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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Solutions for Industrial Computing
November 16, 2007 - Volume 2 Issue 11
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Carbon Nanotubes Create Cooler Chips

Carbon Nanotubes Create Cooler Chips Heat — or more accurately dissipation thereof — continues to be the nemesis of chip and consequent computer performance. With the advent of faster and faster microprocessors producing more heat than ever, more efficient cooling has become a paramount challenge. In practice, this translates into "The cooler, the better." Fortunately, researchers have discovered a new way to boost heat flow that also promises to be a low-cost and higher-performance alternative to traditional thermal interface materials: plasma-deposited carbon nanotubes. Adding a nanotube layer between heat sinks and silicon chips fills the surface irregularities in between. The net result is dramatically improved heat flow.

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IOVU Series Open HMI
IEI Technology USA Corporation

IOVU series Open HMI IEI Technology presents you with IOVU-560, an ultra-slim, light, open HMI platform for automation. The IOVU has open software and hardware architectures enabling the easy integration of third-party application software such as SCADA/HMI software, database applications, networking stacks, and communication applications. It is suitable for slim/light information terminals, machinery, or SCADA systems.

Microsoft Embedded Events and Seminars
Microsoft Windows Embedded

Microsoft Embedded Events and Seminars

See how Microsoft® Windows® Embedded products are revolutionizing the way that people work and live worldwide.

Attend a complimentary OEM Technical Seminar or view Webcasts as much as you want and find out how Microsoft Windows Embedded can help you quickly configure, build, and ship your next device.

Register now!

The Industry's First 16-Port PCI Express Card
Connect Tech Inc.

The Industry's First 16 Port PCI Express Card Connect Tech understands your need for high-performance and dependable products. As a result, standard BlueStorm/Express cards include multi-strike surge suppression on all ports to protect your data from any disruptions that may occur in your operating environment. Should optical isolation be a requirement in your application, the BlueStorm/Express Opto is the ideal choice.

The Controller for Fast Machines and Fast Processes
Siemens Energy & Automation / Machine Vision & Lighting

The Controller for Fast Machines and Fast Processes Today's high-end machines place high demands on control systems. Fast response, fast control, short cycle times, and communication links have become required characteristics. The new CPU 319-3 PN/DP is the latest and most powerful of the SIMATIC S7-300 PLC family, meeting these requirements and delivering performance previously only available in PLC's.

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Computing at Warp Speed

Computing at Warp Speed Utilizing warp processing, a computer chip can boost its performance up to 1000x over time. In operation, a microprocessor monitors the program it is running, determining which program segments are executed most frequently, then automatically sends them to a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) for faster processing. Expected to benefit: audio/video processing, encoding, and other compute-intensive applications using large data streams.

"Oo, Ee, Oo, Ah, Aw" Control

'Oo, Ee, Oo, Ah, Aw' Control

"Vocal joystick" software moves a computer cursor in eight directions depending on the vowel sound: "ah, aw, ee, and oo." Detecting sound 100x/sec, different versions allow you to browse the Web, draw, or play video games. Future apps include controlling electronic wheelchairs and robotic arms. A mike, a PC plus a standard sound card, and user vocalization make it work. View a video demo.

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Millimeter Waves Transmit Data in a Sec

Millimeter Waves Transmit Data in a Sec How about receiving a 10-Gb file in 5 sec vs Wi-Fi's 10 min.? Well, that's the joint plan IBM and MediaTek are pursuing to produce millimeter-wave radio chips, antennas, and package technology. Targeted for both home and office environs, such speedy wireless transfers of multimedia data could not only stream HD movies, but would also compete with ultra wideband counterparts.

Wireless Sensor Networks Have HART

Wireless Sensor Networks Have HART Compatible with other WirelessHART™ field devices and gateways, a 2.4 GHz embedded wireless system comprises an embedded network manager and two motes: a 12x12 mm system in package and an RF certified module. Features include bandwidth flexibility, easy integration, high reliability/security, and ultra-low power consumption (2 AA batteries last >10 years).

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Moxa Two- and Four-Port USB-to-Serial Hubs with Optical Isolation
The MOXA Group

Moxa Two- and Four-Port USB-to-Serial Hubs with Optical Isolation

MOXA's UPort 1250I/1450I are the world's first USB-to-serial hubs protected by optical isolation.

