Board Mount Connectors

(194 companies)
Board Mounted Connectors or Circuit Board Connectors are connectors that can be used as components embedded on a computer board.

Balcony Systems

(15 companies)
Balcony systems (commonly referred to as balconies) are above-grade ledges which extend from a structure and primarily provide inhabitants with an observatory platform and outdoor ambiance.
Industrial video cassette recorders (VCRs) receive video input and capture the data onto analog or digital videotape. This does not include consumer grade products.
Normung, a German national standards body. Common rail widths include 15 mm, 35 mm, and 75 mm. Hard-wired suppressors mount directly on or within the device they protect. Plugin products plug into an existing system or power module. PCB surge suppressors...

Bus Plugs

(24 companies)
Bus Plugs connect to a busbar or busways to distribute protect and supply power to industrial equipment.


(279 companies)
Netting is an open-meshed material used to protect, filter, or restrict. Netting products range from extremely fine fiber mesh to industrial-grade material netting.

Laboratory Stoppers

(66 companies)
Laboratory stoppers are truncated, cylindrical or conical pieces that are used to plug, close and/or seal labware.

AC Power Cords

(441 companies)
AC power cords carry alternating current from one area to another. There are many different standard plugs and voltages, depending upon the country.

Phone Jacks and Plugs

(203 companies)
Phone jacks and plugs are connectors used with telephones. They are also known as modular jacks (female) and modular plugs (male).

Power Strips

(201 companies)
...suppression features clamping or other suppression of transient voltage spikes or other irregularities. Configuration features include AC adapter spacing, battery backup, twist lock plug, on/off switch, and remote control. A unit with AC adapter...
...the device they protect. Plugin products plug into an existing system or power module. PCB surge suppressors are wired directly onto a printed circuit board (PCB). Voltage. It is important to match a surge suppressor's intended voltage with the voltage...
Data acquisition computer boards are self-contained printed circuit boards that typically plug into the backplane, motherboard, or otherwise interface directly with the computer bus.

Electrical Receptacles

(370 companies)
Electrical receptacles, outlets, and wall sockets accept plugs and provide current to run electrical devices.

Power Connectors

(677 companies)
...modules How To Select Power Connectors. Receptacle, Power Connector, Power entry module. Image Credit: Leviton | LappUSA | Digi-Key. Power connectors are female power connectors into which plugs or male connectors are inserted to make circuit...
...transient over voltages on three-phase AC power lines. Plug-in style surge suppressors are designed to plug into wall outlets. Lightning arrestors are designed to protect equipment from power surges produced by lightning. Coaxial surge suppressors...

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