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December 8th, 2006 - Volume 1 Issue 9
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Search by specification to find MEMS technology.
In this issue...
Industry Trends & Events  Mass-Market Acceptance...  more >>
Spotlight On  
  • Laser Diodes; Wafer-Level Process Metrology...  more >>
  • S680 Semiconductor Test System; Miniature Spectral Sensors...  more >>
  • High Density Flexible Circuits; Miniature Power Plug...  more >>

Components & Systems  Small Resonator, Big Q; MEMS Oscillator Competes With Quartz...  more >>

Automated Assembly  MEMS Mass-Production; All-Glass Chip-Level Packaging...  more >>

Design & Applications  Casimir Force; Tire Pressure Sensor...   more >>

Manufacturing Techniques  Characterizing Dynamic MEMS; MEMS Resonator Review...  more >>

Careers  A Better Job Search; Senior MEMS Designer; IEEE MEMS 2007...  more >>

Diversions  MEMS Investing; MEMS for Fun...  more >>

Industry Trends & Events . . .
Questions and Discussions
MEMS Achieve Mass-Market Acceptance?

MEMS Achieve Mass-Market Acceptance? The MEMS devices market is forecasted to more than double in five years from $6.3 billion in 2006 to $15.7 billion in 2011, according to a recent study from market research firm Databeans. In a recent newsletter, Databeans discusses how MEMS devices have finally gained worldwide mass-market acceptance with MEMS devices revolutionizing a whole host of applications ranging from displays and televisions to inkjet printers. Unit shipments are expected to increase at a 22% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next five years, while the unit average selling price (ASP) is expected to remain virtually unchanged for the same time period.

Spotlight On . . .
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J-DEC Laser Technology, Inc.
High Power Pulsed Laser Diodes

High Power Pulsed Laser Diodes J-DEC Laser Technology manufactures and provides high power semiconductor laser diodes. A MOCVD epitaxial structure makes it possible for the device to operate with a low threshold current and high efficiency output power. Typical packages are TO-46 and TO-18.

Zygo Corporation
APEX 300 - Wafer-Level Process Metrology

APEX 300 - Wafer-Level Process Metrology The APEX 300 optimizes process development and control for wafer-level packaging by precisely measuring surface parameters and topography for critical processes such as film deposition, laser scribe, wafer thinning, and stacked die assembly.
Learn more here.

Components & Systems . . .
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Smallest MEMS Resonator, Biggest Q

Smallest MEMS Resonator, Biggest Q CA-based SiTime just released the smallest and thinnest 5.1 MHz MEMS resonator offering the highest Q (80,000) available in the marketplace. Compatible with standard semiconductor packaging technologies and priced at 25 to 35 cents/unit, the 0.8 mm x 0.6 mm x 0.15 mm SiT0100 chip will find applications in consumer, automotive, and industrial frequency control applications.

MEMS Oscillator Competes With Quartz

MEMS Oscillator Competes With Quartz CA-based Ecliptek Corporation is now sampling a family of oscillators, called EMO, where the output frequency is primarily controlled by an internal MEMS device and an integrated programmable CMOS oscillator circuit. Priced at 70 cents/unit, the EMO chips offer several packaging options including (mm x mm) 5 x 7, 3.2 x 5, 2.5 x 3.2, and 2.0 x 2.5 in supply voltage of 3.3 V, 2.5 V, or 1.8 V.

Automated Assembly . . .
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Mask Aligners Promote MEMS Mass-Production

Photolithography mask aligners are now enabling the mass-production of MEMS devices. While this lithography tool was initially geared towards the semiconductor industry, it has been successfully adapted to non-traditional industries such as MEMS. Brett Arnold of Neutronix Inc. explains the use of Canon PLA 501 aligners to pattern solid-state GyroChip sensors.

All-Glass Chip-Level Package for MEMS

All-Glass Chip-Level Package for MEMS In this Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering article, the authors present an all-glass, chip-level MEMS packaging method featuring variable cavity pressure. With applications including resonators, switches, optical sensors, and displays, the novel methodology relies on wafer-to-wafer bonding and a variety of getters and sealing designs.

Spotlight On . . .
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Keithley Instruments, Inc.
S680 Semiconductor Test System

S680 Semiconductor Test System Keithley Instruments, Inc., a leader in solutions for emerging measurement needs, has announced that AMD has selected the Keithley Model S680 DC/RF Parametric Test System to support full production of advanced logic chips. The benefits of the S680DC/RF system include advanced measurement capability, lower cost of ownership through higher throughput, and strong local service and support.

ALCprecision, American Laubscher Corp.
Miniature Spectral Sensors

Miniature Spectral Sensors A new generation of highly sensitive spectral sensors operating in the ultraviolet range of the visual spectrum now is available exclusively from American Laubscher Corp. Using innovative microstructure technology, the units have the advantage of being extremely small and providing precision measurement at an incredible cost efficiency.

Design & Applications . . .
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MEMS Design Benefits from Casimir Force

MEMS Design Benefits from Casimir Force In the past, the Casimir force, which is a quantum effect defying classical physics, has been known to cause problems in MEMS design. However, U.S. and Russian scientists have recently shown how it can be manipulated to control the movement of conducting plates in MEMS devices, thus becoming a beneficial design tool.

Tire Pressure Sensor Integrates MEMS

Infineon's new single-package, wheel-mounted tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) integrates a MEMS pressure/acceleration/temperature sensor with an eight-bit microcontroller unit (MCU), antenna, and battery — all on a printed circuit board. Currently priced at $8/unit, the SP35 sensor module is expected to go into volume production in Q3'07.