The UPort 1250I and 1450I outperforms competitors with these features:

• 480 Mbps Hi-Speed USB 2.0 operation
• 2 KV isolation protection
• Preservation of COM port assignments across different PCs
• Terminal block adaptor for easy wiring

Electronic & Electrical Products, 100s of Suppliers
PLC Center, A Div. Radwell International

Electronic &' Electrical Products, 100s of Suppliers

PLC Center, a Division of Radwell International, stocks and sells new and surplus industrial automation, MRO, pneumatic, motion, electronic, hydraulic, HVAC, and electrical control equipment for plant floor and facilities maintenance machinery. We also have full component level repair capabilities for all industrial electronic and electrical equipment.

View all our PLC Center's featured products here.

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Mission-Critical Computers for Future Forces

Mission-Critical Computers for Future Forces Now undergoing field testing for the U.S. Army's Future Force Warrior, a wearable tactical computer enables PC-based visual computing applications like a live video display, two-way communications, and GPS navigation. The commercial off-the-shelf, small form factor unit incorporates a head-mounted video display, 2D/3D graphics, a control unit for unmanned vehicles, and more. Its enclosure is made from a lightweight, conduction-cooled alloy.

Embedded Designs Sans Custom Hardware

Embedded Designs Sans Custom Hardware Programmable hardware like FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays) is reinforcing the trend toward software playing a larger role in creating electronic designs for today's products. In fact, programmed device intelligence now includes both software and hardware. Altium's Rob Evans details how entire systems can be developed utilizing the proper design tools combined with reprogrammable FPGAs that configure the hardware platform.

Single Board Computers & Motherboards . . .
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Motherboards Support Dual-Core Processors

Motherboards Support Dual-Core Processors Utilizing Intel® Core™2 Duo processors, three new motherboards are recommended for imaging, industrial automation, medical ultrasound, and video surveillance applications. Thanks to the next-gen Intel Q35 Express chipset, the boards boost graphics performance and feature more USB 2.0 ports for peripherals, along with support for DDR2-800 memory and external SATA drives. One board is designed to supply extra I/O for demanding industrial automation apps.

Dual-Core SBC for Complex Systems

Dual-Core SBC for Complex Systems Claimed to be the first to feature the latest Freescale dual-core processor and support PMC/XMC, this VPX single board computer (SBC) is suited for demanding embedded computing applications. The board incorporates PCIe ports to communicate with other boards and cards and supports legacy and high-speed interfaces for off-board communications.

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DEWE-3200 Data Acquisition Instrument
Dewetron, Inc.

DEWE-3200 Data Acquisition Instrument Laptop-style battery-powered data acquisition instrument capable of 16 dynamic inputs, numerous digital inputs, counters, encoders, PCM data, CAN BUS data, video, and even more input types. 15 in. touchscreen display for easy setup and operation. For details, please visit our Web site at

Small Embedded Motherboard Uses Both ETX CPUs and PC/104 Modules
ACCES I/O Products, Inc.

Small Embedded Motherboard Uses Both ETX CPUs and PC/104 Modules The NANO I/O Server is one of the smallest embedded motherboard systems and supports the ACCES I/O line of USB and PC/104 I/O modules along with the high-performance benefits of ETX. The NANO right-angle mounted connectors include VGA, RS-232/422/485, four USB ports, standard audio, PS/2 mouse and keyboard, and Ethernet.

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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by Design offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

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The Latest "Spin" on the Nobel Prize

The Latest 'Spin' on the Nobel Prize Working independently, two researchers were awarded the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery of giant magnetoresistance (GMR), the science behind the first magnetic sensors to access data on hard disks. In operation, the sensors read data by registering the electron spin of magnetic bits. Albert Fert of France and Peter Grünberg of Germany will split the $1.5 million prize.

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Mapping the Internet and Other Networks

Mapping the Internet and Other Networks Utilizing a new way to analyze networks, researchers have mapped the physical links of Internet service providers (shown). Over a two-year period, 6 million measurements/day were made. One conclusion is to route Internet traffic around the central core to avoid congestion and speed up downloads. The analysis, which measures the importance of connections, may also be used for other networks: human social circles and intercellular biological networks. Complimentary registration.

