(1,944 companies)
...the identical (yet different) components of a desktop PC. Image credit: Nikkis | Microsoft. All general-purpose computers require the following hardware components: CPU. The central processing unit (CPU) is the core of the modern computer and is responsible...
They typically consist of multiple wafer processing stations placed around a central, automated handling unit. Applications. Cluster tools are becoming increasingly common in semiconductor manufacturing and represent key components of fab automation...

Central Heating Systems

(138 companies)
Central heating systems provide heat from a single point to multiple rooms, typically with a furnace or boiler and vents, pipes, or radiators.

Unit Handling Conveyors

(426 companies)
Unit handling conveyors are designed to handle packages, pallets, or any other unit format. They are used to transport large, discrete items that can be handled independently.

Video Cameras

(1,651 companies)
...processing functions can be integrated readily onto a CMOS chip, reducing system package size and overall cost. With CMOS, each active pixel sensor cell has its own buffer amplifier and can be addressed and read individually. Commonly used cells have...

Data Acquisition

(2,137 companies)
Data acquisition is the digitizing and processing of multiple sensor or signal inputs for the purpose of monitoring, analyzing and/or controlling systems and processes. Signal conditioning includes the amplification, filtering, converting, and other processes required to make sensor output suitable for rereading by computer boards.

Cores and Tubes

(44 companies)
...of either clear or colored plastic. Clear plastic cores and clear plastic tubes are often used in packaging applications where product visibility is important. Colored plastic cores and tubes may be used in the continuous processing of papers and foils...


(1,290 companies)
Signal conditioning, circuit protection. Signal processing. Stored energy used to select / represent information. Radio tuners, random access memory (RAM), analog circuits. Capacitive sensing. Changes in capacitance - due to variable dielectric...

CPU Coolers

(149 companies)
...processing unit (CPU). They may include integral fans for active cooling and often fit standard CPU sockets. Computers are carefully engineered to generate as little heat as possible, as high temperatures damage semiconductor components and reduce...
Industrial fans and blowers are designed to move air and/or powders in industrial and commercial settings. Typical applications include air circulation for personnel, exhaust or material handling.

Chip Antennas

(56 companies)
Chip antennas are semiconductor ICs used to collect or radiate electromagnetic waves.

Chip Inductors

(221 companies)
Chip inductors are manufactured using semiconductor material.

System on a Chip (SoC)

(85 companies)
System on a chip (SoC) devices are semiconductor chips with embedded components that make the chip a standalone system.

Dust Collectors

(780 companies)
Image Credit: BPA Air Quality Solutions LLC. Advantages. Disadvantages. Can handle flammable and explosive dusts with little risk. High potential for corrosion problems. Provides gas absorption and dust collection in a single unit. Collected...

Chip Capacitors

(222 companies)
Chip capacitors or surface mount capacitors do not have leads.
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