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U.S. Setting New Records
Power Saver for Wireless Medical Devices

Low power wireless connectivity is attainable in an array of medical devices with the advent of Bluetooth Core Specification 4.0. Technology features, including 5-10 year button cell battery life in low duty cycle applications, are outlined in Medical Electronics Design. Power consumption is minimized due to event-driven data acquisition/transfer architecture.

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Connector Solutions for Wind Engines
Three Spots Available

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Fiber Optics Solutions for Wind Turbines
Greenleaf Corporation
Technical Ceramic
Composite Materials
Greenleaf Corporation

Greenleaf technical ceramic products have established a reputation of quality and innovation. They produce custom products to your specifications utilizing high-quality raw materials and their extensive array of capable production processes. Quality is a hallmark of Greenleaf products. Trust Greenleaf for all of your technical ceramic needs.

Vertical Wind Power Generator
Cable Solutions for
Critical Medical
Westek Electronics, Inc.

Westek's medical division provides custom molded cable solutions for critical medical environments. Let our engineering team partner with you to create a complete, reliable OEM solution. Westek is ISO 13485, ANSI/AAMI EC53, and IPC/WHMA-A-620 certified. Contact us today to learn more about our no charge engineering, design, and prototyping services.

An EPIC Sensor for Remote ECG

Direct Drive Turbine Developments Dry contact ECG remote monitoring is possible with the Electric Potential Integrated Circuit (EPIC) sensor from the UK. The digital voltmeter detects millivolt changes in electric fields simply by holding one sensor in each hand or through clothing. Wider applications include improved movement of prosthetic limbs, or computer screen manipulation by the disabled via eye movement.

Connector Solutions for Wind Engines
Six Spots Available

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SKF® WindCon — Proactive Wind Turbine Monitor
Advanced 3D Software
Development Toolkit for
Medical Imaging
Visualization Sciences Group,
Inc. (VSG)

Open Inventor® is the premier solution for high-level 3D programming in all types of medical applications. With Open Inventor you can easily integrate advanced 3D visualization into your software, deliver ultimate 3D graphics, maximize your productivity, and develop first-class applications.

Potentiometers for Wind Turbines

Medical Millimeter
Scale Wireless Sensors
Cymbet Corporation


Small autonomous medical wireless sensors can only be powered one of two ways — batteries or energy harvested from the ambient environment. Go to for a white paper on Zero Power Wireless Sensors, Cymbet EnerChip solid state batteries, and energy harvesting ultra low power management solutions.

Encoders for Alternative Energy
Miniature Precision
Pneumadyne, Inc.

Pneumadyne's Miniature Precision Regulator offers highly accurate air pressure control in a compact package. With an output pressure range up to 100 psi and high flow rate of 4.5 scfm, this Precision Regulator is extremely dependable and repeatedly returns to the set pressure when turned off and on.

Speed Sensors for Wind Turbines
Hi-Voltage Transformers
for Life Support Medical

The 4283-1200 Series Hi-Voltage Flyback Transformers from Datatronics Romoland, Inc. are ideal for life-support medical applications, including portable and implantable defibrillator/pacemakers that require a high-voltage, low-power design. Virtually corona-free, they are reliable in harsh environments. Our Short Form Catalog is the smarter, simpler way to select magnetics for high-reliability applications.

Reliable Fiber Optics Solutions for Wind Turbines
Multiple Connections
Made Easy
Colder Products Company

Hybrid Connectors from Colder Products Company provide a compact, single connection point for power, air, and fluid lines, eliminating the need for multiple connections between remote tools and a device. Hybrid Connectors simplify the user interface, speed device setup, and improve patient safety by eliminating misconnections.

Portable Diagnostics Depend on Solid Analog Design

Turbulence Modeling Tames Tight Turbines The process of getting patient vital signs data into a portable diagnostic tool is delicate in the extreme, as the signals, such as those from ECG leads, are extremely weak. Astute analog and mixed-signal design approaches are required every step of the way, right up to the conversion to digital form. This overview piece in Electronic Design outlines the challenges encountered in the design of a variety of portable diagnostic devices.

Small and Efficient Power Supply

Turbine Transformer Tips The compact size of this AC-DC power supply makes it ideal for use in home healthcare and portable medical systems. Considered the smallest 60 W unit available, the convection-cooled dynamo offers efficiencies of 87-89%. The 2 x 3 x 1.05 in. (50.8 x 76.2 x 26.7 mm) unit also meets international medical safety standards.

Time for a Blood Pressure Check

Bird and Bat Science A continuous blood pressure monitor in wristwatch form is the focus of a two-month clinical trial underway in Singapore. Arterial pulse waves measured at the wrist are converted into useful data by proprietary software and transmitted to a centralized station for analysis. Improved cardiovascular care is the goal of such remote, real-time monitoring.

Power to the Portable

Taming Transport Bottlenecks For portable diagnostic devices, power consumption when connected to an external power source, operating time when on batteries, and patient safety at all times depend on proper power design. Add in the increased computing power required and there is quite a power design challenge. A design piece in Medical Design Technology discusses the balancing act required to achieve a system that achieves the goals.

Hidden Spectrum

Ultra-capacitors Make Their Pitch Wireless connectivity at frequencies away from commonly used portions of the spectrum could be a boon to designers and manufacturers of portable medical devices. It turns out that there is just such a chunk of spectrum set aside by the FCC for “ultrawideband” radios operating at very low power output, an arrangement that is ideal for devices operating within a healthcare facility. The high-data-rate radios, for which there are internationally recognized standards, can operate over distances of three to thirteen meters.

Persistence Pays Off

Driving Drivetrain Reliability There is a third way – a messaging system for embedded systems different from either the better-known asynchronous or synchronous schemes. Although requiring a robust file system and a reliable storage medium, persistent publish/subscribe (PPS) messaging could be the answer for portable medical devices containing sensors, displays, input devices and an HMI. PPS has several advantages for this kind of system, including data retention after reboot.

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