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16 Ethernet-to-Serial Ports; Industrial Panel PC for Critical 24/7 Operations; HOD Series Duplexers; 4800 Controller; Wireless Connections for Embedded Computing Platforms; FPGA Computing; A Better Job Search by Design
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BITXml — The Open Remote Monitoring and Control Protocol; RoHS Compliant 17 in. Industrial Workstation; ESC Silicon Valley 2008; Tri-lobe Blower Packages; New Series 62AG Optical Encoder; Nautilair Series 12.3 in. Var-Speed Combustion Blower
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Complimentary Trial Offer; Delivering Product Engineering and Software Maintenance Solutions; Industrial TFT Flat Panel Displays; Moxa Two- and Four-Port USB-to-Serial Hubs; Small Embedded Motherboard Uses Both ETX CPUs and PC/104 Modules; Fuzzy-Logic Temperature Sensor Transmitters
Volume 2 - Issue 6 - 06/15/2007
ranslation and Localization Services; The Woodcrest Server; Echotek Series RF Tuners and Upconverters; Hardmetric hm 2.0; Motion Assistant 2.0; Data Acquisition Products
Volume 2 - Issue 5 - 05/18/2007
Factory Direct Smart A/C Units; Qumax Optical Trackball Keyboard Makes Surfing Easy; Rugged Intel Pentium 4; Computing and Storage Solutions; Industrial PoE Power Splitters; PXI
Volume 2 - Issue 4 - 04/20/2007
CompactFlash; Video Expansion Options;The Woodcrest Server; Industry Pack Carrier Card; Convert USB to DB9 Serial; Single Board Computers; 4-Zone Controller for use with DeviceNet; CX9000 Embedded PC Reduces Size and Energy Usage
Volume 2 - Issue 3 - 03/16/2007
Industrial SBC Supports Wired and Wireless Connectivity; SeaPAC Solid-State Flat Panel Computing; Nexlink Notebook Computers;World's First 3-in-1 Optical-Isolated USB-to-Serial Hub; High-Performance Workstations; Industrial TFT Flat Panel Displays; Complete Motion Control in a Box; Embedded Controllers
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Open-Frame Kiosk Display; EBX compatible SBC; Luminary Micro Announces five New Stellaris® MCUs; Interchassis Communication; PC7; PCMCIA Card Bus Extenders; SERIES PD Controller;CompactPCI PIII Universal SBC
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CompactFlash; Momentum Motion Controllers; X86-Grade Platform; Dual-Core, Dual Processor System Host Board; Notebook Computer; High Performance, Mobile Pentium 4 CPU
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High Ambient Light Conditions; UHF RFID Readers and Antennas; Compact Machine Vision System; Industrial Ethernet Switches; Programmable Controllers; Input Controller
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Limit Switch Range; Fast-Forward Your Project; Open-Frame Kiosk Display Offerings; Electronic Signal Filter/Gain Board; Industrial Workstation Series; Single Board Computers; Ethernet Fieldbus Box
Volume 1 - Issue 4 - 10/20/2006
Evaluation Kit; Fast-Forward Your Project; Pentium M Modular Systems; In-Vehicle Touch Monitor; Protective Cases; System Platforms, Backplanes, Cabinet Enclosures, Components; New POS and Data Logging Solutions; High-Performance Workstations; Notebook Computer
Volume 1 - Issue 3 - 09/15/2006
New Rocker Switch Series; Compact PLC; World Leader in Industrial Electronics; Systemax PC; High-Performance Industrial Computers; GPS Timing Board; Industrializes the Notebook Computer; Custom-Configured Mobile Computers
Volume 1 - Issue 2 - 08/18/2006
All Metal Pressure Sensors; High End Computer Peripherals; Hot Swap Single Board Computers CPU Boards; Custom Single Board Computers; LCD Monitor Passive Optical Enhancements; Building Blocks for System Solutions
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - 07/20/2006
AMD Athlon™ 64 Desktop PC; White Paper: Comparison and Mapping of DDS and JMS; Main/Branch Panel Surge Protector; PC104+ CAN Board; Embedded Pentium M Rugged Touchscreen PC; Rack Mount Flip-up LCD Monitors; Processor Board Pentium III-M