that tells the operator whether it is activated. Ergonomically designed, it's lightweight with a rubberized grip for safe, foolproof handling. More info...

Arc Flash Protection: a First Hand Account

Arc Flash Protection: a First Hand Account There's nothing like a first-hand account for bringing certain dangers to light. In this video, one man explains how he encountered an extreme arc-flash incident and survived. Unfortunately, arc flash is a potentially lethal hazard that some professionals face every day. Learn how DuPont 4P Methodology — and garments made of DuPont™ Nomex® fibre — are helping companies protect their employees.

Maximum Illumination from Streamlight ProPolymer
Maximum Illumination
from a Streamlight
Streamlight, Inc.

With 300 lumens at 2.75 hours of runtime, the 4AA ProPolymax™ from Streamlight® offers maximum performance from a durable ProPolymer light. It's anti-static, thermoplastic polymer, chemical resistant, dust-tight, and waterproof. Plus, the 4AA ProPolymax™ illuminates for 24 hours on low delivering 50 lumens and 2,500 candela.

The Latest Innovation from DuPont in Type 5/6 Chemical Protection
The Latest Innovation
from DuPont in Type 5/6
Chemical Protection
DuPont Protection Technologies

The brand-new and enhanced DuPont™ Tyvek® Classic Xpert disposable garment provides wearers with greater liquid and particulate protection as well as an innovative design for optimal safety.

Is it right for you? Find out now!

Safe, Effective Tools for Personnel-clean Down
Safe, Effective Tools for
Personnel-clean Down

Air Control Industries, Ltd.

ACI's JetBlack is a handheld blow-off nozzle device that is used to safely remove fibers, dust, and moisture from any person or component. Units are OSHA compliant and do not used compressed airflow, so can be safely aimed directly at the whole body.

For more information, please visit:

Are Your Workers Safe from Noise?

Are Your Workers Safe from Noise?
Health and safety managers are being offered a new tool for measuring workplace noise. The doseBadge Model 22 is a self-contained measurement device that contains an acoustical calibrator that can be set before a worker's shift and then analyzed at the end to see when peak noise levels occurred. An infrared reader system controls the units and stores the measurements.

Service Proven Transit Bolting Solutions
Service Proven Transit
Bolting Solutions
J.Lanfranco Fastener
Systems Inc.

Lanfranco Fasteners is a transit focused manufacturer of locknuts, gang channels, and parts to plan for railways, busses, and heavy vehicles. Our ESL & ERM dual slotted locknuts are the choice for bolted joints subjected to alternating shocks, vibration, and extreme temperatures. Certified ISO 9001:2008.

Custom Safety and Reflective Films
Custom Safety and
Reflective Films

FLEXcon Company, Inc.

At FLEXcon, we manufacture a variety of retroreflective films including glass bead and microprismatic conspicuity materials. Safety applications for these film constructions include; truck and trailer, school bus, farm equipment, fire/EMS, automotive, industrial and outdoor signage. Additional applications include promotional labels, warning labels, and long-range bar code scanning.

OSHA-compliant KeeLine® Lifeline Systems
KeeLine® Lifeline
Kee Safety Inc.

Provides fall protection on rooftops, supporting up to three users over each span of up to nearly 50 ft. Conforms to OSHA 1915.159 and features in-line absorbers at the beginning and end of the system that eliminate the need for expensive "fall-over" style posts at every bracket position. Get full details.

Cover Up for Chemical Protection

Cover Up for Chemical Protection For companies making and using chemicals, protection from those chemicals is just as important as their production or use. While the agricultural industry has a disproportionate number of chemical-related incidents, the importance of worker protection applies to all sectors where exposure to contamination runs high. Protective coveralls, when used in conjunction with other personal protective equipment, are a simple yet highly effective way to ensure worker safety.

Self-healing Textiles for Auto Safety

Self-healing Textiles for Auto Safety
Automotive safety today is as much about protecting pedestrians as it is about a vehicle's occupants. In Germany, researchers have developed self-healing textile structures designed to improve pedestrian collision protection. A passive protection product called the "intelligent bonnet" has been made from textile spacer materials and incorporated in the engine hood of the Volkswagen Golf V. In addition to its mechanical function, the insulating 3D structure has acoustic and thermal properties and is intended to absorb the impact of a collision between man and machine.

Counterfeits Compromise Safety

Counterfeits Compromise Safety Because they often lack independent testing, and because they may not meet minimal performance specifications, counterfeit electrical parts pose a safety threat to work environments. Labels with tampered, altered, or missing information are signs a product may not be genuine. Facility Safety Management (see page 20) reports on one company's efforts to verify its electrical products are authentic.

How Spill Prevention Promotes Safety

How Spill Prevention Promotes Safety
Spill prevention is a necessary part of any facility's chemical management program. It protects workers — and the environment — from exposure to hazardous materials. But spills can also lead to slips, falls, and personal injury. This piece on spill prevention planning covers risk identification, spill response procedures, and waste disposal methods.

Beware of Autoclave Burns

Beware of Autoclave Burns Without proper precautions, working around autoclaves can be a very painful experience. Lab Manager points out the potential hazards and presents a three-part program to avoid mishaps that can lead to serious injuries. The essentials: training, testing, monitoring, maintenance, and record-keeping. Learn about typical autoclave testing standards required by states, as well as the use of biological indicators that verify an autoclave's sterilization effectiveness.

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Volume 2 - Issue 2 - 10/30/2013
Fall Protection with Self-closing Safety Gates; Enabling Switch Offers More Than Just 'On/Off'; Maximum Illumination ProPolymer; The Latest Innovation in Type 5/6 Chemical Protection; Safe, Effective Tools for Personnel-clean Down ; Service Proven Transit Bolting Solutions; Custom Safety and Reflective Films; OSHA-compliant Lifeline Systems
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Fall Protection with Self-closing Safety Gates; R.S. Hughes Safety Solutions; Streamlight 3AA Haz-Lo Headlamp ; Increase Worker Safety and Improve Productivity; Safety Contact Bumpers; Protective Garments for Paint Application â?? DuPont has it Covered!; Corrosion Resistant Chemical Heat Exchangers ; Fall Protection Anchorage Points
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