Fuel Testers

(32 companies)
Fuel testers analyze the properties and composition of biofuels, gasoline, diesel, and petroleum-based fuels and fuel feedstocks.

Hot Cells

(9 companies)
Hot cells are shielded radiation containment chambers that allow operators to safely handle and manipulate radioactive isotopes. They are used in both the nuclear energy industry and in nuclear medicine.

Cell Processors

(10 companies)
Cell processors are multi-core processors that use cellular architecture for high performance distributed computing. They are made of hardware and software cells whose interoperability is similar to how neural cells perform in the human brain.
Photovoltaic cells or solar cells generate a voltage when radiant energy falls on the boundary between dissimilar substances. A solar panel, also called a photovoltaic panel, is a group of photovoltaic cells that are enclosed to keep the cells safe and so that the voltage obtained from each cell can be combined.

Photoconductive Cells

(41 companies)
Photoconductive cells are light-sensitive resistors, in which resistance decreases with an increase in light intensity when illuminated.

Scales and Balances

(996 companies)
...credits: ISASC; Sherline. Electronic Scales and Balances. The most common type of electronic scale is the digital scale. Digital scales are supplied with a load cell; this device supplies the measurement, and turns the mechanical energy...
Manufacturing cells and manufacturing systems consist of a number of machines organized together to perform multiple operations on a workpiece.

Cell Density Meters

(6 companies)
Cell density meters are spectrophotometers used to measure the density of biological cells in suspension.

Fuel Additives

(215 companies)
Fuel additives are chemical substances that are added to gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other fuels to impart or improve certain properties.

Fuel Injectors

(11 companies)
Fuel injectors dispense a fuel mist into an engine and can be controlled to deliver precise amounts of fuel at specified time intervals.

Automated Cell Counters

(22 companies)
Automated cell counters provide fast and accurate cell counts and concentrations through a variety of automated detection methods.
Phenolic, melamine and formaldehyde resins are thermosetting adhesives that offer strong bonds and good resistance to high temperatures.
Fuel dispensing equipment dispenses and monitors all types of liquid and gaseous fuel.
Filler caps and fuel caps are removable items used to close the opening of fluid containment system.


(2,499 companies)
Tubes are hollow cylinders used for fluid transport, structural applications, or electrical sheathing. They are usually cylindrical in shape, but may have round, rectangular, or square cross-sections.