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March 8th, 2006 - Volume 1 Issue 1

In this issue...

Industry Trends & Events  Shrinking the Lines...  MORE

Spotlight On  
  • Simplify Shipping Heavy Freight; Ultrasonic Machining Services...  MORE
  • Automated Semiconductor Equipment; Semiconductor Reliability Test System...  MORE
  • Semiconductor Development; Die Attach Adhesive...  MORE

Wafer Processing Equipment  Immersion Lithography; Detect Process Problems...  MORE

Semiconductor Metrology Instrumentation  Agilent Tehcnologies' Spin-Off Company, Verigy; Testing High-Power Wafers...  MORE

Packaging & Assembly Equipment  Printing the Package; The Third Dimension...   MORE

Semiconductor Materials  Characteristics of Semiconductor Materials; Do Your Device Materials Meet Customer Requirements?...  MORE

Careers  Grass-Roots Standards; Japan Seeks Workplace Equality ...  MORE

Diversions  A “Eureka” Solution to Global Warming; Geeks for the Masses...  MORE

Industry Trends & Events . . .
Shrinking the Lines

In a move to further extend the life of current semiconductor manufacturing methods, IBM has announced a new optical-lithography technique that can deposit 29.9 nm traces on silicon wafers. At one third the size of features currently in production, and less than the 32 nm limit long assumed for optical techniques, the approach promises 64 gigabit memory devices by 2013. With this technology, the company aims to avoid migrating too much more expensive production alternatives until absolutely necessary.

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Spotlight On . . .
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Complimentary Service That Simplifies Shipping Heavy Freight

Complimentary Service That Simplifies Shipping Heavy Freight provides online transportation management solutions for large shipments. The system compares rates and services from thousands of carriers in seconds, and lets the user book and manage all their shipments with one simple online solution. saves time and money.

Go here for an instant quote or price comparison.

Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.
Ultrasonic Machining Services

Ultrasonic Machining Services Bullen Ultrasonics machines hard, brittle material like silicon, quartz, silicon carbide, glass, and ceramics using its non-thermal, non-chemical, non-electrical, and low-stress ultrasonic technology. When combined with abrasive slurry, ultrasonic machining allows the tool to create accurate cavities of virtually any shape in hard, brittle materials.

Learn more about Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.

Wafer Processing Equipment . . .
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Immersion Lithography

Nikon has shipped the first immersion lithography system, reportedly to Toshiba’s 300 mm fab joint venture in Japan. The technology, once considered nothing more than a conference-paper curiosity, now represents the transition for device production at 65 nm and below. Other companies plan to adopt the approach as well, although Intel Corporation plans to remain with the more conventional “dry” scanner process.

Detect and Prevent Process Problems

Fab managers must focus on different priorities from those of wafer-processing equipment vendors and manufacturing engineers. Managers must identify process trouble spots, find ways to deal with marginal or defective wafers, and modify specific process parameters so that the problems will not recur. Engineers require machine-level process data to make appropriate equipment adjustments or modifications. Lam Research has presented techniques for maximizing the likelihood of collecting such data and taking advantage of it. Review the report here.

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Verigy Takes the Helm for Semiconductor Test

Verigy Takes the Helm for Semiconductor Test The portion of Agilent Technologies devoted to semiconductor test will spin off from the company sometime around mid-year. The new company — to be called Verigy — will include system-on-chip, system-in-package, and memory-test product lines. According to Jack Trautman, president of Agilent’s Semiconductor Test Solutions business, “Verigy is emerging from a powerful historical lineage, a direct line from both Hewlett-Packard’s standards of integrity and innovation and Agilent’s premier measurement business.” Follow the link for the full story.

Testing High-Power Wafers

Testing High-Power Wafers As wafer features continue to shrink and power consumption rises, verifying their performance will require ever-more precise mechanical probing. Even minor probe-card imperfections can compromise test results. High pin counts and high power consumption present considerable challenges. This article in Evaluation Engineering explores the issues and suggests both hypothetical and practical solutions, including greater flexibility in cantilever probes and more reliable probe-to-device contact.

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U.S. Dynamics Corporation
Automated Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing

Automated Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing U.S. Dynamics Corporation produced this automated semiconductor wafer alignment tool to customer specifications as well as manufactured the precision mask alignment rings that hold the wafers in place.
U.S. Dynamics has the ability to combine creative ideas and engineering innovation with every project.

