Centronics Connectors

(69 companies)
Centronics connectors are standard parallel interface devices for connecting printers and other peripherals such as portable disc drives, tape backup drives, and CD-ROM players to computers.
Scan and video converters transform computer-video signals into a television-compatible format. They are sometimes called PC to TV converters or PC to video converters.

Coaxial Connectors

(480 companies)
There are many different types of coaxial connectors. Many products use lettered or numbered designations. Lettered connectors include BMA, BMMA, BNC, BNC, DVI, FME, MCX, MMCX, MHV, RCA, SC, SMA, SSMA SMB, SSMB, SMP, TNC, UHF, XLR and ZNA connectors...

Frame Grabbers

(125 companies)
Frame grabbers are image processing computer boards that capture and store image data for industrial applications such as quality control.

HDMI Cables

(130 companies)
High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cables are assemblies of audio and video cables that are used to transmit digital audio/video signals. They are used to connect digital devices such as set-top boxes, personal computers, and camcorders to compatible computer monitors, video projectors, and digital televisions. HDMI uses a single cable for the transmission of uncompressed digital data and implements the EIA/CEA-861 standards.

Flat Panel Displays

(874 companies)
Flat panel displays (FPDs) are thin, flat, electronic devices used to display data. They are commonly used in notebook computers. Most styles include the housing and ports necessary to connect them to a computer.

CRT Monitors

(244 companies)
CRT monitors use cathode ray tube technology to display output from a computer.

IC Interfaces

(516 companies)
...interface (DVI) and high-definition media interface (HDMI); and digital subscriber line (DSL) and integrated services digital network (ISDN). In addition, IC interfaces may also use technologies such as actuator-sensor interface (AS-i), Ethernet...

Computer Cables

(297 companies)
...are used to connect personal computers (PCs) to computer monitors. They have connectors that consist of 15 contacts arranged in three rows. Each row corresponds to a separate channel: red (R), green (G), and blue (B). DVI cables are used to provide...
Composites and composite materials typically consist of a matrix and a dispersed, fibrous or continuous second phase. The second phase may reinforce the material, alter electrical or magnetic properties, or enhance wear or erosion resistance.

VGA Cables

(63 companies)
VGA cables use three-row, 15-pin video graphics array (VGA) adapters to connect video and computer monitors, video cards, and some high definition televisions (HDTV). They carry analog signals rather than digital signals, including RGBHV and VESA DDC data.

Audio Connectors

(344 companies)
Audio connectors are used to affix cables to other audio equipment, providing electronic signal transference and grounding protection.

Video Displays

(335 companies)
Video monitors display video images from cameras and recorders, often using cathode ray tube (CRT) technology.

Video Cards

(221 companies)
Video cards are used to regulate the data displayed on computer monitors.


(115 companies)
Staples are U-shaped metal fasteners that are driven into a surface to hold or secure an object in place.