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June 10, 2009
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Designing in the Test

Designing in the Test As devices become more complex, verifying that they work presents an increasing problem. An industry truism states that external test equipment remains of necessity at least one technological step behind the device under test. Test engineers have long advocated built-in self test (BIST) as an alternative, but its adoption has remained spotty. This white paper explores the implications and trade-offs of incorporating BIST into today's and tomorrow's designs. It discusses both structural and functional test, along with their advantages and limitations, and provides the information that can facilitate the success of your implementation of the technique.

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Precision Systems for the Semiconductor

Steinmeyer, Inc.

Precision Systems for the Semiconductor Industry! Steinmeyer manufactures precision motion systems for the semiconductor industry where all mechanical components meet the requirements of clean room classes ISO 1 and 2. With travels to 1000 mm and load capacities to 30 kg, Steinmeyer systems ensure reliability in highly sensitive environments such as EUV and ultra high vacuum.

EBARA Technologies, Energy Savings Dry
Vacuum Pumps

EBARA Technologies, Inc.

EBARA Technologies, Energy Savings Dry Vacuum Pumps

The ESR Series dry vacuum pumps are designed to reduce utility consumption and operating costs compared to other vacuum pumps. The intelligent controls allow the ESR Series to be placed into an idle mode when not used for processing.

See EBARA at SEMICON West Booth #1721 and InterSolar Booth #8119.

UL...Your Partner in Semiconductor Testing
Underwriters Laboratories

UL...Your Partner in Semiconductor Testing Underwriters Laboratories is a globally-recognized resource for certification and compliance information for the Industrial Control Equipment and Semiconductor Fabrication industries and can provide a suite of services to meet your or your customers' worldwide needs.

For more information, visit us at or come visit us at SEMICON 2009 North Hall Booth 5883.

CebaTech's CebaRIP Cores
CebaTech, Inc.

CebaTech's CebaRIP Cores CebaTech develops and licenses high-value, rapidly tunable silicon IP cores that implement algorithms used extensively in networking and storage applications. They can be optimized to meet customer-specific requirements faster and more cost-effectively than using established IP development flows. CebaRIP cores can be smoothly integrated into ASIC, FPGA, and SoC designs.

Dependable AutoFocus Sensors . . .
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Your AutoFocus Solution
WDI Wise Device Inc.

Your AutoFocus Solution WDI is the leading supplier of autofocus sensors and microscope automation around the world. We are taking our success in the LCD/TFT array industry and applying our skills to the Semiconductor market.

WDI boasts the

•  Fastest, most dependable autofocus sensor (ATF6)
•  Smallest Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope (LSCM)
•  And a complete Industrial AOI Microscope Payload (MIC-AOI)

With us you always stay in focus!

Semiconductor Materials . . .
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How Green Is My FPGA?

How Green Is My FPGA? Attempts to make semiconductor manufacturing more environmentally friendly have failed expectations. Cramming more features onto a device tends to make it consume more power and dissipate additional heat. Optimizing those parameters requires accurately estimating them during design. EDN explores specific techniques to estimate power consumption in FPGAs.

Graphene Grows into Its Destiny

Graphene Grows into Its Destiny Graphene — a monolayer of carbon atoms on a substrate — promises to improve semiconductor performance. Scientists and engineers at the University of Texas (Austin) have developed a way to make large-area graphene deposits on copper foil. Their work may mark the start of the next great innovation in electronic technology.

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Changing Old Habits

Changing Old Habits Shrink circuit elements in an IC design, and the device can house more functions. This challenges electronic-design automation (EDA) tools to keep pace. The alternative is for design engineers to generate RTL files manually. To make design problems more tractable, EDA tools should offer physical and functional synthesis capability.

Depends How You Make It

Depends How You Make It Successfully manufacturing next-gen RF devices will require attention to design and test issues, and to process evolution. Processes will have to combine unconventional materials like indium phosphide (InP) and gallium nitride (GaN) with proprietary device and circuit-level fabrication techniques. Microwaves & RF presents critical issues.

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Wafer Inspection Machine

DWFritz Automation, Inc.

Wafer Inspection Machine This machine uses high-performance machine vision to inspect the precision alignment of small components attached to a silicon wafer. Wafers are loaded by robot then tracked by wafer ID using optical character recognition. Results of the inspection are mapped to the customer's wafer database for use by downstream processes.

Learn about DWFritz Automation, Inc.

GIG Karasek Develops POWERFILM™
Rotor Technology

InCon Processing LLC

GIG Karasek Develops POWERFILM™ Rotor Technology GIG Karasek has developed the POWERFILM™ Rotor Technology to dramatically increase performance for Wiped Film Evaporator, Short Path Evaporator, Thin Film Evaporator, or Vacuum Molecular Distillation Processes at lower capital investment. This technology is available immediately with every InCon and GIG Karasek System.

