Adjustable Speed Drives

(221 companies)
Adjustable speed drives alter the speed of a driven shaft to a speed selected by an operator.

Wheel and Track Drives

(13 companies)
Wheel and track drives are a gearbox, motor and brake assembly which power wheeled or tracked vehicles. Motors can be either electric or hydraulically powered.
PCMCIA hard drive cards provide high storage capacities for notebook and palmtop computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile systems, and PCMIA-equipped computers.

Stepper Motor Drives

(329 companies)
Stepper motor drives power unipolar and bipolar stepper motors in full step, half step, and microstep motion control applications.

Magnetic Drive Pumps

(266 companies)
Magnetic drive pumps are sealless pumps that use a coaxial magnetic coupling to transmit torque to an impeller. A standard electric motor drives a set of permanent magnets that are mounted on a carrier or drive assembly.
Drive sockets and adapters include individual products and packaged sets of removable wrench and interchangeable bit screwdriver attachments.

Gate Drive Transformers

(33 companies)
Gate drive transformers are used to modify the voltage level to a gate. They also provide impedance matching and voltage isolation.
Drive rollers and idler rollers convey materials along a belt or within an assembly. Drive rollers are powered by electric motors, while idler rollers are linked in a transmission or unpowered.

Metric Gears

(80 companies)
Types. Any type of gear can be a metric gear, including: Differential end gears. Gear stock or pinion wire. Hypoid gears. Miter and bevel gear sets. Racks and pinions. Spur gears. Worm drives and worm wheels. Specifications. More than just module...

Worms and Worm Gears

(204 companies)
Worms and worm gears are gear sets that offer high gear reduction and torque multiplication with a small footprint. A worm drive is a cylindrical gear with a shallow spiral thread that engages the worm gear in a non-intersecting, perpendicular axes configuration.

Motion Control Systems

(306 companies)
Motion control systems contain matched components such as controllers, motor drives, motors, encoders, user interfaces and software. Components in these systems are optimally matched by the manufacturer.

Steering Wheels

(17 companies)
Steering wheels are the most common manual interface to direct a vessel or vehicle. They are integral devices that control the orientation of the vehicle's directional mechanism, such as a rudder or rack-and-pinion system.

Gearbox Repair Services

(139 companies)
...worm, planetary, hypoid, and harmonic gears. Gear repair services cover the following gear types: spur, cycloidal, helical, bevel, miter, worm and worm gear, planetary, hypoid, and rack and pinion. Some gear and gearbox repair services offer...

Data Storage Systems

(794 companies)
Data storage systems are used to store, protect and manage computer data. Many types of disk drives and tape drives are available.
Instrument power connectors and computer power connectors are used to connect a computer 's power supply to a hard disk, floppy disk, compact disk (CD), digital video disk (DVD), or other type of disk drive.