Rotary Stages

(139 companies)
Rotary positioning stages are devices with tables or shafts that may be rotated to any angular position. They may be driven or simple slides.

Rotary Position Sensors

(215 companies)
Rotary position sensors include potentiometers, resolvers and a variety of magnetic and capacitive technologies. Sensors are designed for angular displacement less than one turn or for multiturn displacement.

Rotary Shafts

(146 companies)
Rotary shafts are elongated, rod-shaped devices that rotate about a longitudinal axis and transmit torque. They are similar in shape to linear shafts, but are designed to withstand torsional forces.
Rotary vane vacuum pumps and systems move media through the pump using a rotating assembly in the pumping chamber. Typically, there are two or more rotating vanes that move the media from inlet to outlet. Rotary vane vacuum pumps are positive displacement pumps.


(286 companies)
...cup atomizers are driven at high speeds (about 500 rpm) by an electric motor and heavy-duty belt drive. Low-pressure air atomizers are similar to rotary-cup atomizers, but use the primary airflow to force the fuel to rotate. Pressure-jet atomizers use...
Power brushes and rotary brushes are designed to be mounted to an electrical or pneumatic tool or machine.

Rotary Indexing Tables

(128 companies)
Rotary indexing tables are used to index components in defined, angular increments so that they can be machined, worked, or assembled in multiple operations. Tables can have fixed or adjustable indexing angles.

Combustion Engines

(242 companies)
...stroke, making the power output nearly equivalent. Rotary (Wankel) Engines. Rotary (Wankel) engines operate using a rotor and shaft instead of a piston. The rotation of the shaft moves a three sided rotor which drives the movement of fuel through...
Pneumatic rotary actuators use pressurized air to rotate mechanical components.
Hydraulic rotary actuators use a pressurized, incompressible fluid to rotate mechanical components.

Rotary Kellys

(22 companies)
Rotary kellys are splined or polygonal sections of pipe that mate with the drill string and are driven by the rotary table of a drill rig in order to apply torque to the drill string.

Rotary Burs

(206 companies)
Rotary burs are cutting tools with many closely-spaced cutting edges, often with negative rake angle, for finishing or deburring edges.

Rotary Subs

(24 companies)
Rotary subs are short sections of API certified threaded pipe used for crossover connections, tool handling, lifting, or other specialty application related to the making and breaking of the drill string.
Rotary coded dual in-line package (DIP) switches are activated by a rotating shaft and have several stop positions. They use the DIP form factor so that arrays of multiple switches can be incorporated into a single package.

Rotary Limit Switches

(154 companies)
Rotary limit switches use physically-actuated levers to rotate a shaft and operate the contacts in a switch, making them change state. Most products feature a rugged design and are suitable for factory and/or industrial applications; however, because these switches contain mechanical parts, they wear over time. Typically, rotary limit switches are slower than noncontact, electrical devices such as proximity sensors and photoelectric sensors.

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