Semiconductor Test & Measurement . . .
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If You Polish Wafers too Hard...

If You Polish Wafers too Hard... Polishing silicon wafers induces tiny surface scratches. As circuit features shrink, those scratches affect overall manufacturing yield. Detecting polishing-induced defects (PIDs) allows chip grading to minimize the effects. Solid State Technology outlines the issues and describes emerging techniques for detecting and avoiding them.

If You Can't Stand the Heat

If You Can't Stand the Heat How long can you keep a device under power so that you can test it properly? The deleterious effects of long test sequences have long plagued test strategies at the device, board, and system levels. Evaluation Engineering examines test conditions that can cause device fatigue and offers techniques to help circumvent them.

Manufacturing Process Equipment . . .
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Let the Shrinking Continue!

Let the Shrinking Continue! Approaching 22 nm architectures in semiconductors encourages opinions on how to make these tiny devices reliably. Some ideas involved optimizing source illumination. The result is a cacophony of claims on source mask optimization (SMO), which some experts contend is no more a deterministic term than design for manufacturability.

Podcast: Bringing Manufacturing Home

Podcast: Bringing Manufacturing Home Everywhere you turn, you read about jobs in electronics moving to East Asia or some other exotic locale. Yet the migration isn't one-directional. In this audio interview, the CEO of Silicon Border addresses growth-conscious development, describing how he set up cost-effective and environmentally friendly facilities in Mexico.

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Class 100 Thin Film Foundry and
Silicon Wafer Supplier

Rogue Valley Microdevices, Inc.

Class 100 Thin Film Foundry and Silicon Wafer Supplier We have a wide variety of thin films available. These include Sputtered Metals, Thermal Oxide (up to 15 um thick), LPCVD Nitrides (Stoichiometric, low stress, and 4 um thick super low stress), and PECVD Films (including SiC and SiON). Rogue Valley Microdevices also offers silicon wafers with or without films.

Fuel Tanks

Smith Tank & Equipment Co.

Fuel Tanks DOT 406 and non-DOT units are available in steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Tanks are available in a number of configurations, in capacities up to 5000 gallons. Single or dual pumping systems, API bottom loading and vapor recovery are available. All new units are custom built and outfitted to order.

More information...

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Giving an Effective Presentation

Giving an Effective Presentation Whether an engineer or a bean-counter, you didn't learn public speaking back in school. Standing in front of a group to make a presentation is sufficient to fill anyone with dread. In survey after survey, people fear public speaking more than they fear death. This article from Business Week suggests that you, not your slides, take center stage. Its advice can help take some of the sting out of that experience, providing useful guidelines to make both the preparation and delivery as effective as possible.

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In the Beginning...

In the Beginning... For the young people of today, the landing on the moon is ancient history. Yet for those who lived through it — along with the adventure, the uncertainty, even the tragedy — it remains in our minds as vividly as though it happened only yesterday. On this 40th anniversary of the last docking exercise in lunar orbit before the celebration of Apollo 11, BBCNews offers a remembrance of times past.

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About This Month's Topic...

About This Month's Topic... Pricing Practices Fallout

The fine to be levied against Intel by the European Union is the largest of all time. Some say its magnitude will cause hardship throughout the industry. How will such a huge fine affect your business?

