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Autotestcon Explores Modular Test
Autotestcon Explores Modular Test

Every year, Autotestcon brings together test-equipment purveyors and users in government, military, and aerospace applications. This report from Evaluation Engineering covering this year's entry describes two sessions that specifically addressed trends and advances in modular instrumentation aimed at that environment. The first featured a panel of experts who compared such instruments based on the current crop of bus architectures with their stand-alone counterparts. The second session included a paper that took a detailed look at AXIe. Links in this report take you to additional resources on the subject.

Coming Soon: IHS GlobalSpec's ONLINE Medical Equipment Design Event — 4/30/14
Coming Soon: IHS GlobalSpec's ONLINE Medical Equipment Design Event — 4/30/14

IHS GlobalSpec's Medical Equipment Design FREE online event will provide you with a look at the latest advances and developments in the areas of medical grade materials and products; electrical and electronic components and equipment; computers, imaging, and software; plus home healthcare and diagnostics.

Exhibitor Opportunities
Speaking Opportunities

One Stop Calibration
One Stop Calibration

Liberty Calibration Corps

The Liberty Calibration Corps can provide all of your calibration needs for Mil Standards from design, testing, and production requirements in the area of electrical/electronic instrumentation, RF, antennas, mechanical, and dimensional. All of these services can be provided at our facilities or on location at the customers' location.

Planar 808/1 VNA
Planar 808/1 VNA

Copper Mountain Technologies

Copper Mountain's Planar 808/1 is a four port VNA which operates with an external PC, opening a new range of possibilities for users who need multiport instrumentation for lab, production, or field use. This lab quality VNA offers an extensive feature set, multiple data saving options, and is fully programmable for incorporation in automated applications.

High-pressure Comparator Joins Pressure Gauges
Comparator Joins
Pressure Gauges
Ametek Test & Calibration

Crystal Engineering, a leader in high-end portable pressure calibrators and digital test gauges, has introduced the new GaugeCalHP pressure comparator for test and calibration applications up to 15,000 psi. This device is suitable for use with water or oil, in the field or laboratory, and is compatible with most-large size pressure gauges. Available from Ametek.

The SPICE of Testing

The SPICE of Testing SPICE simulators offer both visibility and versatility to accommodate a wide range of circuit behaviors. This version includes sufficient power to handle the most sophisticated applications. Its interactive graphical interface reduces the learning curve for students and other novices while still giving experienced engineers the flexibility to perform complex "what if" analyses.

Join National Instruments for a Complimentary Technology and Innovation Workshop
Join National
Instruments for a
Complimentary Technology and
Innovation Workshop
National Instruments

Attend NIDays, a one-day, complimentary, multitrack event conveniently located in a city near you. NIDays will feature industry experts and NI employees teaching more than 50 technical sessions; hands-on workshops; partner demonstrations; visionary keynote presentations; and a 3,000 sq ft exhibition. Expand your knowledge. Build your network. Accelerate your innovations. Register today.

Everything = Timing™ for Colby Instruments Programmable Delay Line Instruments
Everything = Timing™ for
Colby Instruments
Programmable Delay Line

Colby Instruments, Inc.

Colby Instruments programmable delay line instruments offer precision programmable phase shift to 0.18 degrees per 1 GHz or since Everything = Timing; the precision is to 0.50 picoseconds per step!

Sign up for a 15-day evaluation unit and try it out in your lab.

Visit us at

Serious About Your Measurement Challenges
Serious About Your

Fischer Technology, Inc.

Fischer measurement technology is successfully used worldwide in a wide range of industries. We have developed many solutions together with our customers for specific applications. Regardless of how general or specific your measurement application is — together we will find a solution.

How to Build It so They Will Come

How to Build It so They Will Come
You've decided to build a modular test system that will meet your needs. How do you design it? This archived Webinar (Part 3 of a series) takes a top-down approach, beginning by separating tasks that are specific to a particular DUT from those common to all or a significant subset of system operations. Don't forget to download the accompanying PowerPoint presentation. (Registration required.)

Getting the Data to Where It's Going

Getting the Data to Where It's Going With ever-denser data streams traveling at ever-faster speeds, quality of the cables carrying that data becomes increasingly important. This piece examines testing active optical cables (AOCs), especially for communication systems running at 10 Gbit/sec and above. AOCs offer smaller size and lighter weight than electrical cables, improving airflow in applications such as server farms where they reduce cooling requirements, which reduces power consumption and lowers costs.

Testing for High Current and High Power

Testing for High Current and High Power
When you need a single channel to test high-current and high-power devices and assemblies, why pay for more? This one-channel source-measurement unit (SMU) features 4-quadrant performance with 6½ digit resolution, built-in plug-and-play capability, and Java-based software. Applications include solar cells, characterization of semiconductor junction temperatures, high-speed digitization, and electromigration studies.

Check the Power at the Source

Check the Power at the Source To verify batteries, fuel cells, and other power sources, these programmable DC loads offer both flexibility and performance. The 200 to 600 W modules fit into a 4-slot mainframe to a maximum of 2400 W. All modules run at constant current, constant voltage, constant power, or constant impedance, accommodating a wide range of applications. If you need even higher power, a mainframe extension doubles capacity to 4800 W.

When Standards Look Fuzzy

When Standards Look Fuzzy
Transportation modules and systems must conform to a wide variety of sometimes contradictory standards. A railroad that crosses an international border, for example, requires conforming to EMI regulations set by all countries along the route. This article looks at managing these conflicting goals in an environment generally hostile to the electronics you are testing, including some of the specific tests and modules that you will need.

Waveforms Made to Order

Waveforms Made to Order When design verification or production test requires a special baseband and modulation waveform to get reliable results, how do you generate precisely the one that you need? Instead of trying to cope with multiple instruments and formats, this application note describes a software package that — in conjunction with the company's vector signal generator — lets you assemble waveforms from segments included with the software or create them yourself from scratch.

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October 30, 2013 - Volume 2 Issue 1
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One Stop Calibration; Planar 808/1 VNA; High-pressure Comparator Joins Pressure Gauges; Serious About Your Measurement Challenges
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