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U.S. Setting New Records
Hybrids Ascending and EVs Waning?

Hybrid vehicles have been regarded as precursors of all-electric cars. But battery costs and limited vehicle range may have caused some automakers to hedge their bets on electric vehicles (EVs). Audi and its VW parent, seeing only small urban cars and specialty sports models as viable electric platforms, are heavily into hybrids. They are also developing plug-in hybrids and "range enhanced" EVs which, like Chevy's Volt, have a small internal combustion generator on board. However, as discussed in this video, Renault-Nissan is going full-tilt and looking at four all-electric vehicles, one of which targets 400 km (249 miles) between recharges.

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Connector Solutions for Wind Engines
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Fiber Optics Solutions for Wind Turbines
Adchem Bonds to Engineered Automotive Plastics
Adchem Corporation

Adchem Corporation, a major supplier of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for the automotive market, has added its new 650 family of adhesive tapes designed for Low Surface Energy substrate bonding. Adchem provides bonding studies for its high performance adhesive tape systems to a variety of engineered plastics including TPO's, TPE's, and TPV's.

Vertical Wind Power Generator
A Master of the Air Conquers the Water
ebm-papst Automotive & Drives, Inc.

At ebm-papst, we have been providing our customers with high efficiency fans and drives for generations. Now, as we move forward together into a more energy focused future, we have incorporated our proficiency with brushless DC motors into a family of efficient pumps designed for the automotive and hybrid/electric segments.

Electric Car Provides a (Culture) Shock

Direct Drive Turbine Developments In an ideal world, electric vehicles would leapfrog hybrid powertrains as the most environmentally-friendly. But the transition to such all-electric vehicles, at least those powered by batteries, could require a new mindset on the part of drivers. Here are the driving experiences of one engineer/journalist with the charging regimen of the Nissan LEAF.

Connector Solutions for Wind Engines
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SKF® WindCon — Proactive Wind Turbine Monitor

Solvent-free Parts Washers Meet Precision Cleaning Requirements

AGITATION IMMERSION parts washers have 50 years proven capability for high production cleaning of precision turned, CNC machined, stampings, and deep drawn components. Jenfab Vertimatic machines combine Agitated Immersion and Turbulation for optimal cleaning action to remove chips-lubricants and shop soils.

Lean Clean parts washers are used for cellular cleaning.

Potentiometers for Wind Turbines
SAE J1939 Standards Collection
SAE International

The definitive source for documents related to J1939 CAN-based communications network, this annual subscription provides access to the entire J1939 family of standards, including 17 J1939 standards, plus related standards and technical papers. For more information, or to download a new J1939 white paper, visit

Encoders for Alternative Energy
Automotive Rubber Products
Elasto Proxy Inc.

For over a decade, Elasto Proxy has provided high-quality rubber and plastic parts to Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers for the automotive industry. Because we listen, Elasto Proxy understands that quality, inventory, and price are the "Big Three" ways to beat the competition and ensure efficient operations.

Speed Sensors for Wind Turbines
Dot Peen Marking Solutions
Dapra Corporation

Multi 4 Dot Peen Marking solution for semi- and fully-automated marking applications. Available in multiple sizes and marking windows, this Direct Part Marking solution is completely electric in operation. Marks alpha-numeric text, DataMatrix codes, date codes, and serial numbers directly on part. Standard with protective cover and I/O for simple interfaces.

Reliable Fiber Optics Solutions for Wind Turbines

New No-drift Absolute Gaging Package
Heidenhain Corporation

ACANTO Absolute Length Gages plus ND 2100G GAGE-CHEK readouts are ideal for fixed gaging and inspection. Holds 2 µm accuracy over entire length while ensuring linearity. Spring operated and pneumatic models, 12 mm and 30 mm lengths. ND 2100G manages up to 100 parts: 16 visible plus 16 hidden features each.

Recharge Your Car Wirelessly

Turbulence Modeling Tames Tight Turbines A joint industry-based collaboration aims to develop a green technology enabling plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle consumers to charge their automobiles wirelessly in their garage or in a parking spot. Eliminating the need for plugs or charging cords, the novel wireless charging system can charge a vehicle in a similar amount of time as if it were plugged into a standard household outlet.

'Air Hybrids' Not Just Blowing Smoke

Turbine Transformer Tips Pneumatic or air-hybrid vehicles, which store regenerative brake energy as compressed air, could be much cheaper to produce than electric and battery-electric-hybrid types and may halve fuel consumption of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. The ICE is used as a 2-stroke compressor to generate compressed air during vehicle deceleration. On acceleration, the engine operates as an air-motor driven by the pressurized air connected to one of the engine inlet valves, which serve as the pneumatic tank valve. The hybrid concept, developed by a doctoral student at Sweden's Lund University using a Scania truck engine, is examined in a Gizmag article.

Nissan Debuts 7-speed Hybrid Transmission

Bird and Bat Science Nissan's Pure Drive hybrid powertrain hit the market recently in the Infiniti M sedan. A key component is the Jatco 7-speed planetary gear transmission. The gearbox has a forward single dry-plate clutch and an automatic rear clutch to alternate between electric, gasoline internal combustion (ICE), and electric/ICE combined and regenerative modes.

Eco-friendly Super Car

Taming Transport Bottlenecks In a world chock full of supercars, does 500+ horsepower, a 199 MPH top speed, and a 0-to-60 time of 3.1 seconds leave you yawning? What if that same car was a plug-in hybrid that could get 78 MPG? Porsche's 918 Spyder is now available for order with a V8 gas engine and two additional electric motors generating another 200+ horsepower. Which leaves one to ponder, at $845,000 a copy, will buyers care about saving money on gas?

New MOSFETs Qualified for Automotive Applications

Ultra-capacitors Make Their Pitch A new family of automotive-qualified MOSFETs is optimized for low on-state resistance and does not require an additional charge pump for gate drive, thus reducing board space and component count. The device family, comprising 55 V and 150 V standard gate drive N-Channel MOSFETs, and -55 V and -100 V standard gate drive P-channel MOSFETs, is AEC-Q101 qualified for automotive applications and aimed at high-side switch applications in internal combustion engine (ICE), hybrid, and full electric vehicles.

Zinc-air and Micro-batteries Take on Li-ion

Driving Drivetrain Reliability 3D microbatteries and zinc-air batteries could be viable low-cost alternatives to lithium-ion for powering future electric vehicles (EVs) thanks to their faster charging, increased storage capacities, and lifespan. The 3D micro-batteries rely on tall nanowires for increased energy storage capacity, while the zinc-air batteries produce electricity from the oxidation of electrolyte-soaked zinc pellets by atmospheric oxygen.

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