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August 24th, 2006 - Volume 2 Issue 8

In this issue...

Industry Trends & Events  Ultra-Deep Wells Offer New Markets for Ceramics; Take Our Newsletter Survey and Be Entered into a Drawing to Win an Apple iPod®...  MORE

Spotlight On  
  • Components Built for Extreme Environments; Programmable Furnace...  MORE
  • Semiconductor Nanocrystrals; Piezoelectric Products...  MORE
  • Thin Sheet and Bimorph Ceramic; Thick Film Technology...  MORE

Advanced Ceramics & Processing Technology  Nuts about Ceramics; Versatile Mixer Offers More Homogeneity...  MORE

Carbon, Composites, & Nano Materials  Nanotubes Toughen Composites; Medical Devices Go Nano...  MORE

Specialty Glasses & Processing Technology  Gas Pains for the Glass Industry; Glass Fibers for Automotive Applications...   MORE

Refractories & Thermal Ceramics  No Cement Castables; Drying/Firing Developments...  MORE

Careers  A Better Job Search by Deisgn; Ceramic Technology Position; Toyota's Product Development Secrets...  MORE

Diversions  Reshaping Engineering Education; He Drinks No Bottled Water...  MORE

Industry Trends & Events . . .
Ultra-Deep Wells Offer New Markets for Ceramics

Ultra-Deep Wells Offer New Markets for Ceramics The constant search for new oil and gas reserves requires drilling deeper and deeper. This means more severe operating conditions, where the unique properties of ceramics offer an attractive alternative to metal components. These ultra-deep wells reach six miles underground and offer "high-value" markets for ceramic products. John Barratt of Natural Carbon describes both current and projected applications of various ceramic materials and barriers to be overcome.

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Spotlight On . . .
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CeramTec North America
Hermetically Sealed Electrical and Optical Components Built for Extreme Environments

Hermetically Sealed Electrical and Optical Components Built for Extreme Environments CeramTec designs and manufactures ceramic-to-metal and glass-ceramic hermetic electrical and optical components. These products include: feedthroughs, connectors, thermocouples, viewports, isolators, and accessories. Products include both standard and CUSTOM designs for use in vacuum, ultra-high vacuum, high-pressure (25kpsi), cryogenic (-269 C), and high-temperature (450 C) applications.

Zircar Zirconia, Inc.
1700C Lab Furnace Runs on 110 Volts

1700C Lab Furnace Runs on 110 Volts Plug and play with this uniquely designed programmable furnace for R&D or production use. In addition to quick installation and ease of use, the optional datalogger puts you in complete control. This stocked standard item ships next day. Made in the USA. More information...

Advanced Ceramics & Processing Technology . . .
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Nuts about Ceramics

Nuts about Ceramics Ceramco Inc. manufactures fastener products using a low-pressure injection molding process. The proprietary process allows the forming of complex shapes. The unique inertness, high-temperature resistance, and electrical non-conductivity of alumina and zirconia ceramics lead to high-performance nuts, bolts, and washers. One caution — don't over torque! Machine Design has the details.

Versatile Mixer Offers More Homogeneity

Versatile Mixer Offers More Homogeneity A key to producing quality ceramic products is effective mixing of ingredients to assure uniformity and homogeneity. Eirich has introduced an improved intensive mixer — Type R12 — that incorporates a rotating, inclined mixing pan, and both rotating and fixed variable-speed mixing tools. This movement provides the ultimate in mixing quality, yielding mix uniformity even with components exhibiting different apparent densities and consistencies.

Carbon, Composites, & Nano Materials . . .
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Nanotubes Toughen Composites

Nanotubes Toughen Composites By stacking layers of ceramic cloth, woven from silicon carbide fibers with interlocking nanotubes between them, university researchers have created a composite material with significantly improved mechanical properties. These "nanotube sandwiches" improve the interface between the materials, leading to remarkable improvements in strength and toughness.

Medical Devices Go "Nano"

Medical Devices Go 'Nano' Sherrie Conroy, reporting for Medical Device Link, offers a fascinating view of the state of nanotechnology in the medical field. From excellent definitions of nano, to recent developments in the medical device field, this article offers a good view of both current activities and what may occur by 2010. Nanorobot structures, drug-delivery applications, and medical coatings are among the applications reviewed that must achieve both market adoption as well as regulatory approval.