Keithley Instruments, Inc.
S510 Semiconductor Reliability Test System

S510 Semiconductor Reliability Test System Keithley Instruments, Inc. (NYSE:KEI), a leader in solutions for emerging measurement needs, has developed the S510 Semiconductor Reliability Test System, a high channel count, turnkey solution for use in reliability testing and lifetime modeling of the world’s most advanced ULSI CMOS processes, at the 65 nm node and beyond.

Packaging & Assembly Equipment . . .
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Printing the Package

Printing the Package Manufacturers are increasingly turning to piezoelectric inkjet technology to improve flexibility and lower costs of packaging operations. The approach permits greater control over the order and amount of fluid application, minimizing waste and fluid costs, permitting higher manufacturing precision, and shortening the time from design to production. Read in this issue of Advanced Packaging about how new conductive, semiconductive, and adhesive fluids will provide additional advantages over traditional packaging methods.

The Third Dimension

In a move that will revolutionize the way that devices are assembled and manufactured, and dramatically increase the amount of circuitry on a single device, the industry is beginning to migrate toward three-dimensional designs. Manufacturers are stacking several silicon dice and packaging them in a single device, thereby reducing the amount of real estate necessary to perform many common tasks. The technology is already showing up on cell phones and other hand-held products. The challenge will be to integrate the device geometry by connecting the dice directly.

Semiconductor Materials . . .
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Characteristics of Semiconductor Materials

Characteristics of Semiconductor Materials Every exploration of semiconductor materials has to begin with basic information about their chemistry, their response to temperature changes, voltage and current changes, and so on. This Web site from Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute contains a wealth of such information to facilitate the work of designers, manufacturers, and others. The institute requests only that researchers acknowledge use of information from this site.

Do Your Device Materials Meet Customer Requirements?

New government regulations, such as European Union RoHS laws, require eliminating lead and other hazardous materials from wafers and packaged devices. Consumers of those devices — board and system manufacturers — need assurance of vendor compliance. Yet, providing that assurance may prove more difficult than it first appears. This article from Circuits Assembly magazine explores these issues from the customer’s point of view. The author calls for better communication to assure compliance and avoid misunderstandings.

Spotlight On . . .
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Universal Semiconductor, Inc.
Foundry Services - Semiconductor Development

Foundry Services - Semiconductor Development Foundry Services and design services from Universal Semiconductor, Inc. are ideal for prototyping, product development, initial product runs, and market and concept testing services. Universal Semiconductor, Inc. is one of the early pioneering semiconductor companies in the world that extended and developed innovative technologies for diverse applications.

Ablestik Laboratories
Die Attach Adhesive for Pb-Free Initiatives

Die Attach Adhesive for Pb-free Initiatives A new generation of semiconductor packaging adhesives for Pb-free packaging, ABLEBOND 2000-series electrically conductive die attach adhesives, are designed for Plastic Ball Grid Array (PBGA) packaging and matrix style BGA designs.

Learn more about Ablestik Laboratories.

Careers . . .
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Grass-Roots Standards

The length of time necessary to get a proposed standard accepted by the IEEE has always spawned more than its share of frustration from vendors and users alike. The battle over wireless standard 802.11n provides an excellent example. In response, a group of semiconductor vendors has banded together as the Enhanced Wireless Consortium (EWC) to propose their own version of the standard. Some consortium members see the group as an alternative to the IEEE, while others see it simply as a way to expedite the standards process.

Japan Seeks Gender Equality

Long regarded in the West as at a disadvantage on the job, Japanese women scientists and engineers are beginning to catch up. For example, the Japanese Association of National Universities has announced a goal of 20% women instructors by 2010. This short article from ASEE Prism discusses strides being made in universities and research laboratories to provide appropriate services to close the gap.

Diversions . . .
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A “Eureka” Solution to Global Warming

A “Eureka” Solution to Global Warming You thought you had seen all of the original ideas on how to overcome global warming? You may not have seen this one. An article on proposes constructing an enormous shield between the sun and the earth. The shield would cover about three million square miles and cost around $10 billion. The article includes specifications, graphs, and a discussion of the myriad difficulties of implementation.

Geeks for the Masses

Monthly events throughout the country are introducing scientists to people you’d never think would want to meet them. Café Scientifique meetings aim to make science fun. For the price of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, people can discuss scientific and technical issues that are transforming their lives in an informal setting. Topics range far and wide, and the often standing-room-only crowds attest to the popularity of the idea. Read more of this phenomenon in this New York Times story.

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