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GlobalSpec: Solar Energy Systems Special Edition
Solar Energy Systems
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Colossal Collector Trims CSP Costs
Colossal Collector Trims CSP Costs

The longest operating concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in the U.S. now features the world's largest aperture parabolic trough solar collector. Currently operating at the Sunray Energy facility in California, the Large Aperture Trough 73 promises to reduce the installed cost of a parabolic trough field by 25%. Optical accuracy greater than 99% is imparted by high reflectivity Solar Mirror Film 1100 reflector panels from 3M. The collector, with a 7.3 m aperture size and concentration factor exceeding 100x, provides 275 kW at peak output. Technology developers discuss efficiency and economic gains in this video.


Patton's Webinar: Migrating Serial to Ethernet/IP for Device Communications — 9/18/2012 Patton's Webinar: Patton's Webinar: Migrating Serial to Ethernet/IP for Device Communications — 9/18/2012
Migrating Serial to Ethernet/IP for Device Communications — 9/18/2012

On September 18, Patton will present "Migrating Serial to Ethernet/IP for Device Communications". Join your peers for this free, informative, and interactive ONLINE Webinar — right from the convenience of your desktop. Learn more about the chief benefits of migrating from Serial to IP. Register today!

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Photovoltaic Wire and Solar Cable
Photovoltaic Wire and Solar Cable
Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire's new solar cables and photovoltaic wire are designed for the harsh environments of solar energy applications —the hot and cold of climate extremes, ozone and UV radiation, moisture, oil, and direct burial. The cables use a specially formulated PVC jacket to provide years of reliable service.

Aluminum Foils High Panel Costs

Aluminum Foils High Panel Costs The 4,992 thin-film solar panels installed recently at a California National Guard training facility were fabricated with a high-throughput, roll-to-roll printing process. Aluminum foil is coated with proprietary copper-indium-gallium-selenium inks in a method that eliminates high-cost vacuum deposition. The 230 W panels offer 11.5% module efficiency, and a metal wrap-through back-contact design enables manufacture of cells more efficiently.

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  SKF Solar Linear Actuators Introduced
SKF Solar Linear Actuators Introduced
SKF/North America

The new SKF® Solar Linear Actuators (Type CASD-60) enables precise tracking of the sun throughout the seasons to improve solar power generation. It is designed for a 20-year service life and can be applied for the full range of photovoltaic, concentrating photovoltaic, or concentrating solar power systems...(more).

  A Solar System's Intelligence Resides in Its Electrical Installation

A Solar System's
Intelligence Resides in Its
Electrical Installation
Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a unique partner for all project phases: from site assessment to grid-tie substation design to final testing and commissioning. State-of-the-art inverters, pre-wired PV boxes, and Square D balance of system components provide maximum efficiency.

Download "Solar Solutions" for the chance to win an Apple iPad!

Faster Measurement for Faster Innovation

Faster Measurement for Faster Innovation A system that can measure the power output of PV devices in 4 seconds could expedite new solar technology development. That's how fast the automated measuring system designed by U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology researchers gauges PV spectral response. Off-the-shelf components, including 32 LEDs lit either sequentially or simultaneously, comprise the accurate and durable set-up.

Need Reliable Remote Site Power?
Need Reliable Remote Site Power?
SunWize Technologies, Inc.

SunWize solar electric systems provide power for outdoor equipment 24/7 at sites where utility power is not available for telecommunications, well-site automation, cathodic protection, security, traffic safety, and more. Visit our booth at GlobalSpec's Solar Energy Online Trade Show, October 17, to learn more.

Metal-formed PV Rooftop Solar Mounts
Metal-formed PV Rooftop Solar Mounts
Leonhardt Manufacturing

World-class lean manufacturer can bend, weld, or mechanically fasten square, round, or rectangular tube-shaped photovoltaic rack supports into assemblies for roof-mounted solar systems. We are an ISO 9001 and ESOP company renowned for reducing expenses through lean manufacturing, JIT delivery, and streamlined supply chain management. See more.

Cables for Renewable Energy — Solar and Wind
Cables for Renewable Energy — Solar and Wind
HI-Tech Controls, Inc.

Hi-Tech Controls offers cables that work for both photo-voltaic systems and wind turbines. Our photo-voltaic cables are UV resistant, halogen-free, and temperature resistant. Wind Power Systems cables are specially manufactured for high power handling and control wiring.

Canadians Warm Up to PV

Canadians Warm Up to PV Replacing crystalline silicon with amorphous silicon cells turns up the heat output in PV-thermal systems. Researchers from Queen's University, Canada, documented increased heat production due to higher operating temperatures, along with 10% more electricity generation. Since less material is needed relative to crystalline silicon, lower manufacturing costs are incurred and a higher return on investment is realized.

Solar Application Breaks the Mold

Solar Application Breaks the Mold A series of videos shows how one California company integrated solar concentrating technology into its rotational molding operations. Low-cost heliostats focus sunlight directly on inexpensive molding armatures in a zero carbon emissions process that costs less than typical gas-fired rotomolding systems. Already used to recycle plastic, solar thermal rotational molding may find application in blow and injection molding as well as in agriculture.

More Than Window Dressing

More Than Window Dressing University of California (Los Angeles) researchers report an advance for building-integrated PV in the form of a polymer cell that converts infrared light into electrical current. With transparency approaching 70%, the solution-processed cell can be used as smart window material. The top transparent electrode is composed of silver nanowire composite films while the transparent conductor is fabricated with a silver nanowire-titanium dioxide nanoparticle mixture.

Fountain of Photovoltaic Youth?

Fountain of Photovoltaic Youth? Key to solar energy parity with fossil fuels is keeping technology costs down, enhancing module reliability, and extending device service life. Researchers from Dow Corning and Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE) have contributed to these goals in the form of a silicone lamination process. Coating cells with silicone protects fragile electronic components to the benefit of module lifetime and sustained output.

A Healing Use for Solar Cells

A Healing Use for Solar Cells Solar cells are gaining traction as alternatives to biofuel cells to power nanorobots and other medical devices in vivo. Chemistry World highlights a 980 nm laser-driven dye-sensitized PV cell developed at Donghua University, China, to supply wireless nanobiodevices. Maximum power output of 22.2 µW at a laser intensity of 720 mW/sq cm was documented when tested beneath a layer of chicken skin.

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