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Software Ensures Safety in the Chain
Software Ensures Safety in the Chain

In the face of food recalls, and the bad press that follows, many processors are buttoning up their food safety and quality assurance (FSQA) requirements. For those companies that don't have the resources to manage increasing regulations and compliance, there are new software solutions that can help. These systems are designed to automate previously manual FSQA functions in the supply chain, such as collecting data in real-time and using that data for future benchmarking. Other capabilities include documenting tasks with time stamps, and sending real-time notifications when testing indicates the need for corrective action.

Coming Soon: GlobalSpec's ONLINE Industrial Processing Event — January 16, 2013
Coming Soon: GlobalSpec's ONLINE Industrial Processing Event — January 16, 2013

Join key manufacturers and industry professionals from around the globe at GlobalSpec's Industrial Processing event. Explore the latest developments in fluid/gas handling equipment, thermal processing, solids handling, plus filtration, separation, recycling, and more. Watch for registration details.

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Engineered Motion and Control Solutions
Engineered Motion and
Control Solutions
Parker Hannifin / Automation

We're engineering your success with advanced automation.

Only Parker can provide the automation innovations needed for any processing and packaging challenge. From energy-smart motor windings, 21 CFR part 11 compliant touchscreens, and longer-lasting cylinders, to modular automation solutions that speed changeover — Parker products combine speed, flexibility, and efficiency to create engineered systems that add safety and increase throughput. Request our Food Processing and Packaging Solutions Kit.

Visit us at PACK EXPO — Booth 7152.

Food Packaging
Food Packaging

LINDAR Corporation

At LINDAR, our food packaging containers can be made of various plastics — PET, PLA, PP, or HIPS are just a few that we form.

We work with different plastics materials because many of our customers have different and specific applications and use requirements.

Frozen Food Packaging
Frozen Food Packaging

Brentwood Plastics, Inc.

Brentwood Plastics Inc. features low temperature stable polyethylene film (LDPE) for individually quick frozen (IQF) vegetables and meats. Designed to seal through contaminants at maximum speeds.

Available as single-layer plain or corona treated for flexographic printing packaging, either for pre-made bags or form/fill/seal roll stock. Learn more...

Remote Refrigeration Management

Remote Refrigeration Management A wireless temperature and humidity monitor can automatically send data to remote locations through e-mail or file transfer protocol (FTP), allowing food processors to track the quality of refrigerated products in real-time, all the time. The monitor can also send alarms through e-mail or text messaging or provide an at-a-glance view of the entire network. Watch the video to learn more about the system's features.

Drum Locks for Mandated Food Safety
Drum Locks for Mandated
Food Safety
Universal Die Cast, Inc.

The Food Safety Modernization Act, 2011 mandates food safety throughout the food chain, including 55 gallon drums. Universal Die Cast's Univ-lok Drum Lock is the latest device in securing standard 30 and 55 gallon metal and plastic storage drums. This system, using an anti-tampering seal or padlock, will secure chemicals and liquids.

Food Grade Ink and Traceability — Food Industry
Food Grade Ink and
Traceability — Food
Videojet Technologies Inc.

The reliability and print quality provided by Videojet products is an essential factor in an industrial food production environment. Production is often carried out in damp environments, and Videojet systems are designed to work reliably, even in tough conditions.

Plant and Food Inspection Systems
Plant and Food
Inspection Systems

Leica Microsystems, Inc.

We've become accustomed to a huge selection of exotic fruits and vegetables available fresh in stores. Sometimes, though, goods flown in from far away carry along pests, fungi, or viruses, invisible to the naked eye. To address this, these plants undergo strict inspections. Microscopy systems from Leica Microsystems Inc. make these inspections easier.

Food Safety Certification Audits
Food Safety Certification

DNV Business Assurance North

A significant number of food suppliers are moving to implement certification audits primarily as a risk management tool. In general, food suppliers see the need for a lower cost of implementation and a more consolidated/harmonized set of standards for third-party food safety certification.

Metalstamper Improves Quality, Increases Productivity, Reduces Costs with Cloud ERP
Metalstamper Improves
Quality, Increases
Productivity, Reduces
Costs with Cloud ERP
Plex Systems, Inc.

Plex Online, a comprehensive Cloud ERP solution, provided Jagemann Stamping Company with access to real-time information across its business in less than six months. The results: improved product quality, increased productivity, inventory visibility, built-in disaster recovery, and a 15% reduction in ongoing costs. Get access now.

Traceable® Waterproof Food HACCP Thermometer
Traceable® Waterproof

Control Company

Control Company's Traceable® waterproof food HACCP thermometer features easy-to-use membrane switches and a rugged ABS body making it ideal for food labs, food processing, food preparation, and brewing. Waterproof construction allows it to be used in labs, plants, wash-down, and all food areas.

Safety Goes Mobile

Safety Goes Mobile Two companies have collaborated to launch a nationwide tour of their custom-built laboratory on wheels, designed to help food processors analyze, identify, and deal with contaminants. Featuring liquid chromatography and mass spectroscopy instruments, the mobile lab's traveling experts discuss best practices in sample preparation and analysis of contaminants such as pesticides and antibiotics.

An Engineered Attack

An Engineered Attack AvidBiotics, specialists in the development of antibacterial proteins, has joined forces with DuPont Nutrition & Health to develop and commercialize the use of Purocin™, a protein technology designed for food safety applications. Purocin binds to the bacterial cell, causing the cell membrane to rupture, resulting in cell death. The protein technology is an effective alternative to using antibiotics, reducing the resistance that many food-borne pathogens like E. Coli exhibit.

Arguments Over Cancer Study

Arguments Over Cancer Study There's a debate raging in scientific circles about the validity of a recent study that links an herbicide and genetically-modified maize to cancer in laboratory rats. Scientists are lining up on both sides of the study; those supporting it are focusing on the serious negative results, while those questioning the study's validity are pointing out problems with the statistical and reporting methods used. Ultimately, researchers agree, more studies are needed.

The Big Bacterial Reveal

The Big Bacterial Reveal The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved the use of a new test kit designed to detect fumonisin, a toxin produced by a fungus in grain products. The lateral flow strip kit allows for room temperature testing and storage, eliminating the need for incubation or refrigeration.

Tunnel of Fog Protects Food

Tunnel of Fog Protects Food A new fog tunnel humidifier system features nozzles that constantly oxygenate water, air, and virtually any disinfection chemical you want to use, to treat produce as it passes on a conveyor belt. The fog tunnel features a stainless steel enclosure and food grade components, including plastic piping. Optional accessories include a four-stage filter system to remove minerals from process water, and a communication module for data collection and remote system control.

Inspections Not Enough

Inspections Not Enough Food auditors may not be doing enough during their inspections to ensure adequate food safety, according to authors of a recent article in Food Control, a food science journal. The problem is one of economics: there are simply not enough auditors and funds available to complete full verification of food processing facilities. The authors suggest that successful food processors are engaged with the audit process, following up with their own food safety protocols, rather than just relying on a positive report.

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