Spotlight On . . .
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Ocean Optics, Inc.
EviDot Semiconductor Nanocrystrals

EviDot Semiconductor Nanocrystrals Available through Ocean Optics are EviDots, an exciting quantum-dot nanocrystal technology developed by Evident Technologies. Ideal for researchers and product developers, EviDots provide scientists with a variety of nanocrystals suspended in a solution for experimentation and applications development — everything from biological warfare agent detection to chemical sensing.

Omega Piezo Technologies
Piezoelectric Products

Piezoelectric Products Omega Piezo Technologies manufactures a wide range of piezoelectric components. Their materials include hard and soft PZTs, high density PZTs, and single crystal piezoelectrics. They produce components in as-fired or precision machined forms which include plates, disks, rings, tubes, and rods, among others.

Specialty Glasses & Processing Technology . . .
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Gas Pains for the Glass Industry

Gas Pains for the Glass Industry There are many uncertainties associated with natural gas supplies, a key fuel used by the glass industry. This American Ceramic Society Bulletin fully describes the current serious problems and their causes. In addition, the report provides several antidotes. These include the use of alternative fuels, such as Syngas, and alternative melting technologies, such as electric. The author urges action to address this real, ongoing problem.

Glass Fibers for Automotive Applications

Glass Fibers for Automotive Applications Engineers at SCHOTT Glass have developed a new optical wave guide technology using glass fibers; several advantages over the current polymer fiber technology are reported. Increasingly, technology being incorporated into automotive systems requires improved data transfer rates and better temperature stability. The multicore glass optical fiber can withstand considerably higher temperatures than polymer fibers and offers very flexible installation techniques.

Refractories & Thermal Ceramics . . .
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No Cement Castables

No Cement Castables Magneco/Metrel, Inc. of Addison, IL has developed a nanoparticulate refractory castable for repair of glass furnaces (go to 'No Cement Castables'). The use of colloidal silica, as well as sol-gel bonding systems, exhibits superior hot strength properties compared to low cement bonding compositions. In addition to superior properties, the new bonding system results in reduced installation time and cost.

Drying and Firing Developments

Drying and Firing Developments Ceramic Industry magazine provides an overview of six new products used in drying and firing operations. Those profiled include: A high-temperature atmosphere controlled furnace; molybdenum heating elements mounted in vacuum-formed ceramic fiber modules; two new heating elements; and front/top loading furnaces. A thorough description of each is provided, with links for additional information.

Spotlight On . . .
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EDO Corporation / Electro-Ceramic Products Division
Thin Sheet and Bimorph Ceramic

Thin Sheet and Bimorph Ceramic EDO Electro-Ceramic Products offers the largest selection of piezoelectric materials in North America and standard ceramic compositions in the largest variety of sizes and shapes. This provides designers with a wide range of parameters for use in a variety of applications.

Noritake Co., Inc. / Electronics and Ceramics Division
Thick Film Technology

Thick Film Technology Noritake's experience with fired ceramics dates back to 1904, and since then it has branched into several specialty ceramic fields. Noritake enjoys the reputation of being a leading producer of quality printed thick products using state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the most modern equipment to achieve both high quality and high volume production at the lowest possible unit cost.

Careers . . .
Engineering Jobs
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A Better Job Search by Design

Dice offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

Ceramic Technology Position Available

Ceramic Technology Position Available Kennametal, one of the largest and best known ceramic manufacturers in the world, is now offering a position for an engineer in Ceramic Technology at their Latrobe, PA facility. The position is responsible for planning and executing development projects and requires an advanced degree. See the complete job description including contact information.

Toyota's Product Development Secrets

Toyota is one of the world's most successful manufacturers, and well-defined principles used in the company's product development process are an important reason for that success. What are they, you ask? Industry Week highlights 13 management principles that Toyota uses to integrate people, process, and technology.

Diversions . . .
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Reshaping Engineering Education

Reshaping Engineering Education The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) believes the role of engineering education must shift from one of producing competent or admirable technicians, to one that shapes ingenious leaders fully engaged in the world's future. Read about how the NAE is attempting to define and address the requirements of tomorrow's engineers.

He Drinks No Bottled Water...

He Drinks No Bottled Water... least not in the United States. Lester Brown is founder and president of the Earth Policy Institute, which advocates a global economy that protects and sustains a healthy planet. In this Rutgers Alumni Newsletter, Brown quotes a number of shocking statistics on the consumption of bottled water and the associated energy use and disposal problems created. His arguments may make you drink from the tap once more.

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