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December 28, 2006 - Volume 2 Issue 12
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Industry Trends & Events  Sol-Gel Product Forecast...  more >>
Spotlight On  
  • Glass Supplies and Glass Fabrication; Ceramic Housing...  more >>
  • Infrared Temperature Sensor; Sputtering Targets...  more >>
  • Cold Isostatic Press; Ceramic Tubes...  more >>

Advanced Ceramics & Processing Technology  Quartz Crystals; Ceramic Design Tips...  more >>

Carbon, Composites & Nano Materials  Light Jet Kudos; Nanoimprint Lithography...  more >>

Specialty Glasses & Processing Technology  LCD Technology Tutorial; Better Batching...   more >>

Refractories & Thermal Ceramics  Improve Furnace Efficiency; Self-Diagnostic Refractory Press...  more >>

Careers  A Better Job Search by Design; Work on a Yacht; Happiness is a Good Boss...  more >>

Diversions  Magnetic Bacteria; Bone Building with Glass...  more >>

Industry Trends & Events . . .
Questions and Discussions
More Markets for Sol-Gel Products

More Markets for Sol-Gel Products New market segments are emerging for sol-gel ceramic and glass products. Fastest growing markets are in the areas of optical, electronic, biomedical (such as bone grafting materials and drug therapy products) and chemical applications (gas separation membranes). BCC Research is forecasting a global market growth of 6.3%, from the current $1 billion level to $1.4 billion level by 2011. The U.S. sol-gel market, roughly one-third that of the global market, is expected to increase 8.7% from $330 million to $500 million.

Spotlight On . . .
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Pegasus Industrial Specialties Inc.
For All Your Glass Supplies and Glass Fabrication Requirements

For All Your Glass Supplies and Glass Fabrication Requirements For all your technical and specialty glass requirements. Whether you need raw material, custom fabricated glass, or technical assistance, Pegasus is your best source.

Yangzhou Positioning Tech Co., Ltd.
Ceramic Housing

Ceramic Housing Yangzhou Positioning Co., Ltd. is a stock company, which invests in many domains and factories. The main products include 0.6 A-6000 A thyristors (SCR), diodes (disc, stud, and plastic package type), triacs, modules and parts (ceramic housings, glass-metal sealed package, moly discs, caps, and headers), kinds of transistors, dies (fusions), capacitors, electronic ballasts, and more.

Advanced Ceramics & Processing Technology . . .
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Questions and Discussions Learn more Search by Spec The Engineering Web®
Incorporating Quartz Crystals

Incorporating Quartz Crystals Thank Pierre and Jacques Curie the next time you fire up your push-button gas grill. Because of piezoelectric properties, common to certain crystals such as quartz and barium titanate, a mechanical shock causes the crystal to generate a spark. Jon Titus, senior technical editor of ECN Magazine, explains why "Quartz Still Resonates" with design engineers.

Ten Tips for Ceramic Design

Ten Tips for Ceramic Design Dynamic-Ceramic Ltd. manufactures a broad range of technical ceramics. Ceramic materials offer unique properties, but design criteria are critical to actual component performance. On this Web page, the UK company offers 10 design tips as an aid to engineers for successful, cost-effective part manufacturing.

Carbon, Composites & Nano Materials . . .
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Kudos for Light Jet

Kudos for Light Jet Travel in class and on your schedule. HondaJet, based in Torrance, CA, introduced their new entry in the "very light jet" market recently. The advanced all-composite fuselage structure helps the aircraft achieve good fuel efficiency, more space, and greater speed. As a result, HondaJet was just awarded "Best of What's New" in Aviation and Space by Popular Mechanics.

Next-Generation Nanolithography

In theory, nanoimprint lithography promises to lower the cost of patterning integrated circuits into polymers. The unpredictability of polymer flow, however, has thwarted this potential. Now, researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories, have identified key design rules for predicting the outcome of high-volume production.

Spotlight On . . .
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Raytek Corporation
Thermalert TX Infrared Temperature Sensor

Thermalert TX Infrared Temperature Sensor The Thermalert TX combines high performance non-contact temperature measurement with industry standard two-wire technology. Choose between the smart TX sensor with remotely addressable digital control, or the basic TX. Smart TX sensors provide digital communications, as well as 4-20 mA output, allowing remote configuration and monitoring. Find out more.

