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Battery Takes Wing with Hybrid Electric Drive
Battery Takes Wing with Hybrid Electric Drive

The two-seater aircraft shown in this video is kept aloft by a compact electric motor, a backup gas engine — and battery packs. The prototype recently demonstrated by Siemens and EADS heralds new developments in hybrid electric aviation as engineers exploit the energy and environmental economies offered by batteries and electric motors. Conventional aviation fuels can be displaced and flight emissions curbed as battery dimensions shrink and energy storage capacities increase. Technology Review examines prospects for near-term battery and electric motor integration for larger passenger airplanes.

Coming Soon: IHS GlobalSpec's Alternative & Renewable Energy Event — September 17, 2014
Coming Soon:
IHS GlobalSpec's Alternative & Renewable Energy Event — September 17, 2014

Join key manufacturers and industry professionals from around the globe at IHS GlobalSpec's Alternative & Renewable Energy Online Event. learn about leading-edge technologies and the latest in product introductions and enhancements across the four technology sectors that make up Alternative & Renewable Energy: Solar Power, Wind, Water and Geothermal, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, and Biomass and Battery technologies. Watch for registration details.

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Thermal Protection for High Capacity LiPolymer Cells
Thermal Protection for High Capacity LiPolymer Cells
TE Connectivity — Circuit Protection

TE's MHP-TA devices offer designers space saving resettable overtemperature circuit protection to meet the battery safety requirements of higher-capacity LiP and prismatic cells. The market for ultra-thin portable electronic devices has created demand for very thin, low-profile, light weight, and high-capacity Lithium Polymer (LiP) and prismatic cells.

Download our application note to learn more about circuit protection for Lithium cells and packs.

Make KNF Your Fuel Cell Partner
Make KNF Your Fuel Cell

KNF Neuberger, Inc.

Oil-less diaphragm pumps are ideal for fuel cells. They won't contaminate your media, are quiet, efficient, and feature adjustable-speed/logic control for metering, dosing, and recirculation of air, gases, and liquids. KNF works with major developers and is familiar with fuel cell applications. Compact, high-performance models, many motors and materials. Call us today: 609-890-8600.

UPS Flooded (wet) Cells
UPS Flooded (wet) Cells


Our patented and proven impedance measurement technology has the sensitivity required to find failing cells well before they pose a risk to your critical systems.

Plus, with battery sensing harnesses pre-designed and tested for your battery system, installation time is cut in half while increasing system reliability.

Grid-scale Support Comes Online

Grid-scale Support Comes Online The first grid-scale battery system in the UK was recently connected to the Orkney power distribution network. The 2 MW lithium-ion battery, tested for two years at a similar scale in Japan, has been integrated into the existing active network management scheme to help balance loads and permit increased penetration of renewable energy into the grid.

Real-time Stationary Battery Monitoring
Real-time Stationary Battery Monitoring
Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC

Eagle Eye Power Solutions offers real-time battery monitoring systems. Measure string voltage and current, as well as jar/cell voltage, internal resistance, connection resistance, and temperature. Included software monitors and records results in real-time! Flexible expanding solutions allow monitoring of all your systems.

Common applications include: power utilities, telecoms, an UPS. Learn more here!

Batteries and Custom Battery Packs
Batteries and Custom Battery Packs
Epec Engineered Technologies

We are a full service custom battery manufacturer with full design and engineering capabilities.

Epec offers the latest in battery technologies including the ability to label, shrink wrap, custom terminate, or enclose in plastic.

Wind Converter
Wind Converter

Block USA, Inc.

Installed in the gondola of windmills, BLOCK Power transformers, inductors, and filters supply exactly the required current and voltage. Under extreme application and environmental conditions, both onshore and offshore, these components work reliably and efficiently in areas that possess temperature variations of more than 70°C. This is thanks to "BlockIMPEX" — a special impregnation process.

Distributed Power Planned with Hybrid Fuel Cell

Distributed Power Planned with Hybrid Fuel Cell
General Electric researchers are designing a new distributed power system for non-U.S. customers faced with high natural gas prices. IEEE Spectrum reports the hybrid fuel cell-gas engine scheme is intended to replace diesel generators for small industrial or remote users. Deployed with an engine generator, the fuel cell system will convert 70% of reformed natural gas to electric power.

Keeping a Space Between the Sheets

Keeping a Space Between the Sheets A new approach to graphene-based supercapacitor fabrication results in an energy density 12x superior to that of available supercapacitors and comparable to that of lead-acid batteries. The improvement achieved by Monash University, Australia, researchers is attributed to a compact electrode and liquid electrolyte. The innovation preserves desired porosity properties and spacing between graphene sheets while enhancing conductivity and raising energy density to 60 Wh/l.

Now Batteries Grow on Trees

Now Batteries Grow on Trees
A sodium-ion nanobattery devised at the University of Maryland proved stable through 400 charge-discharge cycles. The most salient aspect of the battery: it's made from wood. Composed of yellow pine tree microfibers coated with tin, the device was demonstrated an effective, long-lived anode with an initial capacity of 339 mAh/g. Future use in grid-scale storage is suggested in New Energy and Fuel.

Flow Battery Design Breakthrough

Flow Battery Design Breakthrough A rechargeable bromine laminar flow battery design — which eliminates the need for an ion-exchange membrane — is reported by MIT engineers to achieve power densities an order of magnitude greater than most lithium-ion batteries. Membrane cost and corrosion concerns are removed in a liquid bromine-hydrogen system projected to produce energy for as little as $100/kWh.

Scooter with a SOFC

Scooter with a SOFC
A modified Honda motorbike generates 200 W by exploiting heat in the exhaust gas stream. Fuel Cell Today explains that a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) consumes hydrogen in the exhaust while a thermoelectric conversion element taps heat from both the SOFC and exhaust. Mileage improvements of 2-3% are claimed for the Synergy Cell from Japan.

Shaking Off Platinum

Shaking Off Platinum In the search for replacements for pricey platinum in fuel cells, a collaboration of researchers from the UK, Japan, and China may have found the most cost-effective: gelatin. Combined with magnesium and iron salts, the gelatin forms a sponge-like structure containing iron carbide nanoparticles. Removal of the nanoparticles produces pores, a high surface area, and a high-quality electrocatalyst.

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