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September 27, 2007 - Volume 3 Issue 9
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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Increased Transparency at the Top

Increased Transparency at the Top We're talking skylights. In terms of architectural design, there are lots of benefits to natural light. But there are energy usage challenges too, such as heat loss and solar heat gain. This feature story from USGlass counters these concerns with the latest developments in overhead glazing and related glass technologies. For example: Do you know that placement and spacing of photovoltaic cells on the glazing material can control the amount of light allowed in?

Spotlight On . . .
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IRD Glass
Precision Glass, Ceramic, and Optical Component Manufacturing

Precision Glass, Ceramic, and Optical Component Manufacturing IRD Glass specializes in extremely precise tolerances, helping customers solve problems caused by excessive variation in optical, industrial glass, and ceramic components. Using customer-intimate solutions, IRD is the sole-source provider to both world-class and small corporations in the machine vision, sensors, medical, process control, laser, defense, aerospace, and optics industries.

Rayotek Scientific, Inc.
A One-Stop Shop

A One-Stop Shop Design, Engineering & Manufacturing

glass * sapphire *
fused quartz * fused silica

The experts at Rayotek are here to solve your glass and crystalline materials challenges. We offer a variety related services...all under one roof...and specialize in custom products to simplify your project needs. Read more...

Advanced Ceramics & Processing Technology . . .
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Porcelain-Enamel Chic

Porcelain-Enamel Chic Blame it on today's trendy product design and the demand for stainless steel, but base metal prices are up — way up. Appliance designers are fighting back with porcelain-enamel coatings. These colorful coatings look like metal, stand up to heat, and are scratch resistant. Machine Design provides the technical details.

More Pixels, What Price?

More Pixels, What Price? Conventional plasma displays convert just "1% of electrical power into light." Two researchers at the University of Illinois think they can do better. As New Scientist reports, the team has filed a patent application for next-generation plasma display technology, based on an addressable "array of microscopic cavities in a ceramic slab." (Scroll down to Ceramic TV Displays.)

Carbon, Composites & Nano Materials . . .
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Create Ceramic Parts with Internal Features

Create Ceramic Parts with Internal Features That's what a new system under test at Purdue University can do. The strategy employs a simultaneous application of laser deposition techniques and conventional machining. Building a part layer-by-layer in this manner yields complex shapes with precise internal features. It also allows the manufacture of composite parts using metal and ceramic layers.

Coating Lengthens Implant Life

Coating Lengthens Implant Life Ceramic nanowires may lead to longer-life medical implants, says Ryan Tian at the University of Arkansas. Used to coat titanium, the nanowires act as a scaffold to promote better adherence of muscle tissue to the otherwise smooth implant surface. The ceramic nanowire coating may also be applicable to plastics and other materials.

Accent On . . .
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Superior Technical Ceramics Corp.
Rapid Production Unit (RPU)

Rapid Production Unit (RPU) STC's "Rapid Production Unit" (RPU) work cell provides our customers with the means to acquire smaller quantities of prototype parts, or small production quantities, in an accelerated time frame.

Let STC help meet your prototype requirements, in addition to your production requirements through our regular manufacturing process.

Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group
HSI3000 Wahl Heat Spy® Thermal Imaging Camera

HSI3000 Wahl Heat Spy® Thermal Imaging Camera The low-cost HSI3000 is an ergonomically designed, hand held, light, compact, and easy-to-use thermal imaging camera. It can be used as a detection and diagnostic tool for condition monitoring of electrical and mechanical systems and building diagnostics such as detecting moisture damage, pest infestation, insulation integrity, as well as energy audits. Find out more.

Specialty Glasses & Processing Technology . . .
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Fire Rated — with Style

Fire Rated — with Style Used to be, code-driven wired glass was an ugly duckling with which builders made do. Today, new fire-rated glazing materials are the swans that enhance building design. Architectural Products presents two beautiful examples.

LEED Certified and Blast Proof

LEED Certified and Blast ProofTwo members of a prominent architectural firm field questions relating to government buildings, glass windows, anti-terrorism, and force protection. How does one reconcile secure design with pleasing aesthetics? These fellows have some interesting answers.

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Refractories & Thermal Ceramics . . .
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Less Back Pressure, More Power

Less Back Pressure, More Power The ceramic substrates used for vehicle emissions control continue to impress. Corning's latest Celcor product — available for the 2008 model year — boasts 600 cells per square inch with walls the width of a human hair. The next-generation ceramic substrate is intended for light-duty gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles.

New Burners for Old Kilns

New Burners for Old Kilns Walls of traditional ceramic and brick kilns were built thick to conserve heat. Many of these kilns are operating today. Problem is, they don't easily accommodate the shorter nozzles of modern burners, designed for modern insulating methods. Ceramic Industry reviews the solution: High-tech, extended jet burners specially made for low-tech kilns.

Focus On . . .
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GBC Materials
a Division of Morgan Advanced Ceramics

Glass Preforms

Glass Preforms GBC glass preforms are used in high volume production of hermetic glass-to-metal seals where preformed frames, mulit-hole parts, and rings permit the introduction of a finite amount of sealing glass into the automatic seal process. Finished seals are used, typically, in hermetic packages for relays, fuses, fiber optic connectors, and integrated circuite (IC) packages.

Queens Plating Co., Inc.

Pure Tin Plating on Metallized Ceramics

Pure Tin Plating on Metallized Ceramics Queens Plating Company plates pure tin on all metallizable ceramics for the automotive, commerical electronic, medical, and telecommuncation markets. Sizes of metallized ceramics can range from .060 in. x .040 in. to 1.00 in. x 1.00 in. All plating load sizes are designed to eliminate lot size shrinkage and maintain lot integrity.

Careers . . .
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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by Design offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

Go Here
Entrepreneurship Challenge

Entrepreneurship ChallengeIt's official: The 3rd MRS Entrepreneurship Challenge is underway. Sponsored by the Materials Research Society, the contest pairs students and professionals, encouraging them to "develop concepts for materials-based startup companies." One rule to keep in mind: Collaboration should be virtual.

Diversions . . .
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Behold, Strandbeest
Behold, Strandbeest

Moving Sculpture; Kinetic creature; Wind-powered walking machine... Theo Jansen's Strandbeest defies description but inspires wonder. This video, and there are many more on the Internet, captures the spirit of a "modern day DaVinci."

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