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July 6, 2009
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Defining and Decoding "Sustainability"

Defining and Decoding 'Sustainability' Many textile producers, apparel brands, and fashion retailers tout their "sustainable" practices, which can include everything from using natural materials to paying fair manufacturing wages in developing countries. Now, the University of Delaware's Department of Fashion Apparel Studies has set out to define, demystify, and decode the term sustainable. The university's Sustainable Apparel Initiative UDSAI has developed a set of policies that can answer the two basic questions: What does it mean to be a sustainable business, and what must a company do to call itself sustainable? Does your company qualify?

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Aluminum Wire Cloth
Unique Wire Weaving Company, Inc.

Aluminum Wire Cloth Weaving wire cloth and perpetually maintaining one of the widest ranges of stock inventories in the industry. Unique can offer solutions to many wire mesh requirements, with stock inventory shipped promptly. When contacting them with your requirements, please provide metal, mesh, wire diameter(s), and quantity.

Custom Dryers/Ovens
The Lanly Company

Custom Dryers/Ovens The Lanly Company designs and builds heat processing solutions for the textile industry, including equipment for finishing and dyeing plants. This consists of radiant pre-dryers, roller pre-dryers, tenter dryers, curing ovens, screen print dryers, and thermosoling ovens. We also serve the carpet industry in drying wet goods and curing latex and foam coatings applied to backing.

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Biofibers Cushion New Mazda Hybrid

Biofibers Cushion New Mazda Hybrid Turns out that Mazda's new hybrid, the Premacy Hydrogen RE, is as green inside as it outside. Its seating fabric is 100% BioFront, a natural, plant-based bioplastic made by Teijin Fibers Ltd., Japan. The fabric offers improved texture and optimized dyeing and finishing capabilities.

Paraffin Out, Oil Waste In

Paraffin Out, Oil Waste In A Minnesota company has developed a completely natural phase change material derived from vegetable oil waste that can replace petroleum-based paraffin for thermal management in textile applications. The product, PureTemp™, can be microencapsulated into apparel, seating fabric, and other textiles.

Textile Technology . . .
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Car Interiors Go Coconuts

Car Interiors Go Coconuts Baylor University researchers have developed a technology that uses fiber from coconut husks to make automobile parts such as trunk liners, floorboards, and interior door covers. The abundant resource is seen as a green replacement for polyester fiber in compressed molded composites.

Take this Powder for Good Night's Sleep

Take this Powder for Good Night's Sleep A powder form of the cellulose fiber Tencel has been successfully incorporated into mattress ticking for improved moisture absorbency, breathability, and permeability. "Cellpur," developed by fiber producer Lenzing and Eurofoam, a manufacturer of foam plastic, is a dimensionally stable, elastic comfort foam plastic.

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Textile Machinery Parts
STARIFIC Technology Co., Ltd.

Textile Machinery Parts Starific manufactures parts for the textile industry with a casting/machining technique. They can do various surface treatments, including nickel, zinc, gold, and chrome. They can also carve your specified logo on the surface as per your requirements. Learn more.

Taconic TFE-GLASS™ Fabric

Taconic TFE-GLASS™ Fabric Taconic's TFE-Glass™ Fabric provides a super smooth surface for use as a release sheet in cooking and baking applications and as a laminate separator sheet. The premium grade TFE-Glass™ Fabrics offer high-performance in demanding non-stick applications and for specialized heat sealing.

Engineered Fabrics . . .
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Artificial Tissue Development Advances

Artificial Tissue Development Advances A team of international researchers has developed a spongy, collagen-like material of DNA strands and carbon nanotubes that may lead to creating artificial human tissue. The fibrous gel can be spun into fine threads, which can be woven, braided, or knotted into textile-like structures.

"Smarter" Fabric Wins Hybrid Challenge

'Smarter' Fabric Wins Hybrid Challenge A group of mechanical engineering students in Sweden has created a hybrid vehicle constructed entirely of a spread carbon tow fabric called TeXtreme®. Competing in the recent Shell Oil Eco-Marathon, the students' "Smarter" auto weighed only 80 kg (just over 176 lb) — a whopping 45% lighter than any of its competitors.

Machinery & Instrumentation . . .
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Compact Machine is No Puff Ball

Compact Machine is No Puff Ball Producing high-quality cotton pads has just gotten more efficient and eco-friendly with the introduction of a new spunlace machine. The JETlace®CottonPad by Rieter produces cotton webs from 150 to 250 gsm using the hydroentanglement method. It is said to be more compact and more energy efficient than previous machines.