Manufacturing Techniques . . .
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Optical Profiler Characterizes Dynamic MEMS

Optical Profiler Characterizes Dynamic MEMS Zygo's application note on Measuring Dynamic MEMS Devices, discusses how their NewView 6300™ optical profiler and Dynamic Metrology Module (DMM) enables in motion characterization of MEMS devices. The document covers the process of taking measurements consisting of single measurements, frequency, and phase sweeps, and addresses key dynamic measurement specifications.

MEMS Resonators: a Review

In her University of Pittsburgh M.S. thesis on the Analysis and Fabrication of MEMS Tunable Piezoelectric Resonators, Amanda Frederick reviews the design and fabrication technology for MEMS piezoelectric resonators to date, with particular emphasis on tuning, actuation, and available piezoelectric modes.

Spotlight On . . .
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DRC / Metrigraphics Division
High Density Flexible Circuits

High Density Flexible Circuits High-resolution photolithography, thin-film coating, and micro-miniature 2D and 3D precision electroforming are combined to produce high density, multi-layer flexible circuits with 5 µ traces and spaces.

Learn what DRC can do for you.

CeramTec North America
.250 in. Power Plug

.250 in. Power Plug The .250 in. Power Plug feedthrough is offered standard with a copper conductor for high current applications and is a high power addition to CeramTec's current 10 and 20 kV Power Plug products. Like all of CeramTec's Hermetic products, this new .250 in. Power Plug feedthrough is built for use in extreme conditions.

Careers . . .
Engineering Jobs Go Here
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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by Design offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise.

Search now.

Go Here
Senior MEMS Designer

CA-based Invensense, a developer of MEMS motion sensors, is seeking a senior MEMS designer to
create and validate
novel silicon gyroscopes, accelerometers, and inertial measurement units (IMUs). A Ph.D. or an M.S.E.E, plus two to five years of industry experience with a strong background in modeling and mathematical analysis are required.

Don't Forget IEEE MEMS

Don't Forget IEEE MEMS Don't forget to start the New Year by attending the 20th IEEE international conference on MEMS, January 21-25 in Kobe, Japan. Featuring oral and poster sessions and a technical exhibition, the conference will address the major areas of activity in the development and in the application of MEMS technology.

Diversions . . .
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MEMS Investing

MEMS Investing Warren Packard, Managing Director at venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), explains why his company has been actively investing in MEMS and nano start-ups, and how the company identifies potential deals and portfolio companies. Specifically, the article looks at three companies currently in their portfolio: Microfabrica Inc., Siimpel Corporation, and Imago Scientific Instruments Corporation.

MEMS for Fun

MEMS for Fun Nanoguitars, ant toys, and eyewear for flies — not everything about MEMS and NEMS has to be technical!

Check out these items and some MEMS cartoons from the University of Colorado at Boulder for a different side of MEMS.

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MEMS Motion Testing, Foundry Service: Silicon Wafer, Glass, New Series 0507 Miniature Rectangular Sensors, When Perfection is Not Optional, Micro Tolerances, Custom Chip IC Solutions, Custom ICs
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Analysis of Inertial MEMS Applications: Gyro and Accelerometer Markets, Series 3713 Accelerometer, A Quality Management System Fit for OEMs, Switch Series with No Moving Parts, Virtually Unlimited Lifespan, Multi-Standard Serial RapidIO Switch, Custom Chip IC Solutions, Custom ICs
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The MEMS Materials Database: Packaging; Marketing and Strategy Consulting; Micro Tolerances; New Led Hexadecimal Display; Single Axis MEMS Gyro and Accelerometer; Custom Chip IC Solutions, Custom ICs
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The MEMS Materials Database: Packaging, FBAR Technology Solutions, Changing the Way You Look At Light, MEMS Thermopile Array: Affordable Thermal Imaging, MEMS 3-Axis Accelerometer, Piezoresistive Accelerometers, Limited Production CMP Tool, Fiber Optic MEMS Switching Cards
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Micro-Component Analytical and Diagnostic Services, Thin Film Coating Instrumentation, Custom Design and Manufacturing Services, Portable Electronics Applications, Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
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Laser Machining of Metallized PVDF Films, MEMS MOEMS Optical Etching, Tiny 1 in. x 1 in. Low-Cost Digital Compass, Shock-Proof Inclinometers, All-Optic A/B Switch Multimode SC Duplex, Remote, Semiconductor Wafer Positioning Measuring System2
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Gyroscopes, Pressure Sensors, Crystal Oscillators, Amplifier for Point-to-Point Radios, Thick Film Chip Resistors, Ceramic-to-Metal RF Feedthrough
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Laser Diodes, Wafer-Level Process Metrology, S680 Semiconductor Test System, Miniature Spectral Sensors, High Density Flexible Circuits, Miniature Power Plug
Volume 1 - Issue 8 - 11/10/2006
MicroSystems Solutions, Fast Industrial Micromachining, PCB Layout, Varying Wafers, CMP Tool, Thin Film Force Sensor
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Membrane Switch Keypads, Simulation Software, High Voltage Integrated Circuits, Rotary Air-Bearing Stages, Piezoresistive Accelerometers, Thin Film Materials
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MEMS and NEMS Sessions & Exhibition, Compact Fieldbus and Ethernet I/O, Health and Usage Monitoring Systems, MEMS 3-Axis Accelerometer, MEMS Device Design and Manufacturing Services, Atmospheric Plasma System
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High Sensitivity Accelerometers, 3-Axis Accelerometer,Pressure Sensors for Oil-free Compressors, Engine Driver System, Design and Manufacturing Services, MEMS Process Capability for Manufacturing