Thermocouple simulators and resistance temperature detector (RTD) simulators provide precise standard values of resistance or voltage for simulation and calibration.

Gage Blocks

(124 companies) precision or master calibration gaging operations in temperature controlled metrology or standards laboratories. Grade 0.5 gage blocks under one inch in length should have length tolerances of +/- 1 micro-inches (1 mike or 1 millionth of an inch...

Analog Ammeters

(129 companies)
...may indicate a short circuit, unintentional ground, or defective component. Low current flow may indicate high resistance or poor current flow within the circuit. If the ammeter resistance is not significantly smaller than the load resistance...
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Inductance standards and decades provide highly accurate and digitally variable standard values of inductance for calibration, comparison and testing.
Capacitance standards and decades provide a highly accurate standard value of capacitance for calibration and testing.
Resistance standards and decade boxes provide a highly accurate standard value of resistance for calibration and testing.
Voltage dividers and voltage references provide highly-accurate reference voltages for calibration and testing purposes.
Environmental test equipment services for environmental test chambers, reactors, baths, incubators, laboratory ovens and furnaces, and vibrational shakers. Services may include repair, calibration, upgrading, rebuilding, installation, training and replacement.

Plug and Pin Gages

(194 companies)
Plug and pin gauges are used to compare hole and slot dimensions or locations to specific tolerances. This product area includes go gauges and no-go gauges.

Weather Instruments

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...standards include: ASTM E2551 (Standard test method for calibration of humidity generators for use with thermogravimetric analyzers). BS 692 (Specification for meteorlogical thermometers). BS 7843-1 (Acquisition and management of meteorological...

Clamp Meters

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Clamp meters are ammeters that can measure current without the need to disconnect the wires where the measurement occurs. They provide information about current draw and current continuity in order to help users troubleshoot erratic loads and trends.
Boiler services include repair, rebuilding, maintenance and installation of boilers. They may also provide cleaning, calibration, condition assessment, field inspection, failure analysis, and part replacement services.

Digital Ammeters

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Digital ammeters are instruments that measure current flow in amperes and display current levels on a digital display. These devices provide information about current draw and current continuity in order to help users troubleshoot erratic loads and trends

Air Gages

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Air gages use pneumatic pressure and flow to measure or sort dimensional attributes.