Exterior Doors

(554 companies)
...temperatures. Typically, these doors have weather seals, thresholds, and locking features. Weather seals help close air gaps and keep out insects and other pests. These seals consist of door sweeps, jamb seals, and dock-leveler seals. The threshold, the sill...
Off road and heavy equipment services provide coating, finishing, part fabrication, processing, repair and maintenance, testing, manufacturing, and other engineering services to the off road and heavy equipment industry.
...authorized shop, pick-up and delivery, preventative maintenance and services, rapid turnaround, remanufacturing and complete rebuilding, rental or lease, replacement or exchange programs, spare parts inventory, troubleshooting, and upgrade services...

Medical Services

(159 companies)
Medical services perform clinical laboratory tests, lease medical equipment to doctors and hospitals, and repair medical machines and equipment.


(575 companies)
...that workers can easily move the ladders into place. Marine ladders and dock ladders - Made from materials that can resist corrosion, such as stainless steel or anodized aluminum. Construction Material. Ladders are commonly constructed...

Platforms and Walkways

(420 companies)
Platforms and walkways are equipment access structures that enable regular maintenance and inspection activites at elevated workspaces. Systems incorporate structural supports, walking surface decking or planks, framing, hardware, and accessories such as handrails, access gates, stairs, ladders, and kick plates.

Industrial Safety Gates

(118 companies)
...access through a control point. Cantilever gates, single-swing gates, double-swing gates, driveway gates, loading dock gates, mezzanine gates, and pedestrian or personnel barriers are types of industrial safety gates. Included in this product area...


(225 companies)
Bumpers are elastomeric hardware devices used for edge protection, cushioning, and impact absorption.

Scissor Lifts

(224 companies)
Scissor lifts are devices that use a scissor-like mechanism to raise and lower a work platform. This item of material handling equipment conveys personnel and cargo in the vertical plane. Scissor lifts may be stationary, self-propelled, or vehicle mounted.


(1,742 companies)
...for working or storage activities. They generally have a lower maximum weight capacity then other types of lifts, and are usually ringed by safety devices and supports to protect those working while on them. Dock lifts - Dock lifts are used to raise...

Air Curtains

(32 companies)
...curtains are employed where doors are frequently used or must remain open for extended periods of time, such as the entrance to an office building or the loading dock of a factory. Cold drafts can be greatly reduced by heated air curtains...

Toll Processing Services

(453 companies)
Toll processing services distill, dry, mix, or mill chemicals and bulk materials on a contractual basis.
Anti-icers and deicers or anti-icing and deicing chemicals are used to prevent ice formation, remove existing surface ice, and remove or prevent frost formation. They are available in liquid or granular forms.
Calibration and repair services are companies that calibrate and repair laboratory and scientific instruments, test and measurement equipment, and industrial sensors.

Industrial Shelters

(796 companies)
Industrial shelters are buildings or structures that are designed to house and protect instrumentation or personnel. Examples include booths, buildings, canopies, garages, and walk-in enclosures.