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June 10, 2009 - Volume 4 Issue 6
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PPL(VUE) Safety Shields for HF Service; Fall Embedded Systems Conferences; Wire and Electrode Feedthroughs for Photovoltaic Industry; Motion Control In Semiconductor Industry; Thin Film Technology for Ceramic Substrates; UHP/UHV and Semiconductor Seals; DI Water Best Practices: Replacing Outdated TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Sensors; Semiconductor Thickness
Volume 3 - Issue 9 - 09/10/2008
Fast Delivery for ASM Epsilon Thermocouples; Motion Control in Semiconductor Industry; Semiconductor Wafer Processing Nesting; Simriz 508 for Semiconductor Applications; DI Water Best Practices: Replacing Outdated TOC (Total Organic Carbon) Sensors; Iris P700 Wafer Reader
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Fall Embedded Systems Conferences; For Your Most Demanding UV-IR Applications; Shaping the Future of Integrated MEMS; Semiconductor Thickness -- CHRocodile IT; IC Packaging and Prototyping Services; Thin Film -- RC/RCD; Semitron CMP XL20; Semiconductor Tutorials
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Air Bearing Performance without Air Bearings!; Thermocouples for ASM Epsilon Reactors; Attending Semicon West 2008?; Custom Ceramic Fiber and Flat Ceramic Heaters; Compact Wafer and Glass Sensors, Semicon Booth 6760; Fluoride and pH Sensors for Acid Fluoride Etching; CF and CDF Series Infrared Furnaces; Precision Machined Molybdenum and Tungsten Parts
Volume 3 - Issue 6 - 06/11/2008
Fully Integrated, High Speed Wafer Thickness Measurement; Hermetic Electrical and Optical Components; Your Partner in Semiconductor Testing; Who's Checking Your Bath Water?; Wafer Sensors for the Semiconductor and Flat Panel OEM; HP EDA Solutions; Diamond-Like Thermal Conduction Without the Diamond-Like Price; Infrared Heaters for Industrial Applications
Volume 3 - Issue 5 - 05/14/2008
New TY Series High Speed Linear Actuator; Multi-Tasking Liquid Distribution Manifolds; ; Tubing for Miniature Fluid Power Components; TAKEX Wafer Sensors for the Semiconductor and Flat Panel OEM; PPL(VUE) Safety Shields for HF Service ;Revolutionaly Vaisala Dewpoint Technology (-112�° F); Revetest - Advanced Mechanical Surface Testing; Moisture-free Wafer Probing to -55�° C at Your Prober!; HP EDA Solutions; Thermocouples for ASM Epsilon Reactors; CX Series High Frequency RF Power Supplies
Volume 3 - Issue 4 - 04/09/2008
Precision Machined Molybdenum and Tungsten Parts; MEMS at Nanotech 2008 and Clean Technology & Sustainable Industries 2008; Nano-Indentation Tester with IBIS Technology; Semiconductor Products â?? Slurries; Wafer Inspection Machine; Thin Film Coating Instrumentation
Volume 3 - Issue 3 - 03/12/2008
ESC Silicon Valley 2008; Trebor PureBlend® Chemical Drum Mixer; Learn About Newark's Live Edge Design Challenge Today!; Silicon Photodiodes; 150 Amp 25 kV High Voltage Relay — GIGAVAC G52; CF and CDF Series Infrared Furnaces
Volume 3 - Issue 2 - 02/13/2008
Caged Ball LM Guide; ESC Silicon Valley 2008; Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator Evaluation Board; Heater and Thermal Sensors-Heaters with Sensors; SurePower™ RF Generators; Scroll Vacuum Pumps
Volume 3 - Issue 1 - 01/09/2008
O3MEGA Integrated Ozone Delivery System, ScrewLine SP250, Miniature Vacuum Gauge, Fluoride and pH Sensors for Acid Fluoride Etching, Thin Film — RC/RCD, RF/Microwave GaAs Foundry Services
Volume 2 - Issue 12 - 12/12/2007
Liquid Manifold System with Endless Flexibility, Custom Radiant Heaters Elements Etched Foil, ECG Semiconductors, ScrewLine SP630, New Ultra-Miniature Check Valve, Linear Stepper Motor Stage
Volume 2 - Issue 11 - 11/14/2007
Advanced Nanoscale Surface Technology, Miniature Single-Stage Diaphragm Vacuum Regulators, Helium Leak Detector Custom RF Microwave and Optical Ceramic Packages, Micro EDM Machining Services, Series 999 Quattro 4-in-1 Vacuum Transducer
Volume 2 - Issue 10 - 10/10/2007
Metrology Solutions for Nanotechnology, DigiFlex Performance Servo Drives, Nine of the Top 10 High-tech and Electronics Manufacturers, Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches, piMFC Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Controller, CF and CDF Series Infrared Furnaces, RF/Microwave GaAs Foundry Services, A Better Job Search by Design
Volume 2 - Issue 9 - 09/12/2007
Semiconductor Technology at Its Best, Liquid Flow Controllers, Avago Technologies Advances Its Gate Drive Optocoupler Portfolio, Wafer Inspection Machine, Silicon Diodes, Fast Recovery 1N5811 Silicon Diode, Custom Thin Film Materials, Silicon Photodiodes, A Better Job Search by Design
