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January 25, 2007 - Volume 3 Issue 1
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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Hip Hop for Boomers

Hip Hop for Boomers With an aging baby-boom generation, the incidence of hip fractures is expected to grow significantly. Metal-based hip prostheses currently have lifetimes of about 15 years. The discovery that certain glasses and ceramics can bond to living bone raises new possibilities. Bioactive ceramic and glass alternatives to metal-based prostheses, for example, could improve the lives of millions suffering from osteoporosis worldwide.

Spotlight On . . .
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AC Technologies
Advanced Ceramics Today!

Advanced Ceramics Today! Machinable Ceramics in six grades —
AC Tecnologies has six grades of advanced machinable ceramics available to meet your application needs. Each grade has unique features that will assist in solving your application requirements. All are designed to be fabricated without hard tooling, enabling you to be your own in-house advanced ceramic fabricator.

Raytek Corporation
MP50 Process Imager

MP50 Process Imager Offering best-value performance, the MP50 is the most widely used linescanner worldwide. Additional application-specific systems based on MP50 process imagers feature dedicated hardware and software for specialized applications such as rotating kiln, wall board, and glass bending/tempering.

Advanced Ceramics & Processing Technology . . .
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Ceramic Powder Growth Good

Ceramic Powder Growth Good According to a recent technical market research report, the market for advanced and nano ceramic powders in 2006 was $2.2 billion. This report predicts that revenues will climb to $3.4 billion by 2011, corresponding to an average annual growth rate of 8.9%. Currently, advanced ceramic powders account for more than 97% of the total market volume in the category.

USACA Meeting Briefings

USACA Meeting Briefings The United States Advanced Ceramics Association (USACA) has made the briefings of its September 21, 2006 meeting available on the Web. The Washington, D.C. meeting was jointly sponsored by the USACA, the American Chemical Society, and the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science.

Carbon, Composites & Nano Materials . . .
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Humidity Sensing Gone Nano

Humidity Sensing Gone Nano Conventional humidity sensors are polymer films and porous ceramics. But researchers at the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science in Kolkata, India, have been looking at using metal nanoparticles grown between the interface of a glass and ceramic for the same purpose. The adsorption of water molecules at the surfaces of the nanoparticles creates localized electronic states that electrons can jump between during application of an electric field, resulting in a decrease in electrical resistance.

Secret Ingredients of Damascus Steel

Secret Ingredients of Damascus Steel Legend has it that Damascus swords could cut through rock and still be sharp enough to slice through a silk scarf dropped on the blade. But the technique for making these swords was lost sometime during the 18th century. Now a research team led by Peter Paufler of the Technical University of Dresden, Germany, has studied a 17th century specimen and concluded that it contains nanowires and carbon nanotubes.

Accent On . . .
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ARC Technologies
Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Materials

Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Materials Dielectric foam absorbers are the perfect choice for lightweight, broadband attenuation of unwanted microwave and electromagnetic interference. ARC Technologies designs and manufactures a complete range of these products and routinely develops custom solutions to fit customer requirements.

AccuRate/Schenck AccuRate
SolidsFlow® Model 2000 Vibratory Feeder

SolidsFlow® Model 2000 Vibratory Feeder AccuRate's SolidsFlow® Model 2000 is a low maintenance, easy to clean feeder that handles materials whose flow characteristics may differ. With no moving parts and very few spare parts needed, the Model 2000 requires little maintenance. The trademark of the feeder is its ability to feed abrasive materials like steel wool, graphite, polyester, and wood pulp just to name a few.

Specialty Glasses & Processing Technology . . .
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Eco-Friendly Displays

Eco-Friendly Displays Japan's Asahi Glass Co. recently announced it would increase the production of specialty glass tubes. Employed as backlight lamps to illuminate liquid crystal display panels, the tubes use no arsenic, antimony, or other toxic substances.

More Options for Specialty Glass

More Options for Specialty Glass More than ever, homeowners can choose among various types of specialty glass for improved energy efficiency, safety, and security. Among their options are slow emissivity (Low-E) glass with its superior heat transfer properties, tempered glass, laminated glass, and glass that reduces noise penetration. Residential glazing has never been better.

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Refractories & Thermal Ceramics . . .
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Guidelines for Health

Guidelines for Health Based on a review of data from occupational exposure to airborne refractory ceramic fibers, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has concluded that occupational exposure to these fibers is associated with respiratory, eye, and skin problems, and may pose a carcinogenic risk. This report also gives recommended occupational exposure levels.

In the Crucible

In the Crucible Humans have been melting metals in crucibles since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Modern foundry crucibles typically contain from 10 to 50% silicon carbide. This article looks at modern crucible technologies, for both carbon-based and ceramic-based crucibles.

Focus On . . .
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GBC Materials, a Division of Morgan Advanced Ceramics
Ceramic Parts

Ceramic Parts GBC ceramic parts are used in cellular phones, thermostats, semiconductor packages, ABS (Automotive Braking Systems), air bag restraint systems, microwave varactors, wear parts, thermocouples, medical implants, and many others. Ceramic parts are produced in 85 to 99.5% alumina, steatite, and other special materials.

Opti-Forms, Inc.
Optical Glass Reflectors

Optical Glass Reflectors Opti-Forms has extensive experience coating a variety of glass reflectors — from small complex shapes to extremely large mirrors. They have expanded their glass reflector development capacity. In their current factory expansion plan a large footprint is devoted to their glass reflector product lines. Find out more.

Careers . . .
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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search By Design offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

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Minerals, Metals, and Materials Jobs

Minerals, Metals, and Materials JobsThe Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS) maintains a career Web site. While membership in the Society is encouraged, non-members can still view job postings, post a resume, and create job alerts. The Society's classified section (also open to non-members) lists positions wanted and available, and includes announcements of workshops, seminars, and new publications.

Diversions . . .
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Ceramic Batteries for Cars?

Ceramic Batteries for Cars? A company in Cedar Park, Texas, is working on an "energy storage" device that a Canadian electric-car company hopes to incorporate in its 2008 models. Although the battery's manufacturer is reluctant to provide details, it is known that the device uses a ceramic powder coated with aluminum oxide and glass. If the device works as advertised, it should charge in five minutes and provide enough energy to travel 500 miles at a cost of nine dollar's worth of electricity.

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