Wires and cables are used to transmit electrical power or signals.

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AC Power Cords (441 suppliers)

AC power cords carry alternating current from one area to another. There are many different standard plugs and voltages, depending upon the country.
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Audio Cables (287 suppliers)

Audio cables transmit audible signals such as voice and music. They are designed to minimize noise and interference that can impair sound quality.  Audio cables connect an audio source such as a stereo or microphone to an audio receiver or output such as speakers. Most products are shielded to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI), typically with a foil and/or braided shield.  
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Bare conductor wire and cable is made of conducting materials to carry electric current.
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Coaxial cables have an inner conductor insulated by a dielectric material and then surrounded by an outer conductor that is shielded with braid or foil. Triaxial cables add an extra layer of insulation and a second conductive sheath. They are commonly known as coax and triax, and are chosen because of their protection against external electromagnetic interference.
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Electrical Power Wires (627 suppliers)

Electrical power wires are solid or stranded conductors surrounded by insulation, shielding, and a protective jacket. 
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Multiconductor Cables (742 suppliers)

Multiconductor cables contain two or more conductors. Each conductor consists of a single wire or a combination of wires.
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Network Cables (774 suppliers)

Network cables are used in the transmission of data across networks. Choices include Fibre Channel, FireWire or IEEE 1394, GPIB, serial, parallel, patch, SCSI, Ethernet and USB.
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Video Cables (436 suppliers)

Video cables are used for the transmission of video signals, including monochrome, composite and component color video signals. 
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