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October 15, 2009
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AutomationML: the XML for Automation

AutomationML: the XML for Automation Born in the German car industry and nourished in German technical universities, this vendor-neutral format for sharing engineering data has been published as an open standard. Its goal is to provide a unified exchange between the engineering tools that span the modern factory chain: from CAD systems used in the design through the commissioning of automation systems, to the ongoing operation of plant production equipment. An important new advantage AutomationML brings is the possibility of virtual commissioning — running the automation system in a simulation, and then taking advantage of the bidirectional data flow between the designers and the automation controllers.

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LabVIEW 2009 — Do More with Industrial Measurements and Control
National Instruments

LabVIEW 2009 — Do More with Industrial Measurements and Control LabVIEW 2009 introduces the integration of the NI SoftMotion Module and SolidWorks 3D CAD software delivering a design environment that enables faster machine development while minimizing risk through digital prototypes. Learn more about LabVIEW 2009 and download the evaluation software, at no cost!

"Seaworthy" Wi-Fi Ethernet Serial Servers

B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co. Inc.

'Seaworthy' Wi-Fi Ethernet Serial Servers Wi-Fi Ethernet Serial Servers, from B&B Electronics, easily connect RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 devices to IEEE 802.11b/g networks with exceptional data security. Read how the Vlinx™ ESR41xW series is used by an ocean engineering and surveying contractor as a cost-effective alternative to stringing cable through the tight quarters of ocean-going vessels.

When Was Your Last Automation Equipment

ATS Automation Tooling Systems, Inc.

When Was Your Last Automation Equipment Audit? Maybe you've never had one. But you could raise your OEE with a simple phone call. The Technical Services Group from ATS performs audits across North America. Call to discuss how to raise your Overall Equipment Effectiveness. 519-653-6500 ext 2808 or

Lumex Extreme Temperature LCD Technology

Lumex, Inc.

Lumex Extreme Temperature LCD Technology Lumex InfoVue™ Extreme Temp LCDs are designed for displays required to function under the most strenuous conditions, with temperature ranges from -40 C to +85 C. Ideal for Industrial Controls applications, these Extreme Temp Custom LCD Modules provide consistent display performance despite extreme heat or extreme cold conditions.

Cooling Technology . . .
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Air Movers with Short Lead-times
McLean Cooling Technology

Air Movers with Short Lead-times Don't wait months for your fresh air cooling product. McLean has a broad selection of air movers in stock or available in weeks. Choose from rack-dimensioned fan trays, Type 12 filter fans, centrifugal blowers, and DC- and AC-powered impellers. Learn more at McLean Cooling Technology.

Machine Control . . .
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Don't Blow Up the Process

Don't Blow Up the Process We've all heard of the Ziegler-Nichols method of PID tuning for industrial controllers, but there are some serious caveats — the most important one being wide oscillations that could destroy the process. This Control Engineering article discusses a less risky procedure called the "relay test" which restricts the amplitude of oscillation to safe levels.

Compact CNC

Compact CNC The Sinumerik 828D numerical control is capable of working with every type of CNC programming used around the world. The efficient controller, designed for companies exporting machine tools to the global market, brings modern PC and cell phone technology to the compact machine class for the first time.

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Dealing With Different Industrial Ethernets

Dealing With Different Industrial Ethernets Altera devised a solution to meet the challenge of interfacing with different high speed, real-time industrial Ethernet protocols such as Profinet, EtherCAT, and Ethernet IP. Industrial Ethernet designs can be configured around a single field programmable gate array. This video demonstrates the approach in a motor control application.

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"Liquid Lens" Sees All

'Liquid Lens' Sees All It's billed as the first barcode imager that can read any mark at any distance, at any speed in any environment, thanks to advanced imaging technology. This includes liquid lens autofocus and zoom optics that can read anything from 50 mm (2 in.) to 500 mm (20 in.) and beyond.

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Basic Dual Pressure Sensor
All Sensors Corp.

Basic Dual Pressure Sensor The Basic Dual Pressure Sensor (BDS Series) is two sensing elements in one package. The BDS Series can sense an absolute and pressure source simultaneously, providing two independent millivolt outputs. Dual design minimizes mechanical and pneumatic interface complexity. Parylene coating for harsh media is available.