Williams Advanced Materials, Inc.
Sputtering Targets

Sputtering Targets Williams Advanced Materials is a leading sputtering target manufacturer to a variety of markets including: Semiconductor, Wireless, Photonics, Data Storage, Hybrid/Micro Electronics, Memory, and Performance Films. They are the only sputtering target manufacturer to fully embrace a variety of casting technologies and other thermal mechanical processes for metallic and non-metallic sputtering materials.

Specialty Glasses & Processing Technology . . .
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Learn About Liquid Crystal Displays

Learn About Liquid Crystal Displays Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) are all around us — from notebook computers to desktop monitors and high-definition TV. Even so, display technology is developing at a fast pace. Look for larger, thinner, lighter, sharper, and more cost-efficient displays in the near future. Corning Glass offers a comprehensive tutorial on liquid crystal display technology in this video presentation.

Better Batch Handling Lowers Cost

Better Batch Handling Lowers Cost The manner in which powdered ingredients are received and handled impacts the bottom line. Fully-automatic batch charging systems, for instance, offer significant advantages, but big disadvantages as well. Ceramic Industry reports how one glass manufacturer's new batching system saves process time and lowers cost.

Refractories & Thermal Ceramics . . .
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Improve Furnace Efficiency

Improve Furnace Efficiency The goal is to keep heat inside the furnace. But heat is constantly lost through conduction, convection, and infrared radiation mechanisms, greatly affecting the efficiency and economics of the heating operation. Alyssia Flynn, an application engineer with Microtherm Inc. of Alcoa, TN shows how the use of microporous insulation can significantly block heat transfer and improve the efficiency and economics of furnace operations.

This Press has Brawn and Brains

This Press has Brawn and Brains Refractory pressing operations are complex and subject to constant monitoring. An Italian press manufacturer describes state-of-the-art press controls that continuously monitor pressing operations and provide self-diagnostic capabilities. The use of such press controls, which incorporate the PROFIBUS DP wiring system, allows off-site problem-solving capabilities.

Spotlight On . . .
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Fluitron, Inc.
Cold Isostatic Press

Cold Isostatic Press Isostatic presses are available for powder metallurgy and other applications in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings. Systems feature the compaction chamber, pressurizing pump, fluid reservoir, piping, and a convenient steel console. Fully automated systems are also available from Fluitron, Inc.

Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
Ceramic Tubes

Ceramic Tubes A large selection of alumina ceramic tube type insulators are available in six inch lengths and other lengths as required. The tubes are constructed of a pure 99% alumina ceramic that has superior gas and vacuum tightness and excellent insulating properties even at elevated temperatures. See more available from Scientific Instrument Services.

Careers . . .
Engineering Jobs Go Here
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A Better Job Search by Design

Dice offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now. Go Here

Work on a Yacht

Work on a Yacht Tiara Yachts is a family company located in Holland, MI employing 750 people. Sounds like a great place to work and live for a structural (composite) engineer with experience in carbon fiber and Kevlar materials, plus open- and closed-molding processes! Read on for more information regarding responsibilities, requirements, and response.

Happiness is a Good Boss

Adecco is a world-wide HR services company that conducts a number of surveys on workplace related issues. A majority of respondents to a recent survey on employee-supervisor relationships indicated that the relationship with their boss has a direct impact on work/life happiness. The survey includes differences in response between generation Y and the baby boomers, as well as insights on ways for employees and managers to work together better.

Diversions . . .
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Magnetic Bacteria...

Magnetic Bacteria ...remain a mystery to researchers, says this article in Science a Go Go. Even though scientists have successfully created bacteria that becomes magnetic in the presence of certain chemicals, the questions of Why? and How? are still unanswered.

Building Bone on Glass Scaffolds

Building Bone on Glass Scaffolds Scientists are experimenting with biocompatible glass to repair broken or diseased bone. The porous glass facilitates the flow of blood and nutrients to stimulate production of bone cells. "Proliferating cells in the regenerating bone," researchers believe, will form a "matrix around the glass scaffold."

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