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Hyperloop Stirs Tubeflight Memories
Hyperloop Stirs Tubeflight Memories

Elon Musk's Hyperloop tube transportation concept has resurrected memories of a similar system once under serious consideration. The late Joseph Foa and the faculty at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute developed the idea for Tubeflight in the 1960s and several patents were issued to Foa. Now, in a recent issue of the school's alumni magazine, professor Foa's family and individuals who worked on the project are questioning the origins of the Hyperloop proposal. No acknowledgement or denial of Tubeflight technology use has come from Musk.

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Coming Soon: IHS GlobalSpec's ONLINE Automotive & Transportation Technology Online Event — 9/24/14
Coming Soon: IHS GlobalSpec's ONLINE Automotive & Transportation Technology Online Event — 9/24/14

IHS GlobalSpec's Automotive & Transportation Technology FREE online event will provide you with a look at the latest advances and developments in the areas of aerospace technology, design and analysis software; display technologies, components and assemblies; engines; flight control systems, materials and technologies. Learn of the latest trends impacting the world of Automotive & Transportation Technology, and meet with leading suppliers to the Automotive & Transportation Technology industry.

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New V-Series Contura Rotary Switch
New V-Series Contura Rotary Switch

Carling Technologies, Inc.

The V-Series Rotary Switch features an innovative mechanism design that translates rotary to linear motion; a secondary CAM which provides up to three detent positions; and a PC Board supporting up to three LEDs and surface mount resistors. Stem and LEDs seals provide IP67 protection. Watch product video for more details.

Angle Monitoring for Harsh Transportation Applications
Angle Monitoring for Harsh Transportation Applications
TTI, Inc.

Honeywell's RTY Hall-effect Rotary Position Sensors provide angle monitoring in harsh transportation applications at a competitive cost. These new devices provide a cost-effective rotary position sensor solution with a variety of options (e.g., sensing range, pinout, and voltage) that allow customers to choose the configuration of the sensor to meet their specific application needs. Eight operating ranges up to 360° provides flexibility in multiple applications, allowing OEMs the range of travel needed for the application.

Will Robot Cargo Ships Sail the Seven Seas?

Will Robot Cargo Ships Sail the Seven Seas? Autonomous Maritime Transport, under consideration by the European Union, may be moving closer to reality due to onboard decision systems and shore-based control. A program named by the acronym MUNIN cites cost and efficiency benefits as well as fewer accidents caused by human error. Issues regarding international maritime law, however, need resolution.

IP&E Solutions for Commercial Transportation
IP&E Solutions for
TTI, Inc.

TTI's Transportation Business Unit Specialists connect you to the industry's most broad and deep inventory of IP&E components, including components from premier suppliers like Lear, Sumitomo, Fargo, and Kostal. With specific focus on all facets of transportation, TTI can support you from design through production.

Custom-fit Covers for Military Applications
Custom-fit Covers for
Military Applications

Transhield, Inc.

Transhield protective covers protect military vehicles, weapons, heavy equipment, and hardware from corrosion and environmental damage during storage. Transhield's VCI storage covers are custom-fit, lightweight, and reusable. Anti-condensating properties wick and remove moisture; paired with the VCI Protection, it provides superior protection from corrosion. Less maintenance and more operational time.

Industrial Motors
Industrial Motors


To keep these machines running like new, they depend on a proven electrical insulation system. The system provides protection from temperature changes, chemicals, and moisture.

ELANTAS' line of insulating resins including Epoxylite®, Pedigree®, RanVar™, ELAN-Safe®, ELAN-Guard™, and Isonel® are perfect for keeping your industrial motors in top performance condition day after day.

Foil-shaped Ship Seizes the Wind

Foil-shaped Ship Seizes the Wind
Norway's Lade AS has designed its Vindskip (Windship) with a hull that acts like a giant sail to capture wind energy for propulsion. The hull shape interacts with "airfoils" projecting below the waterline much like a yacht tacking into the wind. Upwards of 60% of fuel costs and 80% emissions could be saved. Simulations may alter Vindskip's high profile for stability in high seas before the first ship is built in three to four years.

Recreate Automotive Interior Out-gassing in a Timely, Measurable and Repeatable Way
Recreate Automotive Interior Out-gassing in a Timely, Measurable, and Repeatable Way
Thermo Fisher Scientific — Thermo Scientific Baths, Circulators & Chillers

Fulfill DIN, ISO, and SAE standards for fog testing with the Thermo Scientific Horizon Fog Testing System.

Available with a choice of controllers, a range of features, and a robust pump providing temperature accuracy of ±0.5° C throughout the entire bath ensuring consistent, repeatable results.

Position Sensors for the Automotive Industry
Position Sensors for the Automotive Industry

Novotechnik U.S., Inc.


Novotechnik is a world leader in the technical development and manufacturing of high-durability position sensors and other motion control components. Combining engineering excellence and expertise, Novotechnik develops and manufactures a wide range of the highest quality products to serve the automotive and non-automotive industries.