3D Weaving Breakthrough Cited

3D Weaving Breakthrough Cited Calling it a breakthrough in the 5,000-year history of weaving, the Swedish technology company said it has developed the world's first industrial 3D weaving machine. Fittingly, in this age of advanced technical fibers, the machine directly wove the + (plus) cross-section profile using carbon fibers.

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Win-Shield™ Mesh 50 and Mesh 80

Win-Shield™ Mesh 50 and Mesh 80 Win-Shield Mesh 50 and Win-Shield Mesh 80 provide excellent shielding performance and can be used as an optical product, to cover airflow openings, to wrap cable, or other applications where shielding mesh is necessary. These meshes are commonly laminated in glass or plastic substrates. Learn more.

Fabric Improves Filter Media Performance
Midwesco Filter Resources, Inc.

Fabric Improves Filter Media Performance Midwesco's Tandem® felts improve filter media performance and have saved owners of pulse-jet baghouses money by decreasing compressed air usage, while increasing the dust collection efficiency over traditional felts. Our Meteor® fabrics utilize basalt fibers to increase the strength retention of conventional fabrics by over 300%, while eliminating filter bag failures stemming from sparks.

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Controversy Sinks 10 Swimsuits

Controversy Sinks 10 Swimsuits The tidal wave of controversy that roared into the Summer Olympic Games over a new generation of performance-enhancing swimsuits still rages today. In an attempt to regulate use of new materials and designs, FINA, the swimming world's governing body, tested 348 swimsuits for thickness, buoyancy, and permeability. Ten suits failed to float and 136 more were returned for modifications.

Diversions . . .
Guilty of Greenwashing?

Guilty of Greenwashing? Is your company guilty of "greenwashing?" The University of Delaware, which is delving into the issue of sustainability, defines greenwashing as providing misleading information to consumers to make them believe your products or practices are better for the environment than they actually are. Here are the telltale signs.

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Green or Just Greenwashed?

Is today's "sustainability" movement mostly advertising hype or is it truly a fundamental shift toward environmentally sound business practices?

