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IHS GlobalSpec: Counterfeit Parts
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It's Official: Counterfeiting is Everywhere
It's Official: Counterfeiting is Everywhere

When a horizontal media outlet like Industry Week starts covering counterfeit parts and materials affecting business across the industrial spectrum, you know it's become a major global problem. And that's just what this piece at IW's Web site points out — no industry is completely immune from fake goods entering the supply chain, and that the implications go beyond product quality, to legal and regulatory liabilities.

Because counterfeiters are getting so good at perpetrating their crimes, it is not so easy to determine where exactly in the supply chain those liabilities land.

Coming Soon: IHS GlobalSpec's ONLINE Medical Equipment Design Event — 5/21/14
Coming Soon: IHS GlobalSpec's ONLINE Medical Equipment Design Event — 5/21/14

IHS GlobalSpec's Medical Equipment Design FREE online event will provide you with a look at the latest advances and developments in the areas of medical grade materials and products; electrical and electronic components and equipment; computers, imaging, and software; plus home healthcare and diagnostics. Learn of the latest trends impacting the world of Medical Equipment Design, and meet with leading suppliers to the medical manufacturing and design industry.

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Versatile Extech Digital Mini Microscope and Camera
Versatile Extech Digital Mini Microscope and Camera
Flir Commercial Systems

The versatile Extech MC108 mini-microscope couples digital camera convenience with microscope optics: zoom from 7x to 27x and a 4x digital zoom, effectively providing up to 108x total magnification capability. Weighing only 2.5 oz and more compact than a typical wireless phone, this new digital microscope displays images on a brilliant 1.8 in. TFT color LCD screen.

IP Theft is an Epidemic — But It Can Be Prevented
IP Theft is an Epidemic — But It Can Be Prevented
Atmel Corporation

In many cases, equipping an embedded system to protect its proprietary intellectual property (IP) and the data it's entrusted with represents only a small fraction of the unit's overall cost. How can you afford even this small increase and still remain competitive in a tough global technology market?

Contact Atmel. We can help.

Putting Customers on Notice

Putting Customers on Notice One of the actions original component manufacturers (OCMs) can take to mitigate the impact of fake parts is to notify their customers about attempts at counterfeiting the OCM's products. Excalibur Systems, a maker of high-reliability components for the military/aerospace industry, discovered that phony versions of one of their MIL-STD-1553 networking parts were being sold. The company immediately issued a notice to its customers that includes comparison photos of the fake and genuine parts.

IHS Quality Standards Store
IHS Quality Standards
IHS Product Design

Quality has enjoyed explosive growth in the last several years. It has moved beyond manufacturing and is vital to the service, healthcare, education, automotive, and government sectors. IHS acknowledges this extraordinary growth and has established an impressive library of quality-focused standards. Please browse the store to see what we have to offer.

Counterfeit Mitigation
Counterfeit Mitigation

Perfect Parts Corporation

Perfect Parts is committed to providing only the best products to our customers. Our strict policies ensure our success in our counterfeit mitigation process. Our first goal is to screen our suppliers heavily. We take double measures prior to importing any material into the USA and ensure the products are up to the manufacturer's specifications.

Self-sealing Knock-offs?
Self-sealing Knock-offs?

APM Hexseal Corp.

If you have a technical problem, APM's engineers will work with you to solve it. Our imitators lack the experience and substance in terms of production capability, technical assistance, distribution, local sales support team, and any patents or track record. APM's Web site includes downloadable drawings, an international distribution network, and over 1,049 national stock numbers.

Is DNA Marking Really the Answer?

Is DNA Marking Really the Answer?
Marking ICs with plant-based DNA, a technique developed by Applied DNA Sciences, was almost immediately seized upon by the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) as a nearly foolproof anti-counterfeiting measure. The agency even went so far as to say it would reimburse compliant IC makers for the substantial expense of implementing the method. But some suppliers are not pleased with the mandate, reimbursement, or no.

TMR Magnetic Image Sensor for Banknote Validation
TMR Magnetic Image
Sensor for Banknote
MultiDimension Technology Co.,

MDT has created the world's first TMR magnetic sensors for detecting magnetic properties on banknotes in financial anti-counterfeit appliances, including banknote validation, banknote counters and sorters, and magnetic card readers. The new MMGB01, MMGB06, and MMGB18 TMR magnetic pattern recognition sensors are designed and manufactured with MDT's unique TMR technology and intellectual property.

NDT Testing

Fischer Technology, Inc.

Gold and precious metals have always been popular investment objects. However, the production of counterfeit gold bars has become a booming industry, leading to much uncertainty in the market and investor wariness. Fischer designed the SIGMASCOPE® GOLD B to operate with three measurement ranges for different penetration depths of the electrical field.

Holographic Latency Image Detector
Holographic Latency
Image Detector

ZBA, Inc.

If you desire to have customized labels then we at ZBA can design in hidden holographic latency image. This latency image is formed using a special holographic re-combination technique. The exact technique is very specific to the holographic companies equipment and it is very difficult to counterfeit. The technique can be used in combination.

Test Your Fake IC IQ

Test Your Fake IC IQ Circuit Technology, Inc. (CTI) provides education and training in various aspects of PCB assembly and inspection. In that business, the issue of counterfeit components is almost always part of discussions and instruction. As a service to visitors to its site, CTI offers a short quiz on a few counterfeit-related topics. Not to worry — answers are given on the same page, and they are detailed and in-depth.

Don't Be Caught Sleeping on COTS

Don't Be Caught Sleeping on COTS
In order to avoid the "$600 toilet seat" controversies of the past, the U.S. Department of Defense has, for several years, urged contractors to use lower-cost commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products in their systems whenever possible. But, as this supplier of obsolete semiconductors points out, going the COTS route requires an extra level of diligence on the part of the purchasing entity.

Put Your Two Cents In

Put Your Two Cents In The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) and the University of Maryland's Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) are jointly hosting the 2014 Symposium on Counterfeit Electronic Parts and Electronic Supply Chain, to be held June 24-26 at the College Park Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in College Park, MD. A call for papers was issued in early February, with a submission deadline of March 7.

Suit Sheds Light on Gray Market, Counterfeits

Suit Sheds Light on Gray Market, Counterfeits
Semiconductor companies have never been shy about taking a competitor to court over a perceived patent infringement or other business offense. But now, Xilinx is suing EMS provider Flextronic, accusing it of, among other things, selling counterfeit Xilinx products to Xilinx customers. The evidence to be presented is expected to offer concerned observers a revealing look at the gray market for components and how counterfeits might enter otherwise legitimate supply chains.

James Bond's Favorite Ride Hit with Fake Plastic

James Bond's Favorite Ride Hit with Fake Plastic Here's some news that underscores the theme that no industry, and no product, no matter how upscale, is immune from counterfeiting. It turns out that Aston Martin has had to recall a huge number of its very expensive cars because the lever that links the accelerator pedal to the engine was manufactured from counterfeit plastic material. As a lot of the fun of driving a fancy car is stomping on the gas, the fun disappears when that stomping causes the pedal to break.

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