Engine Exhaust Expansion Joint
Engine Exhaust Expansion Joint

American BOA, Inc.


In addition to our catalog standard exhaust expansion joint products, American BOA can design and manufacture expansion joints uniquely engineered to suit your special applications. In these situations, our engineers utilize the system operating conditions to develop special expansion joint assemblies that have capabilities beyond our standard products.

Less Fuel Consumption Where Rubber Meets the Road

Less Fuel Consumption Where Rubber Meets the Road The U.S. Federal Highway Administration and the Minnesota Department of Transportation have issued an evaluation of pavement surfaces on rolling resistance of tires and the effect on fuel consumption in commercial and private applications. Characteristics including texture, friction, and roughness were studied with an eye also to quietness, ride quality, safety, and durability. Estimates are a 10% drop in rolling resistance could cut U.S. fuel consumption by up to 3%.

Stress-free Fish Taste Better

Stress-free Fish Taste Better
That's why Rolls-Royce is designing a vessel to transport live, farm-raised salmon from their Faroe Island pens to the processing plant. Three on-board tanks, totalling more volume than an Olympic-size pool, will protect the fish from bruising and stress during their journey.

Surplus Energy Rides the Rails

Surplus Energy Rides the Rails Use railroad infrastructure to store excess energy from solar and wind farms. Surplus power propels specialized electric rail cars up a grade. When power to the grid is needed, the cars roll back down, their electric motors now acting in reverse as generators. Prototype testing is underway.

Fuel Cells to Cut Port Emissions

Fuel Cells to Cut Port Emissions
To reduce emissions, the Port of Honolulu plans on replacing diesel engine generators with hydrogen fuel cell technology. The portable units — each one comprising four 30 kW fuel cells, a hydrogen storage system, and power conversion equipment — will initially be used to power refrigerated containers at the docks. Once proven, the technology will find other port uses.

Study Backs Self-driving Vehicles

Study Backs Self-driving Vehicles A recent study from the RAND Corporation details the benefits of autonomous driving systems, and says they outweigh disadvantages. Self-driving vehicles, the study suggests, can perform better than cars driven by the average human. Fewer accidents, improved energy efficiency, less congestion, and greater mobility for the elderly and disabled are among the benefits cited.

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Volume 3 - Issue 1 - 03/17/2014
New V-Series Contura Rotary Switch; Angle Monitoring for Harsh Transportation Applications; IP& E Solutions for Commercial Transportation; Custom-fit Covers for Military Applications; Industrial Motors; Recreate Automotive Interior Out-gassing in a Timely, Measurable and Repeatable Way; Position Sensors for the Automotive Industry; Engine Exhaust Expansion Joint
Volume 2 - Issue 3 - 09/16/2013
High-performance Adhesives Seal Most Substrates and Ease Painting; Metals for Aerospace; Durable Silicone HCR Resists Flex Fatigue; Cutting Tool Solutions for Commercial Transportation; Recreate Automotive Interior Out-gassing in a Timely, Measurable and Repeatable Way; Huck: Maintenance-free Fastening for Trucks and Trailers
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Structural Foams Reduce Weight, Mass, and Cost; Metals for Aerospace; Long Term Monitoring of Transport Conditions; 5-axis CNC Machining of Advanced Ceramics; Halogen-free Cables for Transportation Industry; Service Proven Transit Bolting Solutions; Train Acceleration Control; Colibrys Accelerometers for Industrial and Test applications
Volume 2 - Issue 1 - 03/18/2013
Power Converters for Heavy Equipment; From Two-wheelers to 18-wheelers; Tilt Sensors for Commercial Transportation; Tired of Second-rate Material?; Automotive Industry Product Pins and Stages; Precision Ball Bearings - Helping the World Move Quietly; Halogen-free Cables for Transportation Industry
Volume 1 - Issue 3 - 12/17/2012
Need to Improve Performance and Suspension?;Specialized Expansion Joints for Marine Engines; Position Sensors for the Automotive Industry; Environmentally-friendly Impregnating Resin Solution; 400 W PFC Power Supply for Military and Aerospace; Custom Electronic Hardware; Spacers and Standoffs - Clear Hole and Threaded; Schatz Bearings for Demanding Applications
Volume 1 - Issue 2 - 09/17/2012
VersaCount Defines Versatility, Reliability in Counters; Collaboration Drives Advanced Technologies; Customized Thermoplastic Composites; Sheet and Plate Ready for Immediate Shipment; Custom Fit Covers for Automotive Applications; Cosmetic, Bent, and Welded Tubular Assemblies; Pressure Sensitive Adhesives; Position Sensors for the Automotive Industry
Volume 1 - Issue 1 - 06/18/2012
Commercial Transportation Solutions; Pick and Place for Automotive Industry; Premium Performance Oils and Greases; Automotive Clutch; Halogen-free Cables for Transportation Industry; Computer/Communication Technology - Transportation; Satellite Communications and Navigation Solutions