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IHS GlobalSpec: Plant Reliability
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Fix It Before It's Broke

Fix It Before It's Broke "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" goes the old saying. According to Flow Control, however, some leading edge industrial users are investing in ways to fix it before it's broke. They are taking advantage of sophisticated sensors that can provide large amounts of data about machine performance. They use advanced analytics algorithms to process that "big data" and monitor the changing behavior of machines for possible trouble ahead. This approach is termed predictive maintenance. Unlike routinely scheduled preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance enables shutdowns with minimal process disruption.

Stop Killing Your Bearings!
UE Systems, Inc.
Don't Find Time — Create It

Stop Killing Your Bearings! The major cause of premature bearing failure is lubrication related. With a UE Systems Ultraprobe, you can prevent over lubrication and lubrication starvation by monitoring, identifying, and treating bearings in need of lubrication. Visit us here to learn more and to download our Lubrication Guide.

Dont Find Time — Create It A good PdM Program does more than just allow your plant to experience better reliability. It can create time. By knowing about developing issues before hand, you save hours by avoiding unnecessary PMs and allowing planned work which can be done much faster than unplanned work. Find out more here.

Energy Saving Made Easier with New Flow

Training for Industrial and Facility
Maintenance Personnel

American Trainco, Inc.

Energy Saving Made Easier with New Flow Computer The Spirax Sarco M850 flow computer is versatile and easy to use; improving efficiency from the moment it's installed. Suitable for calculating mass and energy flow for steam, gas, and liquids across a wide variety of applications, accurate monitoring of energy consumption is now easier than ever. Learn more.

Training for Industrial and Facility Maintenance Personnel At American Trainco we help our customers keep their facilities running efficiently and safely. Choose from public seminars or private training at your facility. Our most popular topics include electrical troubleshooting, boiler operation, basic electricity, HVAC/R, NFPA 70E®, NEC®2014, PLCs, VFDs, troubleshooting mechanical drives, electric motors, high voltage electrical safety, hydraulics, and many more.

Focus on Asset Management . . .
Come to Reliable Asset World
Reliable Asset World

Come to Reliable Asset World UE Systems invites you to attend a new conference focused on excellence in Asset Management.

Reliable Asset World will be held May 13-16, 2014 in Clearwater, FL and will bring together reliability professionals from around the globe to discuss best practices in asset availability, reliability, safety, and quality.

What's New with Integrated Motors?

What's New with Integrated Motors? Integrated motors eliminate the need to buy and connect the separate components included in an integrated motor package. They also offer reliability and cost benefits. And while the integrated motor concept isn't new, there are new things about integrated motors. Design World summarizes these developments, which include more control flexibility, networking options, and features that help the units withstand harsh environments. The article also highlights recent integrated motor products offering the new features and capabilities.

SMBs Favor a New Breed of Automation

SMBs Favor a New Breed of Automation Most of today's industrial automation is designed for high-volume, low-variation processes. Small and medium size businesses (SMBs) require more flexible and affordable systems able to deliver low-volume runs and customized products. To better meet these needs, automation experts and technology providers have begun to look at manufacturing processes and the systems that serve them from a different perspective. PACE examines a new breed of robotic automation systems that collaborate with operators more closely via wearable information systems (see video), advanced vision capabilities, and hybrid force-motion control.

New Year — New Opportunity to Save Big!

The Snell Group
Measure Vibration, Ultrasound, and
Temperature Simultaneously

SDT Ultrasound Solutions

New  Year — New Opportunity to Save Big! What is your current return on investment with infrared thermography in your company? If you're not seeing fantastic returns, you need to work with The Snell Group! Public and onsite training courses held at convenient sites in the U.S. and internationally. Get a better return on investment — contact us today!

Measure Vibration, Ultrasound, and Temperature Simultaneously Measure ultrasound, vibration, and temperature simultaneously. The SDT270 integrates all three measurements into one powerful data collector. Ultrasound data reveals lubrication problems and analyses slow-speed machines. Vibration data correlates advanced failure condition with ISO severity standards. Add on-board temperature and you have the most versatile PdM tool in the world.

Predictive Maintenance Recommended

Predictive Maintenance Recommended Plant Services discusses predictive maintenance technologies and strategies that boost the efficiency of compressed air systems and prevent costly failures. Topics addressed by industry experts include filter changes, advanced data monitoring, bearing checks, and the importance of connections.

Security Mindsets and Misconceptions

Security Mindsets and Misconceptions The Stuxnet computer worm, which invaded PLC-based industrial control systems in 2010 was (or should have been) a wake-up call to control system designers. This PACE article describes conceptions and misconceptions about system vulnerabilities. One problem cited: while security issues facing enterprise and industrial IT systems are similar, the mindsets of professionals in these two areas may not be. For example, a common misconception held by control system designers is that isolating controls from external networks can protect them. Increasingly, however, modern control systems rely on information from the outside world.

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On-demand Facility Maintenance
Predictive Service
Floating Oil Alarm
Arjay Engineering Ltd.

On-demand Facility Maintenance Predictive Service is a fully credentialed, licensed, and compliance certified. We focus on providing flexibility to meet your objectives and budget needs. Our turn-key service gives you increased control, accountability, and reporting, creating reduced cost for facility maintenance. We offer the following services:

• Electrical and lighting repairs
• Service upgrades
• New circuit installations

Floating Oil Alarm Our 2852-HCF float design continuously monitors the upper surface of the water and follows level changes typical of industrial sump and containment applications. Petroleum, vegetable, animal oils, etc. can be monitored. The unit alarms at about 6 mm/1/4 in. of oil.

Other models are available for greater accumulations or for oil/water separation applications.

Distributed or Centralized Motion Control?

Distributed or Centralized Motion Control? Issues such as power conversion and control/communication impact the choice between centralized or distributed motion control. In a decentralized system, for example, the electronics may be subjected to more vibration than if they were housed in a centralized cabinet. As a result, the need for higher industrial-protection ratings may offset cooling and cabling savings. These case studies illustrate successful applications of both approaches.

Bringing Automation and Business Together

Bringing Automation and Business Together Developments in RFID technology now enable manufacturers to eliminate information silos and create unified control/monitoring infrastructures. This offers opportunities for operational optimization on an enterprise-wide scale. The technology not only changes the flow of data on the shop floor but also bridges the gap between production and business systems.

HMIs — The Problem with Glitz

HMIs — The Problem with Glitz Which is more effective: a graphics-lite HMI or a video game-type design? Despite the High-Performance HMI Handbook's endorsement of a more Spartan approach, many manufacturers still favor a splash of glitz. This trend toward graphics-heavy HMIs has a downside. Research indicates that, as screens have become animated, operators tend to use trending and analog data less. In this Automation World article, experts explain how HMIs can be designed to effectively turn data into information and speed interpretation, tapping the power of context, graphical charting, and human pattern recognition while still keeping things simple.

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