Analog resistance meters are instruments that measure electrical resistance. They display values on a dial, usually with a needle or moving pointer.

Analog Panel Meters

(170 companies)
Analog panel meters measure and display processes and electrical variables with a simple dial display.
Meter provers and flow proving components provide a known traceable volume to simulate actual operating conditions to test and verify the performance of flow meters and transfer meters.

Analog Comparators

(81 companies)
Analog comparators are amplifiers that compare the magnitude of voltages at two inputs. An analog comparator is an operational amplifier with negative feedback removed, and with no feedback and very high gain, the output voltage goes to one extreme to the other.

IC Analog Multiplexers

(72 companies)
Analog multiplexers have sets of switches that connect several analog inputs to a common analog output, allowing a single analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to sample data from multiple inputs.

IC Analog Switches

(98 companies)
IC analog switches are integrated circuits (ICs) that allow electric current to flow when closed and prevent current from flowing when open. They are often used to interface analog signals to digital controllers.
Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) chips transform information from analog to digital form.
Digital-to-analog converter (DAC) chips convert digital signals that represent binary numbers into proportional analog voltages.
...disturbances such as vibration, infrared radiation, ambient noise, and EMI radiation. Types. Ceramic and electrostatic sensing elements are common technologies for ultrasonic linear position sensors and switches. Ceramic sensorsare bonded to a metal...
ESD suppressors are semiconductors that protect electronic components and systems from electrostatic discharge (ESD).
Digital-to-analog converters (DAC) transform a digital number into a corresponding analog voltage or current.
Analog-to-digital converters (ADC) sample an analog signal and convert it to a series of digital values to represent the signal to a computer processor.
IC analog crosspoint switches are used for routing high speed signals such as video and audio signals. They are used in many different applications, and vary in terms of configuration and performance. IC analog crosspoint switches are available...
...or angled magnetic probe and an analog or digital meter with a zero reference point. Moving the magnetic probe over the surface of a conductive material such as a metal tube induces circulating currents (eddies) of electrons that oppose the externally...
Analog modem-to-cellular converters allow legacy equipment with built-in analog modems to connect to the cellular data networks by emulating the traditional dial-up PSTN network.

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