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IHS GlobalSpec: Industrial Energy Management
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Components That Contribute to Efficiency

Components That Contribute to Efficiency

The push for energy efficiency often leads to a search for components that might help deliver it. Here are two. 1) A compact plug-in servo motor controller has the potential, says the manufacturer, to operate at 98% efficiency. That's in addition to very fast digital processing and a large bandwidth for optimum current/torque control. 2) For smaller, more efficient inverters, try this tiny current sensor from Japan. Its proprietary magnetic sensing element eliminates requirements for a core to concentrate magnetic flux, enabling a 3g PCB-mounted device.

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Reduce Heat Loss and Increase Energy Efficiency
Reduce Heat Loss and
Increase Energy
Firwin Corp.

ThermoWrap™ removable blankets reduce heat loss in areas that have been uneconomical to insulate with conventional insulation. Temperatures as high as 2000°F can be brought to acceptable safety levels for personnel protection.

ThermoWrap™ offers a convenient way to improve production efficiencies while lowering energy costs and increasing facility profitability.

Pick Your Flavor and Calibrate!
Pick Your Flavor and
Martel Electronics Corporation

Martel Electronics provides a family of handheld precision signal calibrators that let you do any size job when calibrating process instrumentation. The DMC-1410 multifunction calibrator gives you access to a range of calibration functions and documenting capability. The MC-1210 multifunction calibrator features a dual display and an isolated readback circuit for transmitter calibration. The PSC-4010 is a superior loop calibrator with voltage, current, and frequency. For those who only work with thermocouples and RTDs, the PTC-8010 is the clear choice.

Monitor Energy and Reduce Costs
Monitor Energy and
Reduce Costs
Allen-Bradley / Rockwell

This whiteboard video describes how to monitor energy consumption in your facility, what your major loads are, when usage is highest, how much you pay for energy, and the quality of the power you use. Competition in industry has never been greater.

Rockwell Automation Power and Energy Management Solutions can help. You'll learn ways to improve your equipment productivity and life, reduce power use and its costs, and increase your company's profits.

When PLCs Log Data

When PLCs Log Data One way to optimize operational efficiency, monitor energy usage, and ensure traceability is through the collection of time-stamped data. The question is: how and where is this best performed? One approach is to log data within PLCs. The architecture for collecting data is already in place, and there's a breed of PLC that performs the task without a costly add-on module (video).

Use Less Compressed Air in Blowoff and Drying
Use Less Compressed
Air in Blowoff and Drying
ITW Air Management

Production and packaging operations requiring drying or blow-off reduce compressed air and energy usage with a Paxton Products Air System, while improving operations: reduced maintenance time for crate drying operations; improved product quality in coating processes; and fewer labeling rejects. See videos and case studies.

Entellisys® — Flexible, Reliable Arc Flash Mitigation
Entellisys® — Flexible,
Reliable Arc Flash
GE Industrial Solutions

Entellisys® low-voltage switchgear offers a series of interlocking benefits that can help you take a better integrated, more responsive approach to your power distribution needs. At the same time, Entellisys sets the stage for even greater efficiency and productivity as your organization evolves. Download the brochure here.

Reduce Energy Consumption with EnergyPAQ
Reduce Energy
Consumption with
Mitsubishi Electric Automation,

EnergyPAQ is an energy monitoring and control solution that lowers utility bills and reduces energy consumption. It monitors energy usage of building loads and processes and helps users implement an energy savings plan. EnergyPAQ monitors and collects usage data from all energy types. Check out our other energy monitoring solutions.

Looking for Energy Efficiency in the Wrong Places

Looking for Energy Efficiency in the Wrong Places A new energy report sponsored by ABB claims 75% of manufacturers are looking in the wrong places to achieve energy savings and improve their bottom line. This report tells the best way to make substantial long-term cuts in energy bills, and explains why moves to install energy efficient lighting and optimize compressed air use miss the sweet spot.

Green Motors with Muscle

Green Motors with Muscle What's more important than a motor's price tag? Think total cost of ownership. Taking aim at plant machinery buyers embracing this philosophy, vendors now offer a new class of super premium induction motors that meets the draft IE4 requirements. Control Engineering Europe looks at five designs that promise performance and energy efficiency (see video).

Boosting Efficiency 'On the Fly'

Boosting Efficiency 'On the Fly'Here's a look at a new design that aims to "push the efficiency of induction motors to better than super-premium levels by changing the orientation of rotor magnets on the fly," according to Machine Design. What's more, motors designed this way could be less expensive than super-premium-efficiency motors. The design will reportedly allow induction motors to run directly from AC lines.

How VFDs Save Energy

How VFDs Save Energy This brief technical presentation serves as a primer on VFDs and how they conserve energy in air- and water-moving applications in commercial buildings. Discussion points include lifecycle costs of pumps, and soft-start capabilities. An informative bar graph of % Flow or Volume vs % Operating Time illustrates the typical savings in an HVAC system.

Switch from DC to AC Saves Energy, Space

Switch from DC to AC Saves Energy, SpaceA sugar company in need of a new centrifugal drive system replaced its aging DC system with an AC drive-motor combination that reportedly cut energy consumption 40%. The new system is said to allow a smaller motor and drive to be used without sacrificing power. The sweet project landed the company a PACE Zenith Award in the Food & Beverage Category.

Small Steps Toward Big Gains

Small Steps Toward Big Gains Don't waste time waiting for the next "disruptive" technology to improve motor and drive performance. Control Global looks at recent advances in specialized settings, power density, and coordination with intelligent systems that bring incremental advances — proving slow and steady is better than waiting for dramatic gains.

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September 3, 2013 - Volume 2 Issue 2
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