Light Alloys and Metals

(385 companies)
Light alloys and light metals have low density and high strength-to-weight ratios. Light weight metals include aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and beryllium alloys.

Scales and Balances

(990 companies)
Scales and balances are used to measure static or dynamic loads for a wide range of industrial applications.
...or oil analysis (lubricant testing) alignment, position, balance evaluation and correction, and ultrasonic fault detection. Other preventive machine maintenance services are repairs, part replacements, or lubrication replenishment performed...

Hydraulic Accumulators

(282 companies)
Hydraulic accumulators use an incompressible fluid and a compressed gas, spring or raised mass to store energy, absorb shock, eliminate noise, and counter-balance loads.


(12 companies)
Equalizers are electronic devices used to balance frequency components of electronic signals.


(132 companies)
Columns are vertical structural elements that use compression to transmit the weight of a structure above to other structural elements below.
Web sensing systems and web scanning systems employ a variety of sensors that scan across a moving web to detect defects and measure parameters such as product basis weight, thickness and moisture.

Metal Spinning Services

(116 companies)
Metal spinning services use a positive-pressure process where rotating tool (lathe) or roller shapes a spinning sheet metal workpiece such as a pipe, camshaft, or crankshaft.

Mud Pumps

(83 companies)
Mud pumps are large, reciprocating pumps that are used to circulate the mud on a drilling rig. A typical mud pump is a double- or triple-acting, two- or three-cylinder piston pump whose pistons travel in replaceable liners and are driven by a crankshaft.

Rotary Shafts

(146 companies)
...pyramid with a square base and an angle of 136 between opposite faces. Specifications. Important specifications for rotary shafts include shaft diameter or width, maximum length, weight, height, and tolerance. Most rotary shafts have circular...

Support Stands

(167 companies)
Support stands are used to hold a piece of equipment at an elevated or extended position. This product area represents a large range of products - from heavy-duty industrial jack stands to light-weight, easily-adjustable camera and speaker stands.

Motor Test Equipment

(43 companies)
Motor test equipment is used to measure and evaluate various electrical characteristics and performance parameters of motors.

Waxes and Wax Compounds

(161 companies)
Waxes and wax compounds are high molecular weight organic materials similar to fats and oils, except waxes are solid at room temperature (melting point above 45 C). Waxes are used in sealers, polishes, inks, lubricants, binders and investment casting.
...reconditioning, or crankshaft regrinding. Other unlisted engine and engine component repair services may also be offered. Parts, components, and engines undergoing repair for the Aerospace industry must be approved by the United States Federal Aviation...
Titanium and titanium alloys are non-ferrous metals with excellent corrosion resistance, fatigue properties, and a high strength-to-weight ratios.

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