Volume 2 - Issue 8 - 08/08/2007
Innovative Solutions for High- and Low-Temperature Process Monitoring; High Purity Fluoromaterials; Chemical Drum Mixer; Hermetic Electrical and Optical Components; Hermetic Electrical and Optical Components; Live Edge Design Challenge Today; New Led Hexadecimal Display; Thin Film - RC / RCD
Volume 2 - Issue 7 - 07/11/2007
Monitor and Control Flow of Pure Liquids, Precision Vacuum Sensors, Trebor PureBlend Chemical Drum Mixer, Etched Foil Heaters - Semiconductor and Wafers, Ceramaseal Products - Hermetic Electrical and Optical Components, Baratron Compact, Low Current, Heated Manometer, 150 Amp 25 kV High Voltage Relay GIGAVAC G52, Scroll Vacuum Pumps, A Better Job Search by Design,
Volume 2 - Issue 6 - 06/13/2007
Power Supplies Featuring SEMI F47 Sag Immunity, Innovative Solutions to Improve Process Capabilities, TAKEX Wafer Sensors for the Semiconductor and Flat Panel OEM, Buy Wafer Probes Online, Semicon West is Only a Few Weeks Away, Gas Mass Flow Instruments, #1 in Lead Screw Positioning, Appearing at Semicon West, A Better Job Search by Design, Legal Border Crossings
Volume 2 - Issue 5 - 05/09/2007
Higher Ratings for REALI-SLIM Bearings; Cassette/Wafer Carrier; 250K, 16-bit, 64-channel Analog Input Card; Fabrication and Assembly for Amicon Plastics; Fabrication and Assembly for Amicon Plastics; Accurate Die-Cut
Volume 2 - Issue 4 - 04/11/2007
Increase Production Levels with Integrated Distance Measuring; Semiconductor Probes; Compact-High Precision Piezo Driven Stage; Radiography Digital Systems; Products Machined; MicroSystems Solutions
Volume 2 - Issue 3 - 03/14/2007
Temperature Labels Monitor Overheat Conditions, Multi-Chip SDRAM-DDR, 128-Channel Isolated Digital I/O Card, Procurement and Backend Services, Customer Care, Electroforming
Volume 2 - Issue 2 - 02/14/2007
Precise Humidity and Temperature Control, Extreme Environment Field Power Supply, Safety Shields, Polyimide Cure Tool, Hermetically Sealed Electrical Feedthrough Subassemblies, High Purity Components and Supplies, Capacitance Manometers, Reaction Engineering Lab
Volume 2 - Issue 1 - 01/10/2007
M3 Threaded Needle Valve, Metal Stamping Company, Twin Wire Arc Spray Coating, Custom Radiant Flat Panel Heaters, Advanced Mechanical Surface Testing, Clean Room Storage Equipment
Volume 1 - Issue 10 - 12/13/2006
Pulsed UV Curing System, Vertical Integration to Semiconductor OEMs, Hybrid Turbomolecular Pump, Atmospheric Plasma System, Supercritical Fluid Extraction Systems, Leak Detectors
Volume 1 - Issue 9 - 11/08/2006
Wafers in Stock, UV Curing System, Coating Systems, Ceramic Machining, MicroSystems Solutions, Metal Fabrication
Volume 1 - Issue 8 - 10/11/2006
Cold Ablation Industrial Laser, Wafers, CFD Simulation Products, Wafer Grinding Spindles, DI Water Heater, All-Digital Pressure Transducers, Infrared Heaters, Opto-Mechanical Hardware Available Online
Volume 1 - Issue 7 - 09/13/2006
CFD Simulator for Semiconductor Applications, Flow Measurement Solutions, Ultra-Miniature Compression Fittings, Scratch Testers, Cleanroom Cables, High Frequency RF Power Supplies
Volume 1 - Issue 6 - 08/09/2006
Resist Strip System, Automated Photoresist Bake Tool, High Performance Laser Optics, Precision Vertical Stage, Auger Electron Spectroscopy;, Turnkey Logistics Solutions
Volume 1 - Issue 5 - 07/12/2006
World's First Inline Security IP, Dual Xeon RAID 5 Server, Etched Foil Heaters, Highly Sensitive Photo Transistors, Portable, Compact Dry Pumping System, Rotational Transfer Wet Benches
Volume 1 - Issue 4 - 06/14/2006
High Reliability Connectors, Understanding GaAs Substrates, Ultrasonic Machining Services, Modular Cleanrooms, Printable Paste Adhesive, Accurate and Repeatable Pulse Measurement, Automated Wafer Instrumentation, Revolutionary Sub-Micron Particle Removal
Volume 1 - Issue 3 - 05/10/2006
Wafer Dicing Spindles, Chemical Pumps/DI Water Heater, Accupol Lapping and Polishing Wafer Thinning Jig, Optical Profiler,High Performance Perfluoroelastomer, Surface Engineering and Modification Solutions, Biology and Your Engineering Product Design Problem, Laser Marking System
Volume 1 - Issue 2 - 04/12/2006
Wafer Metrology Measurement Tool, Silicon Components, UV Curing System, Vision Measuring System, High-Temperature Semiconductor Molding Compound, Projection Welding
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - 03/08/2006
Simplify Shipping Heavy Freight, Ultrasonic Machining Services, Automated Semiconductor Equipment, Semiconductor Reliability Test System, Semiconductor Development; Die Attach Adhesive