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PTFE Tapes and Fibers; Accelerated UV Testing for Textiles; Carbon Fibers; Textile Testing; Textile Conditioning Unit; Textile Color Sensor
Volume 4 - Issue 7 - 07/06/2009
Aluminum Wire Cloth; Custom Dryers/Ovens; Textile Machinery Parts; Taconic TFE-GLASS Fabric; Win-Shield Mesh 50 and Mesh 80; Fabric Improves Filter Media Performance
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VICOTE Coating Technology; Contract Laminating Services; Fabric Laminating; Aviation Interior Products; Filtration Netting for Spacers and Pleat Support; Milling Fabric
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PTFE Fiber; Industrial Sewing; Alumina Insulation Blanket; TFE-Glass Roll Covering; Safety Kneeling Pads; Spacer Fabrics
Volume 3 - Issue 12 - 12/01/2008
Textile Color Sensor; PTFE Sewing Thread; Industrial Sewing; Textile Testing; Screen Print Cloth; Fabric Improves Filter Media Performance
Volume 3 - Issue 11 - 11/03/2008
Aviation Interior Products; Fabric Laminating; VICOTE Coating Technology; Textile Conditioning Unit; Textile Color Sensor
Volume 3 - Issue 10 - 10/06/2008
Consistency Measurement Solutions for Pulp and Paper Applications; Custom Wire Cloth; Fluorofab Fabrics; TETRAGLAS 3000 Twisted Rope; Taconic TFE-GLASS Fabric; Aluminum Wire Cloth
Volume 3 - Issue 9 - 09/02/2008
Find the UL Mark; Screen Printing; Military Fabrics; Special Purpose Machines; The Versatile Reinforcement Mesh; Web Coating Dryer
Volume 3 - Issue 8 - 08/04/2008
Find the UL Mark; Textile Process Drying/Curing; Carpet and Textile Color Sensor; Ceramic Fiber Textiles; New Milling Technology on Display; Precision Masking
Volume 3 - Issue 7 - 07/07/2008
Specialty Composites; PTFE Tapes and Fibers; Drylaid, Wetlaid Nonwovens; Laser Cutting and Engraving System Ot-Las Way; Textile Conditioning Units; Accelerated UV Testing for Textiles
Volume 3 - Issue 6 - 06/02/2008
Integrated Exact Software Solution Suite; Heating and Drying Solutions for Industry; Filtration Netting for Spacers and Pleat Support; Ceramic Fiber Textiles; The Versatile Reinforcement Scrim; Fabric and Film Processing Techniques
Volume 3 - Issue 5 - 05/05/2008
Solus® Architectural Fabrics; Infrared Predryers for Fabric and Nonwovens; Process Dryers Custom Made to Your Application; MotionCode ToolKit; New Fabric Technology Improves Filter Media Performance; Ultrasonic Cutting Systems
Volume 3 - Issue 3 - 03/03/2008
Sleeve Web Netting; Ovens for Infrared Heating; Roll Gap Control/Web Thickness Measuring System; PTFE Skived Films, Fabrics and Composites for FPD; Industrial Dryers and Ovens; BCON 2000 MK-II series 100% Web Inspection System
Volume 3 - Issue 2 - 02/04/2008
Modular Baghouse Dust Collector; Fabric Cutters; Textile Processing; Vacuum Lifting System and Custom Lifting Systems; Metering, Mixing, and Dispensing; Drylaid, Wetlaid Nonwovens
Volume 3 - Issue 1 - 01/07/2008
Endurium Tow-Cutting Blades; Finish Application Pumps; Programmable Color Sensors; Vacuum Lifting System and Custom Lifting Systems; Quality Power is Essential; Textile Processing
Volume 2 - Issue 12 - 12/03/2007
Textile Processing, Metering, Mixing, and Dispensing, Carpet and Textile Color Sensor, Modular Baghouse Dust Collector, PTFE Skived Films, Fabrics, and Composites for FPD, Humidity and Temperature - Textile Conditioning Unit
Volume 2 - Issue 11 - 11/05/2007
Wire Cloth, Endurium Tow-Cutting Blades, Finnish Application Pumps, Compressor Filtration, XP 05 Pad Print Machine, Programmable Color Sensors
Volume 2 - Issue 10 - 10/01/2007
XP 05 Pad Print Machine, Finnish Application Pumps, Custom Converting Services, Commercial Sewing, CL Cantilever Load Cells for Narrow Web, Heating and Drying Solutions for Industry
Volume 2 - Issue 9 - 09/04/2007
Web Tension Control, Versatile VNW (Very Narrow Web) Tension Transducer, Custom Coated Fabrics, Enhancing Online User Experience, Specialty Composites, Wide Web Laminating
Volume 2 - Issue 8 - 08/06/2007
Proprietary Hydrophilic-Formulation, Hafnia Fibers and Textiles, Engineered Contract Manufacturing, Roll Gap Control/Web Thickness Measuring System, Humidity and Temperature Textile Conditioning Unit, PTFE Skived Films, Fabrics, and Composites for FPD
Volume 2 - Issue 7 - 07/02/2007
Custom Textile Machinery, Supercritical Fluids Revolutionize Your Processes, Tension Transducer, Process Dryers Custom Made to Your Application, A Better Job Search by Design
Volume 2 - Issue 6 - 06/04/2007
Nanoalumina Filter Technology, The Ultimate Scrim, Commercial Sewing, Precision Engineered Coated Fabric Products, Custom Printed Personalized Notebook Covers, Pad Print Machine
Volume 2 - Issue 5 - 05/07/2007
Web Air Turns, Fluorofab Fabrics, Contract Laminating Services; Fabric Laminating, Baghouse Dust Collector, Drive and Motion Solutions, Custom Converting Services
Volume 2 - Issue 4 - 04/02/2007
Proprietary Hydrophilic-Formulation, Nanoalumina Filter Technology, Engineered Contract Manufacturing, Carpet and Textile Color Sensor, Laminating Services, Process Dryers Custom Made to Your Application
Volume 2 - Issue 3 - 03/05/2007
Endurium Tow-cutting Blades, Proprietary Hydrophilic-Formulation, Finish Application Pumps, Specialty Products, Surface Hardener, Custom Coated Fabrics
Volume 2 - Issue 2 - 02/05/2007
Coated Fabric Products, Custom Textile Machinery, Pad Print Machine, Laser Cutting and Engraving System Goal, Surface Inspection Systems, Thermal Transfer Overprinters
Volume 2 - Issue 1 - 01/02/2007
Dryer Technology, Heat Activated Dry Films, Bobbin Baskets, Precision Engineered Coated Fabric Products, Load Holding Torque Limiter
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - 12/04/2006
Ceria Felt and Cloth, Textile Process Drying/Curing, Guide to Sensing Technology, Drive and Motion Solutions, Pleating Machine