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High-performance IR Camera
Rice Camera Technologies

High-performance IR Camera The IRC-320 is a high quality infrared camera providing a spectral response from 8-14um (LWIR). This camera features 12 bit output over GigE or Camera Link and an NETD: </= 80mK.

An ideal choice for applications such as quality control or high-end observation systems.

Contact us for more information.

Precision Fixed Location Kinematic

Hitek Hardware, Inc.

Precision Fixed Location Kinematic Components Precision kinematic components are availible from Hitek Hardware, Inc. Selections include stainless steel press-in cones, flats, and vee slots. These parts can be combined with Hitek's threaded stainless steel balls, precision ball ended very fine thread stainless steel adjustment screws and threaded bronze collets, plain or locking. See selection here.

Controls and Automation Systems

Bricmont, Inc.

Controls and Automation Systems Bricmont offers a wide range of control systems to the manufacturing and processing industries. From simple single-loop control to sophisticated PC-based systems, they integrate hardware and software from many different sources to build the most effective and efficient system possible for your needs.

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Monitoring Wind Power in Spain

Monitoring Wind Power in Spain The Spanish wind power company Iberdrola Renovables has a good handle on the more than one million real-time variables monitored at its energy operations center in Toledo. ARC Informatique's PcVue software allows operators to track data from remote wind farms in detail. The scheme facilitates early diagnosis of potential problems and rapid corrective action.

Motor, Drive Landscape Changing

Motor, Drive Landscape Changing "Never has the case for energy efficiency been so compelling," one ABB engineer is quoted in this ControlDesign piece. New features in motors and drives that promote energy conservation are highlighted. Motors, for example, can now interface directly with machine intelligence, enabling them to take instructions.

Instruments, Sensors & Networking . . .
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Measuring Really Bad Stuff

Measuring Really Bad Stuff Talk about foul wastewater: the effluent from this Belgian metals refining plant near Antwerp had so much sulfuric acid and other toxins it destroyed the pH sensor every two or three days. After tiring of making manual measurements, the company opted for an Emerson sensor with a "poisoning resistance kit."

New Touch Technology

New Touch Technology Touch-sensitive switches are important for human-machine interface devices on the factory floor. Illinois Tool Works has developed trapped acoustic resonance as a means to embed multiple switch points into a steel plate up to 12 mm (0.5 in.) thick. It works well under wet conditions or in apps requiring a definitive touch.

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2D/3D Profile Measurement Made Simple
Bytewise Measurement Systems

2D/3D Profile Measurement Made Simple Use CrossCheck™ high resolution laser profile sensors to measure part height, width, angle, radius/diameter, location, thickness, and more. The software verifies dimensional tolerances, outputs Pass/Fail trigger alerts and analog control loops to ensure part tolerance. Purchase the CrossCheck starter kit for $7,449.00.

We offer a "30 Day No Risk Evaluation."

Tire Handling
Omni Metalcraft Corp.

Tire Handling For almost 30 years, tire manufacturers and automotive assembly plants alike have turned to Omni Metalcraft Corp's. Automotive Project Team for innovative and dependable conveying systems. Our team's commitment to exceptional customer service, project and timeline management, engineering excellence, and quality manufacturing will assure the successful outcome of your project.

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Walking the Plant

Walking the Plant With centralized control systems there is less emphasis on the "old school" practice of walking around the factory floor and observing what is going on. To save cost, plants are pulling out local dials and gauges. But these old-fashioned human interfaces can be important to provide a degree of safety and a fallback position. Occasional use of local displays just seems to be good engineering practice.

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Desktop Supercomputer Blows the Competition Away

Desktop Supercomputer Blows the Competition Away Think of the memorable experience your computer gaming friends could have if they got their hands on this just-released SGI desktop supercomputer, called the Octane III. It can house up to 10 dual-socket, Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processors (that's 80 cores) and one terabyte of memory. The only barrier might be the $7,995 price tag.

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic A "Use By" Date for Semiconductors?

Just about everything that's manufactured wears out and has to be replaced. What about semiconductors, which are installed everywhere, including safety-critical devices? Should they have expiration dates?

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