USB Cables

(200 companies)
USB cables are designed specifically to connect devices that use the universal serial bus (USB) protocol. They are used to connect personal computers (PCs) and peripherals such as mice, keyboards, printers, digital cameras, and mass storage devices. USB cables are also used in factory environments, sometimes with a locking mechanism, for connecting USB industrial I/O devices to computers.
Board mounted EMI Filters and RFI Filters are IC or board mounted devices designed to purify signals of unwanted noise.

Pipe Transits

(27 companies)
Pipe transits are bulkhead or barrier modules allowing pipe, tubing, or other conduit to pass through, while providing various levels of sealing, strain relief, and damage protection, depending on the application requirements.

Solar Mounts

(104 companies)
Solar mounts are used to mount photovoltaic (PV), solar water heaters, or other solar collection devices. They hold solar panels in position and are either fixed or tracking.

Cable Glands

(269 companies)
Cable glands are bulkhead modules that allow barrier penetration while providing sealing protection. They are commonly known as sealing glands or strain reliefs and have the ability to seal around one or multiple wires, cables or probes. They are available in plastic and metal configurations.

Cable Transits

(61 companies)
Cable transits are bulkhead or barrier modules that allow electrical cables to pass through, while providing various levels of sealing, strain relief, and damage protection, depending on the application requirements.
Surface mount technology (SMT) manufacturing equipment is used to populate printed circuit boards (PCB). This includes soldering machines, ovens, component placement, paste depositors and screen and stencils.

Chip Capacitors

(220 companies)
Chip capacitors or surface mount capacitors do not have leads.

LED Mounts and Lenses

(83 companies)
LED mounts and lenses are used to mount LEDs and shape or transfer light output. Other components in this area include LED light pipes, headers, interconnects, and assemblies.

Circular Connectors

(551 companies)
...the connector including the use of bulkheads, jam nuts, flanges and inline cable mounts. Performance Criteria. Important performance specifications to consider when searching for circular connectors include maximum rated voltage, maximum operating current...

AC Power Connectors

(311 companies)
...locations. Mounting. There are many different mounting styles for AC power connectors. Jam nut receptacles fit "D" shaped holes,. Cable end connectors fit the ends of electrical cables. In-line or cable receptacles fit panel cutouts. Flange mounted...

Optical Rails

(13 companies)
Optical rails mount to optical tables to support components and instruments in a straight line, while retaining the freedom to quickly change their relative spacing.

Serial Cables

(344 companies)
Serial cables are used for the serial transmission of data. They support communication standards such as RS232, RS422, and RS485, as well as Fibre Channel, IEEE 1394 or FireWire (R) (Apple Computer, Inc.), and universal serial bus (USB).


(163 companies)
...important specifications to consider when selecting a feedthrough. These include: Mounting configuration. Bearing type and position. Shaft size. Strength and termination features. Residual magnetic field. Pressure vacuum rating. For fluid feedthroughs...

Valve Actuators

(872 companies)
Valve actuators mount on valves and, in response to a signal, move a valve to a desired position using an outside power source.

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