Honing, lapping and super-finishing equipment are used to improve surface finish or geometry to tight tolerances.
Paint spraying equipment and paint sprayers are used to atomize and propel a concentrated mist of a finish coating onto a surface. This includes the equipment used to directly apply the spray coating, as well as a variety of supporting equipment to optimize the painting process.
Plating equipment and anodizing equipment is used to apply a finish to a products to increase its durability or to resist corrosion.
Gear manufacturing machines are used to cut, form, and finish gear teeth. They perform processes such as hobbing, milling, grinding, lapping, and deburring.
Optical manufacturing services design, fabricate, finish and test optical components and optical elements.

Hones and Honing Tools

(144 companies)
Hones and honing tools are abrasive products used to refine the finish of internal bores and external surfaces.

Overlays and Veneers

(70 companies)
Overlays, veneers and surfacing materials are bonded to a surface to impart a decorative finish or graphical pattern.
Sanders and sanding machines are used to finish wood, plastic or composites through the application of abrasive belts, discs or sheets.

Honing Services

(47 companies)
Honing services use fine-grit abrasives to provide a very high finish to metals when super finishes or tight tolerances are required.
Polishers and buffing machines are used to impart a fine (low Ra) surface finish on the exterior of a part. To improve surface finish, they use use abrasive grain slurries or compounds on buffs, bobs, cloth naps, laps, very fine grit nonwovens, and coated abrasives.
Hot stamping foils or films are used to emboss a metallic or colored finish onto a surface, usually through a thermal bonding or hot stamping process.


(108 companies)
...with some nail types using prying tools, especially in finish size range. Nailers are excellent tools for joining wood, composites, shingles, rubber sheet, insulation, foam, concrete and metal sheet to wood or composite structures. Nails can...
Downstream extrusion equipment is used to finish and inspect parts once they have been extruded. Post-extrusion processing operations include cooling, cutting, pulling, texturing, embossing and profile inspection.

Brushing Machines

(13 companies)
Brushing machines use bristle or wire brushes to deburr, deflash, finish, polish, dedust, and clean surfaces. Brushes are also used to scour or texture surface to simulate wood grains or other patterns.

Marine Coatings

(87 companies)
...in terms of performance, properties and chemistries. Marine paints include epoxy fairing compounds, epoxy primers and sealers, and wood finishing systems. Anti-fouling coatings are also available. Marine coatings can be categorized according to technology...

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