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Frequency: 4 issues/year
Description: Reliability engineering helps define when and how equipment fails, allowing improvements in hardware as well as process and manufacturing performance. This newsletter addresses engineers and plant managers responsible for ensuring equipment and production reliability. Editorial content covers industrial maintenance and repair, lean manufacturing, energy management systems, and workplace safety.
Markets Served: Aerospace & Defense; Automotive; Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical; Chemicals/Plastics/Rubber; Food & Beverage; General Manufacturing; Oil & Gas; Utilities/Energy
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Past Issues of this eNewsletter
Volume 3 - Issue 4 - 11/10/2015
Download Your Guide to Key Changes in the 2015 ASME BPVC; Standard Gain Horn Antennas; See Where Your Organization is Losing; Learn Reliability Improvement the Right Way
Volume 3 - Issue 3 - 09/08/2015
Advanced Dissolved Gas Control; Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring Kit; Condition Based Monitoring for Right Price; Digital Library for the Maintenance Community; Learn Reliability Improvement the Right Way; Become a Certified Infrared Thermographer
Volume 3 - Issue 1 - 01/13/2015
Prevent Over Lubrication; Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring Kit; DayCor Corona Cameras - Why are They Needed?; Hot Shot Thaws Frozen Pipes Fast; Learn Reliability Improvement the Right Way; Try Convenient Distance Learning for IR Certification
Volume 2 - Issue 4 - 11/18/2014
Learn to Stop Killing Your Bearings!; Dont Find Time - Create It; How to Reduce Maintenance Costs; Well Pad Liner Keeps Liquids Contained; Special Offer - ElectricIR and UltrasoundIR Training Package; Benchtop Vibration Table; Rooftop Safety Solutions
Volume 2 - Issue 3 - 09/09/2014
Total Plant Reliability Begins with Ultrasound; Make Predictive Maintenance Really Work; Improve PdM with SKF Motor Analyzers; Steps to Prepare Your Boiler for Winter; Training for Plant, Industrial, and Facility Maintenance; Littelfuse Acquires SymCom and Expands Motor Protection Line; Wireless Remote Vibration Monitoring — Quick and Easy; Ultra II CBM Data Collector $7,495; Motion Control Application & Selection Guide
Volume 2 - Issue 2 - 04/29/2014
Video: How to Maintain Lubricant Quality; Make Predictive Maintenance Really Work; Maximize Machine Uptime and Plant Efficiency;Building Infrared Cameras; Training for Plant, Facility, and Building Maintenance; Industrial Shock-Block Cart and Mounting Frame Provide Flexibility and Mobility; Document Equipment and Processes in Explosive Environments; Why Invest in Predictive Battery Monitoring?
Volume 2 - Issue 1 - 01/14/2014
Stop Killing Your Bearings!; Energy Saving Made Easier with New Flow Computer; Dont Find Time - Create It; Training for Industrial and Facility Maintenance Personnel; New Year - New Opportunity to Save Big!; Measure Vibration, Ultrasound, and Temperature Simultaneously; On-demand Facility Maintenance; Floating Oil Alarm
Volume 1 - Issue 3 - 11/19/2013
What's Lurking Behind Closed Doors???; Are Your Valve Positioners the Most Energy-efficient?; Knowledge is the Key to Reliability!; Worker Comfort and Safety; Make Predictive Maintenance Really Work; Introducing the SDT200
Volume 1 - Issue 2 - 09/10/2013
Stop Killing Your Bearings!; P3 Power Plant Predictive Maintenance Analyzer; Why Invest in Predictive Battery Monitoring?; On-demand Facility Maintenance
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - 04/30/2013
Plant Reliability in the Palm of Your Hand!; Veterans: Get Reimbursed for Certifying Your M&R Skills with the CMRP; Introducing Asset Management 2013; Work Execution Management Pocket Glossary and Acronym Guide; Measure Vibration, Ultrasound, and Temperature Simultaneously; Non-contact Temperature Sensors, Small Size/Price