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The Final Stretch for Wearable Electronics?
The Final Stretch for Wearable Electronics?

Researchers have developed a fiber-shaped supercapacitor that delivers the flexibility, stretchability, conductivity, and mechanical and thermal stability required to support wearable electronics. The scientists created the devices by coating an elastic fiber with thin layers of electrolyte gel and carbon nanotubes. The nanotubes act as electrodes, while the gel separates the electrodes from each other, stabilizing nanotube alignment during stretching. The fabrication method promises to be a game changer for wearable devices, because previous generations of textiles with built-in electronics were produced in a conventional planar format. These delivered flexibility, but not the stretchability required by commercial products.

Coming Soon: IHS GlobalSpec's ONLINE Medical Equipment Design Event — 5/21/14
Coming Soon: IHS GlobalSpec's ONLINE Medical Equipment Design Event — 5/21/14

IHS GlobalSpec's Medical Equipment Design FREE online event will provide you with a look at the latest advances and developments in the areas of medical grade materials and products; electrical and electronic components and equipment; computers, imaging, and software; plus home healthcare and diagnostics. Learn of the latest trends impacting the world of Medical Equipment Design, and meet with leading suppliers to the medical manufacturing and design industry.

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Keep Your Communication Network Online!
Keep Your Communication Network
CE+T Power

Substations and other decentralized locations must be monitored at all times. This requires IT/Telecom equipment that you must be sure will run 24/7/365!

Leverage your existing DC infrastructure to secure the AC feed of your monitoring equipment, without increasing it! Also, our high efficiency (96%) modular DC/AC inverters will allow you to save on electricity and maintenance costs!

High Voltage XRF Power Supply from VMI
High Voltage XRF Power Supply from
Voltage Multipliers, Inc.

The XRS line of high voltage power supplies from Voltage Multipliers Inc. is specially designed for hand-held or portable XRF x-ray system applications. The XRS features extremely low ripple of less than 1% peak-to-peak. From 9-12 V DC inputs, the XRS is capable of delivering -50kV @ 10 W. Electrical features include voltage and current programming, voltage and current monitoring, excellent load and line regulation, and lightweight.

VMI is ISO9001:2008 certified. All manufacturing is done on-shore.

Charging by Proximity

Charging by Proximity A patent recently awarded to Apple for a near-field magnetic resonance wireless charging technology could provide big convenience for mobile users. This power methodology can simultaneously charge multiple devices as long as they are located within a "virtual charging area." While the technology is still in the planning stage, the patent indicates that the electronics giant is preparing for the next mobile frontier.

When Size is Important and Stability Matters
When Size is Important
and Stability Matters
Syfer Technology Limited

Selecting the best multilayer chip capacitor (MLCC) for the application can involve difficult trade offs involving stability, capacitance, and cost. European passive component manufacturer, Syfer Technology, has introduced a range of devices that increases the choice and reduces compromise. Discover more...

Compact Size DIN Rail Power Supplies
Compact Size DIN Rail
Power Supplies
Altech Corp.

Altech Compact Din Rail power supplies (PS-C…) are designed and manufactured for the high performance power supply market. Featuring up to 94% efficiency rating can provide a 100% of the continuously rated power with a 150% pick power for three seconds. Plus they save valuable space. Learn more.

Low-profile Sine Wave Inverter for Railway
Low-profile Sine Wave
Inverter for Railway
Analytic Systems

This rugged DC/AC inverter uses field proven, microprocessor-controlled high frequency PWM technology to generate the required output power with pure sign wave output voltage. The DC/DC input stage boosts the input to a higher DC voltage, which feeds the DC/AC inverter to generate the required AC output. From Analytic Systems.

Wearing Power Well

Wearing Power Well
Until recently, the lithium-ion battery has been the weak link of wearable electronics, plagued by lingering problems with mechanical stability. Researchers, however, have found a way to weave this faithful power source into the fabric of a watchstrap. To keep the battery charged, they have added a polymer solar cell that achieves 5.49% conversion efficiency. This clears the way for expanding use of wearables.

Learn more about batteries...

Medical Power Solutions with UL/EN60601 Safety Approvals
Medical Power Solutions
with UL/EN60601 Safety
Polytron Devices, Inc.

Polytron's series of 10 W medical DC/DC Converters is optimized for 5000 VAC input/output 2 Mopp Isolation. This complete series, TWB10/HIA5, boasts a 4:1 wide input voltage and rigorous safety testing including reinforced insulation for 250 VAC working voltage, in a compact 1.25 x 0.80 X 0.40 in. DIP package.

8 in. TFT with Multi-touch Capacitive Touchscreen
8 in. TFT with Multi-touch
Capacitive Touchscreen

All Shore Industries

ASI Displays features a new 8.0 in. TFT with integrated multi-touch capacitive touch screen and high-performance steel glass. The ASI-T-800HA2F2/D, provides a versatile 24-bit RGB interface with TCON, luminance: 225 Nits; contrast ratio: 500:1. Resolution: 800(RGB) x 600 (SVGA), providing a beautiful, crisp display. Read more...

Power Compact Power Supplies
Power Compact Power

Block USA, Inc.

Power Compact combines the basic functionality of an economic power supply with the essential features to maximize the availability of your system. Advantages include: stabilized and adjustable output voltage, fast tripping of standard bi‑metal circuit breakers, DC OK signal contact, parallel operation, push‑in terminals, and Robust DIN rail mounting. Learn more.

Bio-batteries Get Under Your Skin

Bio-batteries Get Under Your Skin Finding the right materials with which to fabricate batteries for implantable medical electronics has reached a critical stage. Lithium-ion batteries may be the workhorse of consumer electronics, but lithium is potentially toxic if used inside the body. The New Scientist looks at recently developed uses of biological materials like melanin — the substance that creates pigments in humans — to build implantable power sources.

Harvesting the Airwaves

Harvesting the Airwaves
Scientists have developed a device that captures microwave signals and converts them into enough energy to recharge small electronic devices like cell phones. The harvester uses metamaterials to capture the signals and fiberglass and copper conductors to convert the electromagnetic energy into usable electricity. The researchers hope to tune the harvester to tap other energy sources, such as satellite, sound, and Wi-Fi signals.

Factoring in Energy Efficiency

Factoring in Energy Efficiency The UCC28180 8-pin power factor correction controller from Texas Instruments promises to reduce energy consumption by 50% and deliver power factor correction greater than 0.95 for universal-input AC/DC applications. The unit's wide programmable frequency range ensures versatility, allowing operation from 18 kHz to 250 kHz and use of IGBTs, GaN, SiC, or Si MOSFETs.

Learn more about power factor correction.

Harnessing Wasted Power

Harnessing Wasted Power
Researchers are developing a family of power generators that use the triboelectric effect to produce as much as 300 W of power. What is so unique about these triboelectric generators is the technique and the materials used to convert random mechanical energy from the environment into electricity. The Energy Harvesting Journal explains how these generators work and describes the applications they may enable.

Wearable Solar Panels

Wearable Solar Panels With the rise of wearable electronic gear, device makers have been building all manner of components into their products, from cameras to batteries. Now U.S.-based Indian designer Sayalee Kaluskar has added solar panels to the frames of sunglasses. Users can detach the arms of the sunglasses and attach them to a mobile phone via a microUSB charging port or lightning connector to recharge the device.

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