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September 2, 2008 - Volume 3 Issue 9
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Advanced Textile Research, Innovation Center Launched

Advanced Textile Research, Innovation Center Launched Philadelphia University has won a nearly $1.3 million grant to establish the Pennsylvania Advanced Textile Research and Innovation Center (PATRIC). The center's aim is to provide expertise in research, development, and testing of advanced material systems — primarily textiles — that support industrial growth in a range of biomedical and human protection applications. The center will promote development of technologies and commercialization through applied research driven by the needs of an initial group of eight industry partners.

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Find the UL Mark
Underwriters Laboratories

Find the UL Mark The UL Mark on a product means that UL has tested and evaluated samples of that product and determined that they meet UL's requirements. Products are then periodically checked by UL at the manufacturing facility to make sure they continue to meet UL requirements.

Come see us at the Label Expo, BOOTH 5500.

Screen Printing
Jelliff Corporation

Screen Printing Jelliff Corporation can provide you with all of your screen printing specifications and applications — whether you are a printing or graphics printer. We supply white or dyed. Most items are in stock for immediate shipment. Large or small orders are accepted. Go here for more product information.

Industrial Fibers & Fabrics . . .
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Fabric Shapes BMW Future Car

Fabric Shapes BMW Future Car BMW has unveiled what is arguably the world's coolest car concept to date, its GINA Light Visionary Model. Instead of traditional body parts made of plastic and steel, the GINA uses a nearly seamless textile shell stretched over a frame of carbon fiber and wire.

Knee Airbag Deployed

Knee Airbag Deployed Just when you thought the auto industry had deployed all interior uses for nylon airbags, parts supplier TRW Automotive develops a knee airbag. This airbag works together with standard frontal airbags and seatbelts to help balance occupant loading across the body. The module combines performance with reduced weight and dimensions.

Textile Technology . . .
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Flying High with 3D Weaving

Flying High with 3D Weaving The next generation of aircraft bodies and engines could be flying high with the help of 3D woven textiles. Engineers at the University of Ulster, UK, are working on a project that involves weaving carbon fibers to specified thickness and shape, then injecting the material with resin to produce the composite part. The researchers will also devise a computer system to create and test the woven materials in a virtual environment.

Soft on Fabrics and Environment

Soft on Fabrics and Environment Today's challenge for textile finishers is adding luxurious softness to fabrics without using environmentally harmful chemicals. Dow Corning believes it has created a solution with its OP-8800, a silicone hydrophilic softener that is virtually VOC free, yet gets the results of fluorocarbon-based solutions.

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Military Fabrics
Apex Mills

Military Fabrics Keeping warm, dry, and protected are just a few of many concerns for the military. Manufacturers for the military have important decisions to make that will directly affect thousands of people. Apex's knowledge of the most effective fabrics and fabric specifications will make those key decisions easier.

Special Purpose Machines
Cole's Machine, Inc.

Special Purpose Machines Cole's Machine, Inc. is a multi-generational, family owned business founded in 1967. Their company provides a complete solution to your needs, whether its prototype R&D, automated assembly and test equipment, precision gauges, hydraulic/pneumatic machining fixtures, molds, replacement tooling, or short run production.

Nonwovens . . .
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Forest of Fibers and Fabrics

Forest of Fibers and Fabrics U.S. Forest products giant, Weyerhaeuser, and Austrian cellulose fiber producer, Lenzing, have teamed up to develop wood-fiber based nonwovens. The companies aim to devise a technology for the large-scale production of sustainable, cellulose-based materials. These wood-fiber alternatives to petroleum-based materials will be used in industrial and personal-care applications.

Spunlace Nonwoven Process Wins Patent

Spunlace Nonwoven Process Wins Patent China's Winner Medical Group has won a U.S. patent for its method of producing spunlace PurCotton™ products. The patent covers Winner's X-ray detectable element process. PurCotton is said to have advantages over both woven cotton and synthetic nonwoven fabric, and the patented manufacturing process permits lower-cost production compared with woven cotton products.

Manufacturing Equipment . . .
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Giving WINGS to Polyester Production

Giving WINGS to Polyester Production Sales of a next-generation yarn spinning machine are literally taking WINGS (Winding INtegrated Godet Solution). Introduced less than a year ago, fiber machinery maker Barmag has already sold 1,000 units of its new POY winder, called WINGS, which integrates the godets and winding unit into one system. Result: higher productivity and efficiency of POY spinning machines.

New Machines Will Spin Their Future

New Machines Will Spin Their Future Yarn spinner Parkdale Inc. is ramping up production in a major way, installing 48, 500-position Rieter R 40 rotor-spinning machines, the largest order ever placed for the machine. These machines give Parkdale a whopping 24,000 positions. The R 40 is the world's longest rotor-spinning machine and among the fastest running.

Focus On . . .
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CLAF® — The Versatile Reinforcement Mesh
Atlanta Nisseki CLAF, Inc.

CLAF® — The Versatile Reinforcement Mesh CLAF® is a unique, flat mesh made of cross laminated polyethylene strands. Combinable with materials such as nonwovens, films, papers, and many other substrates, CLAF offers significant benefits:

• Strong in both the TD/MD
• Light, open, heat sealable
• Superior laminating characteristics

Now also available in polypropylene.

Web Coating Dryer
MEGTEC Systems

Web Coating Dryer MEGTEC is the recognized leader in providing drying technologies for web coating, flexible packaging, coil coating, converting, nonwovens, and other industries. Our experience includes in-depth knowledge and understanding of specific industrial web coating drying processes, so we can design and engineer the optimal web dryer for your industry.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Conference Tackles Energy Concerns

Conference Tackles Energy Concerns U.S. textile and nonwovens executives cited rising energy costs as their top concern when surveyed recently by the trade group INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry. In response, the association and North Carolina State University's Industrial Energy Service have inaugurated a first-ever conference to focus on short- and long-term solutions. The New Energy Technologies & Sustainability (NETS) conference gets underway next month.

Diversions . . .
Mother of All Inventions

Mother of All Inventions Leave it to a mother to invent this. A Kansas woman has patented and now produces a nonwoven towelette with built-in indicator that informs the user when his or her hands are clean. Turning off the tap with the soap impregnated, disposable wipes, called Soaptoels™, prevents recontamination of the hands after use.

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About This Month's Topic Steamed Up over Energy Costs

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Nanoalumina Filter Technology, The Ultimate Scrim, Commercial Sewing, Precision Engineered Coated Fabric Products, Custom Printed Personalized Notebook Covers, Pad Print Machine
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Web Air Turns, Fluorofab Fabrics, Contract Laminating Services; Fabric Laminating, Baghouse Dust Collector, Drive and Motion Solutions, Custom Converting Services
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