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Winds of Change Blow Ductless
Winds of Change Blow Ductless

Ductless technology just keeps getting more popular. Shipments of ductless units increased 46% in 2011, and all over North America, contractors say that the systems are proving very profitable. So what's the appeal of these systems over older, more traditional unitary systems? Air Conditioning/Heating/Refrigerating News reports that they take less time to install, bringing higher profit margins.

Coming Soon: GlobalSpec's  Plant & Facilities Event — April 24, 2013
Coming Soon: GlobalSpec's Plant & Facilities Event — April 24, 2013

Join key manufacturers and industry professionals from around the globe at GlobalSpec's Plant & Facilities event. Learn about the latest trends, technologies, and innovations across key areas of plant and facilities engineering including: mechanical and electrical systems, maintenance and management, automation and instrumentation, products and services. Watch for registration details.

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Unmatched Flexibility and Comfort with RedLINK™
Unmatched Flexibility and Comfort with RedLINK™
Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating

It's now easier than ever to meet your customer's comfort needs and reduce energy costs, the ductless way with Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating's wireless controller powered with RedLINK™ technology. This controller allows you to manage up to 16 RedLINK™ zones, can be installed anywhere with wireless ease and flexibility, has an easy-to-read display that looks like traditional wall-mounted thermostats, has the ability to monitor the outside air temperature and humidity, and does not interfere with other wireless devices. Learn more.

Control and Current Sense for HVAC Applications
Control and Current Sense for HVAC Applications
Triad Magnetics

Triad has expanded its offering of UL5085-3 Control Transformers (1.1 to 50.0 VA), and its line of Current Sense Products for applications up to 30 Amps. Triad is a magnetics industry leader and has supplied the HVAC industry, for over 60 years, with innovative designs and quality products at competitive prices.

GGreen Ventilation Reduces Operational Costs

Green Ventilation Reduces Operational Costs
Moffitt Corporation

Moffitt's CRV ventilates effectively while reducing costs and is one of several natural ventilation products, these products also allow for: design flexibility, no required maintenance, and more!

Moffitt, ventilation's natural solution since 1961, also provides ventilation design at no cost to you. To take advantage of this offer contact Moffitt today. (800) 474-3267.

Installing High-efficiency Systems

Installing High-efficiency Systems In this episode of Contractor's Corner, magazine columnist Dave Yates of F.W. Behler in York, PA takes the viewer through each step of the installation of a high-efficiency Burnham boiler, ECM circulator, and water filtration system at a customer's newly-renovated home. Yates explains how to capture BTUs by keeping them from getting out of the house.

Maximum Efficiency, Reduced Emissions with Condensing Boilers

Maximum Efficiency, Reduced Emissions with Condensing Boilers

The ClearFire-C® down-fired, stainless steel, fully condensing hot water boiler achieves efficiencies up to 99% and NOx levels to less than 20 ppm. The modulating pre-mix burner precisely controls the air/gas mixture, and the linkage-less burner provides up to 5:1 turndown. The ClearFire-C comes in seven sizes, from 500 MBTU to 3,300 MMBTU.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Products

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Products
Pelonis Technologies, Inc.

Pelonis Technologies introduces an entire line of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration products suited for a wide variety of industry applications. Products include AC and DC centrifugal fans with backward and forward curved blades, axial fans, metal fan impellers, and duct fans." View our Summary Catalog.

Thermal Imaging Made Easy

Thermal Imaging Made Easy

Fluke Vibration Solution Center

Fluke's easiest-to-use thermal imagers ever — the next evolution in our legendary thermal imagers.

• Simple, one-handed point and shoot operation
• IR-OptiFlex™ focus system — focus-free images, with manual focus flexibility
• Ultra-rugged design — survives 6.5 ft drop

Find out more...

ADH Series Air Duct Heaters

ADH Series Air Duct Heaters
Heat Exchange & Transfer, Inc.

ADH series air duct heaters are constructed with stainless steel tubular elements mounted in a stainless flange with operating temperatures up to 1200° F. They can be designed to fit rectangular ductwork and supplied with transition sections when used on circular or smaller ducts. From Heat Exchange & Transfer, Inc.

Series 1500 Cooling Tower
Series 1500 Cooling Tower
Baltimore Aircoil Company

The Series 1500 Cooling Tower from Baltimore Aircoil Company delivers independently verified, fully rated thermal performance over a wide range of flow and temperature requirements. Standard design features minimize the costs associated with enclosures, support requirements, electrical service, piping, and rigging.

  Thor™ 200, 450, and 600 Flightline Air Conditioners
Thor™ 200, 450, and 600 Flightline Air Conditioners
HDT Global

The HDT Nordic Thor Series represents the industryʼs most advanced flightline air conditioners, providing customers with the unprecedented ability to maintain aircraft in extreme environmental conditions whether they be hot or cold. HDT Global is a leader in engineered solutions focused on solving complex technical problems.

Perimeter Cooling Remains Hot

Perimeter Cooling Remains Hot There have been plenty of newer ideas proposed for keeping data centers cool. However, perimeter cooling — usually implemented with computer-room air handlers or air conditioners (CRACs) — still remains the dominant method. Why? To answer that question, HPAC Engineering explores the latest developments in CRACs, from new components to changes in industry standards.

Little Sensor for Big HVAC Systems

Little Sensor for Big HVAC Systems Process & Control Today reports that Schaeffler has released an extremely compact monitoring device for online use in industrial plant and machinery, including HVAC systems and gearboxes. Allowing online monitoring of vibration, temperature and other performance factors — the device can also serve as a safety "off" switch when things go wrong.

HVAC Raises the Floor

HVAC Raises the Floor Modern offices in the U.S. need to be able to receive quick renovations and upgrades, and they need HVAC systems that can handle those changes. Engineered Systems reports that when Critchfield Mechanical needed to ventilate California's Capitol Area East End Complex, they went with a unique raised-floor fan terminal system that provides future flexibility.

Wireless Sensors Could Save Billions

Wireless Sensors Could Save Billions Rising energy costs have raised interest in wireless automation systems. This means huge potential for the HVAC industry, and two companies — Resensys, LLC, and Optixtal — have seized the opportunity with the GreenPatch. Weighing only 9.1 g, the flexible wireless sensor can be attached anywhere. Manufacturing Business Technology reports wireless technologies could lead to HVAC savings for commercial buildings of $20 billion per year.

Still Cool at 200 F

Still Cool at 200 F A new dual high-temperature cabinet cooler system from EXAIR can protect sensitive electronics in ambient environments up to 200 F. The advanced system keeps things cool by using compressed air without refrigerants, and keeps large enclosures within two degrees of their specified temperature setting, protecting the sensitive electronics inside.

Hospital Hits Energy Goals

Hospital Hits Energy Goals Canadian Healthcare Facilities magazine took a closer look at the new high performance HVAC system in the LEED Gold-certified Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre in British Columbia. The system features Daikin McQuay centrifugal chillers, as well as special air handling units custom-designed to meet strict indoor air quality requirements and energy-savings goals.

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June 6, 2012 - Volume 1 Issue 1
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