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The Growing Functionality of PLC-based Control Systems

Advances in electronics manufacturing are infusing greater connectivity, embedded processing power, and safety in control hardware throughout the automation infrastructure. Adoption of deterministic communications protocols, such as Ethernet, HART, and IO-Link, is driving the expansion of connectivity. Programmable processors, analog interfaces, and firmware that support multiple protocols enable these implementations. Greater miniaturization and integration, as well as lower power consumption, permit more powerful embedded processing, which allows more channels per system and remote I/O. This intelligent functionality is migrating from central controllers to distributed local control. Integrated diagnostics and safety features, supported by dedicated low-cost processors, provide improved safety.

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Honeywell — Imagine a World Without Wires
Allied Electronics, Inc.

Honeywell Wireless Limitless Switches let you explore more possibilities than ever before. Limitless devices have up to a 305 m line-of-sight range, are no longer tethered by wire, and conform to the international IEEE 802.15.4 standard for increased security. Honeywell offers solutions for every industry. Learn more.

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Matching Machine Safety with Sensors

Identifying the most appropriate sensor or sensor/actuator combination to comply with safety requirements can be challenging. Each sensor type operates on different principles. Then there's the need to balance safety, productivity, and ease of use. Engineeringtalk spotlights considerations engineers should keep in mind and issues they should address when deciding which component should be used for safety gates, mechanical guards, and safety switches.

ANSI RIA Standards for Robotics
American National Standards Institute, Inc.

Download RIA robot safety standards. Or use keyword search for "automation" to access standards from ISO, IEC,
British Standards, SEMI, CLSI,
and many more. These provide coverage from automation of
laboratories, to power plants,
robotic welding, network
communication for
automation systems, etc.

Allen-Bradley® GuardLogix® Panel Solution
Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

The Allen-Bradley GuardLogix Panel helps address global safety standards and regulations. The panel uses a standard ControlLogix processor for true integrated control that provides SIL 3 safety capability. This pre-configured hardware solution helps reduce your engineering, labor, and installation costs, allowing you to reduce your procurement and startup time.

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Nesting Machine Control and Safety

Until recently, machines and robots required two automation systems — one for control and the other for safety. Today, a single system can perform both functions, with one network carrying all I/O signals. According to, the cost difference between the two types of controllers has narrowed, and new systems are faster and require less cabinet space, wiring, and engineering and integration time.

Save up to 50%
Modular Stacklights/

WERMA modular stacklights permanent, blinking, rotating, flashing, and buzzers/sirens.

The IP54 50 mm series allows
up to four steady or blinking
incandescent or LED lights and
80 dB audible element.

Promoting Plant Safety
RAMCO Manufacturing Co., Inc.


Ramco Safety Shields promote plant safety by detecting, controlling, and preventing hazardous sprayouts from hitting people or equipment. Our products are available in many different high performance materials to match your application requirements. Safety shields are available for flanges, valves, expansion joints, pumps, and many other pipe fittings.

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Key to Safety

Operator safety is paramount in all machine tool operations. So here is a video from Haas that outlines some of the latest safety-related features provided by its CNC control systems. They include a simple set-up mode on-off key that makes it impossible for operators to gain access to the machining area while production operations are in progress.

Sizing Motors Right: Why and How

This Control Engineering article explains why it's important to correctly size a motor for a given load, refuting the notion that it's smart to oversize a motor and then run it lightly loaded. Then it shows readers how to come up with a safe and efficient motor installation, a task that includes determining the proper load horsepower, wiring, and breaker size.

Know Before It Blows!

The list of industrial products that use extreme heat as part of the manufacturing process includes petroleum, industrial gases, steel, and many more. Monitoring the heating vessels has always been difficult. Fiber optic sensors and thermocouples are the traditional answer, but the same heat that they monitor means these sensors will begin to degrade the day they are installed. Thermal cameras provide real-time information that can be stored in a manufacturing execution system or maintenance software, reducing maintenance time and enhancing predictive capabilities, which helps to eliminate hot spots that can lead to ruptures and subsequent loss of life and property.

Safe by Design

Tired of aftermarket safety solutions that slow productivity and don't do their job? This Webcast talks about designing safety systems into your machines so they don't adversely affect productivity, while complying with regulations and speeding maintenance by using advanced machine diagnostics.

Be Smart About Safety

Distributed intelligent devices, including intelligent safety devices, improve system operation. Distributing intelligent safety devices creates a survivable and adaptable system that allows maintenance of automation and other moving equipment without requiring complete power shutdowns. Intelligent systems can also provide tremendous energy savings and increased profitability.

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