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GlobalSpec: Technology in Motion
How Chemistry Quiets Trains
How Chemistry Quiets Trains

While technology to quiet trains and trams usually involves application to rail cars themselves, Dow Chemical is touting materials for rail bed use in cutting noise and vibration for passengers and passersby. One example: new elastomer pads placed between the rails and cross ties to deaden noise on high-speed lines. Another is a cork-impregnated rail bed ballast stabilizer that provides improved track integrity as well. Learn how the company's polyurethane technology increases passenger comfort while decreasing track maintenance.

Coming Soon: GlobalSpec's ONLINE Automotive & Transportation Technology Event — September 26, 2012
Coming Soon: GlobalSpec's ONLINE Automotive & Transportation Technology Event — September 26, 2012

Join key manufacturers and industry professionals from around the globe at GlobalSpec's Automotive & Transportation Technology event. Explore the latest developments impacting hybrid and electric vehicle development, discover new manufacturing techniques, and more. Watch for registration details.

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Commercial Transportation Solutions
Commercial Transportation Solutions
Dow Automotive Systems

Dow Automotive Systems offers multifunctional solutions for the manufacture and repair of bus, truck, rail, recreation, industrial, emergency, and agricultural vehicles. Comprised of elastic and structural bonding adhesives, sealers, and acoustical/structural foams, solutions offer high strength, fatigue, and crash resistance, improved NVH performance, and better fuel efficiency through weight reduction.

Pick and Place for Automotive Industry
Pick and Place for Automotive Industry
Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc.

Buckeye has many years of experience in the auto industry. We can provide design and manufacturing of your assembly and material handling equipment and all your robotic fixtures and integration needs. Call Buckeye at (419) 273-2521 to find out more about our second tier automotive industry capabilities.

Honeycomb Houses Locomotive Engine

Honeycomb Houses Locomotive Engine Carbon- and glass-fiber volume grows in planes, trains, and automobiles. The latest lightweight is a polyurethane-based glass fiber sandwich, demonstrated in lieu of steel and aluminum for a train's diesel engine housing. Contrasting the rigid foam core of most fiber-reinforced structures, the new material is made with a honeycomb core and shaped directly into final geometry.

Premium Performance Oils and Greases
Premium Performance
Oils and Greases
DuPont™ Krytox® Performance Lubricants

DuPont™ Krytox® oils and greases can permanently eliminate automotive squeaks and rattles without re-lubrication. Easy to apply, these high-performance lubricants remain in place over the useful life of the vehicle. They stand up to harsh environments and high temperatures and are compatible with most metals, elastomers, and engineering plastics.

World's Most Powerful High-speed Diesel Engine
World's Most Powerful
High-speed Diesel Engine
Cummins Power Generation

Cummins Inc. revealed at the Seymour Engine Plant the new QSK95 engine with over 4000 hp (2983 kW) output as the world's most powerful high-speed diesel. The 95 liter 16 cylinder QSK95 is the first engine to be introduced in a new high-horsepower diesel and gas platform from Cummins.

Automotive Clutch
Automotive Clutch

KEB America, Inc.

Clutch couplings for the automotive industry require high performance in a very small space all while maintaining high quality in a robust design. KEB automotive division is certified in development and production according to ISO/TS 16949 specifications.

Motor/Generator Integrates into Transmission

Motor/Generator Integrates into Transmission The ZF-TERRA+ electrical motor/generator module integrates into existing space within ZF's agricultural tractor continuously-variable transmissions. Depending on which of two sizes is selected, the unit provides 50 or 70 kW of electricity in the generator mode. The motor mode supplies 85 or 120 kW for hybrid operation power from batteries or start/stop functionality to save fuel.

Halogen-free Cables for Transportation Industry
Halogen-free Cables
for Transportation
SAB North America

At SAB North America, you are able to find varieties of cables for the rail industry in our latest catalog. Cables meeting all of the current standards including ASTM, DIN, NF, and many more can be found here. Low Smoke Halogen-free cables and specialty cables for the railway industry and more.

Computer/Communication Technology -- Transportation
Technology —
American Portwell Technology

Heavy trucks, vans, boats, or trains, Portwell has a wide range of rugged system platforms to enable Fleet Management. Vehicles are remotely monitored and tracked for location, usage, wear, and maintenance data to reduce costs and protect assets by warning operators and dispatch offices ahead of catastrophic failures.

Satellite Communications and Navigation Solutions
Communications and
Navigation Solutions

MetricTest is your source for satellite communications and navigation solutions. Design and Validation Tools Available from MetricTest including: spectrum analyzers, signal analyzers, high performance oscilloscopes, signal generators, network analyzers, power meters, and more. Our SATCOM solutions include the highest quality products from Agilent, Advantest, and R&S.

Hydrofoil Functions as Speed or Sail Boat

Hydrofoil Functions as Speed or Sail Boat The wFoil 18 Albatross is a hydrofoil "designed to merge the feeling of flying with sailing." Toward that end, the two-seat, production-version of the craft can be outfit with a 75 kW Rotax engine to "fly" across the water at 50 kts — or by installing a sail the boat will go up to 40 kts driven by the wind. View video.

City Saves with Low-tech "Mini Hybrids"

City Saves with Low-tech 'Mini Hybrids' Although they are called "mini hybrids," such buses do not feature electric propulsion systems. Instead, the term references the use of electric power to more efficiently run systems normally driven by hydraulics — cooling fans, for example. Cincinnati transportation officials say that such buses cost significantly less than hybrids but get mileage improvements (7%) approaching the more technology intensive vehicles (10%).

Measuring People Mover Performance

Measuring People Mover Performance We've all used people movers to move within and between airport terminals. Mover types seem as varied as the many kinds of aircraft used by the airlines. Now the U.S. Transportation Research Board of the National Academies has issued a guidebook for measuring the performance of these systems, including: service availability, safety, expenses, capacity utilization, reliability, and not the least — user satisfaction.

Will Shipbuilders Trade Steel for Titanium?

Will Shipbuilders Trade Steel for Titanium? The U.S. Office of Naval Research is funding construction of a full-size ship hull section made from "marine grade" titanium as a possible replacement for steel. The program will investigate the practicality of using friction-stir welding for hull fabrication. Lower cost grades of costlier titanium will be used, but such structures will be lighter and stronger.

Chain Drive Enhances e-Bike Efficiency

Chain Drive Enhances e-Bike  Efficiency Germany's iwis Drive Systems and Clean Mobile developed a chain drive that nearly doubles the efficiency and range of electric bikes. Their dual direct drive uses three chains "cascaded" to connect the pedal crank and electric motor shaft. The triple chain configuration reduces motor speed from 3,600 rpm to pedaling speeds.

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