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Power Connectors

(677 companies)
Power connectors transfer AC or DC through a variety of electronic devices and are used in a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Power connectors range from simple AC or DC inlets and outlets to sophisticated power entry modules


(175 companies)
Power MOSFETs are majority carrier devices which have high input impedance and do not exhibit minority carrier storage effects, thermal runaway, or secondary breakdown. Power MOSFETs have higher breakdown voltages than bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) and can be used in higher frequency applications where switching power losses are important.

Power Rectifiers

(264 companies)
Power rectifiers are electrical devices that convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). They are an integral part of telecom rectifiers for the telecommunications industry, and in battery chargers, DC power systems, and other power system devices.

Power Generation Systems

(119 companies)
Power generation systems are power generators and related systems that are used in power plants or large-scale power generation facilities.
Power frequency converters take electrical input power at one frequency and voltage and provide electrical output power at a different frequency and at a different or equal voltage.

AC Power Connectors

(311 companies)
AC power connectors transfer alternating current through a variety of electronic devices. AC power connectors include simple AC inlets, outlets, and power entry modules.

Power Plugs

(108 companies)
Power plugs are male connectors used to distribute power to electrical devices.

Power Meters

(398 companies)
Power meters are used for high-accuracy measurements of power over a wide-frequency bandwidth, and from both AC and DC circuits.

Power Diodes

(62 companies)
Power diodes are used mainly in high-power applications. They are built with large P-N junctions in order to pass large amounts of current and dissipate large amounts of heat.

Switching Power Supplies

(294 companies)
Switching power supplies are DC sources that use a switching element (normally a power transistor) to generate the desired voltage. Switching power supplies are also called switch-mode products or switching mode power supplies (SMPS).
Programmable power supplies are digitally controlled power sources that provide accurate and adjustable levels of voltage, current, and frequency. They include a processor, voltage/current programming circuits, current shunt, and voltage/current read-back circuits.

AC Power Sources

(257 companies)
AC power sources provide alternating power and typically have adjustable output values for the testing of component response at various voltages, current and frequency levels.

Power Feeds

(13 companies)
Power feeds attach to the ball screws of milling machines, drilling machines, and other machine tools to provide an accurate, repeatable feed rate. They are designed to provide automated feed replacement for handwheels on manually-controlled machine tools.

SCR Power Supplies

(31 companies)
SCR power supplies use silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) topology to provide well-regulated voltage and current output.

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