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Better Lab Safety Management

Working in a laboratory means working with chemical and biological materials, not to mention potentially dangerous equipment. Are your lab safety schedules, inventory policies, and individual worker registrations enough to protect you and your staff? Perhaps your facility could use a lab safety research management system. Such systems are designed to manage the complexities of safety and compliance in an efficient, cost-effective manner. What could be better than a safety first approach that saves both time and money?

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CellGard NU-481 Hazardous Drug: Energy Alternative for Powder and Carcinogenic Work
NuAire, Inc.

Compounding hazardous drugs and powders is safer, and more comfortable than ever, with the Cellgard 481 HD Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinet. Canister shaped HEPA filters beneath the work surface provides protection and extends filter life! Best of all, they can be exchanged with a simple bag-in bag-out process.

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Microreactors Ensure Macro-safety

New micro-reactors my change how chemical reactions are designed in a large scale environment. The reactors break down large scale manufacturing by dividing the product into microchannels, several thousand of which can be assembled simultaneously. As this video demonstrates, large quantities can still be manufactured, but risks are confined within a tiny volume, providing a much higher level of safety.

Save on Safety — Grainger Industrial Supply
Grainger Industrial Supply

There's a lot of safety products out there, and Grainger gives you more than 44,000 to choose from. And it doesn't stop there — you can also find safety services and expertise to help keep your employees and facility safe. Check out Grainger. You'll feel a whole lot safer.

Customized Chemical Fume Hoods for Laboratories
Sentry Air Systems, Inc.

Sentry Air Systems offers complimentary consultation and engineering drawings for Customized Chemical Fume Hoods. These hoods help to provide operator respiratory protection from hazardous chemical compounds. Whether you have specific requests for size, chemical-resistant material, air volume, application-specific additions, or amendments; Sentry Air Systems will have a solution for you.

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Self-laminating Labels for Safety

A new line of labels for laboratory use has been designed to eliminate written errors. These computer-printable labels from CILS sport a clear wrap-around protective tail that provides a permanent and immediate high-strength bond, ensuring the safety of your printed variable data. The labels can be used in applications involving tubes, vials, and IVF straws, and can withstand the rigors of cryogenic freezer storage, steam sterilization cycles, or water baths.

Protect Workers with a Faucet Eyewash
Select Safety Sales, LLC


Select Safety Sales faucet style eyewash stations are perfect for laboratories and medical offices. They are easy to install on existing faucets and allow for efficient use of space without compromising safety. Faucet style eyewash stations are ANSI compliant to ensure that worker's eyes are protected from hazardous splashes.

Chemical and Gas Handling Safety Standards
American National Standards Institute, Inc.

Is your chemical plant a model of safety? Safety standards for chemical production facilities, refineries, petroleum, and related industries. Health and safety professionals, workers, and managers responsible for operations, facility management, testing, and production or R&D, and those providing goods or services to these industries, should review these standards.

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Filter Media Traps Flu Viruses

Just in time for the flu season, scientists in China have developed a new material for face masks and air filters that captures airborne influenza viruses. Using chitosan, a fiber-like product made from ground shrimp shells — a substance that flu viruses like to attach to — the researchers created a material they say is highly effective for use in filtration media to trap the viruses.

Hood Offers Benefits Beyond Filtering

For those laboratories seeking containment and removal of vapors, mists, and particulates, a new biological fume hood from the Baker Company may be a solid option. The BSC fume hood provides protection of samples, personnel, and surrounding environments, while enhancing sustainability, productivity, and ergonomics. Additional features include: minimized noise via a revolutionary exhaust airflow system, drastically reduced power requirements, and a safer filter exchange system.

Germ-free Fabrics Now Possible

A University of Georgia professor has developed a simple treatment that renders medical garments and other textile fabrics germ free. The secret sauce consists of synthesized polymers that attach to natural fibers, like cotton, or to synthetics, such as polypropylene or polyester, to provide the anti-microbial effect.

Are Safety Myths Placing Your Company at Risk?

Many professionals assume that their equipment and operations are safe. However, safety perceptions may be guided more by myth than actual data. Chemical Processing provides a review of the most common safety myths that can give organizations a false sense of security. The piece also provides solid information on the correct approach to each issue.

The Contagion of BPA

Controversy over bisphenol-A or BPA has become a hot button issue for policymakers and scientists. Research into this compound now shows that recycling of thermal receipts that contain BPA (which includes 94% of all receipts) can spread the chemical to other paper products. So if thermal receipts containing BPA are recylced and end up incorporated into toilet paper, napkins, or paper packaging, the chemical can contaminate these products.

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