Fiber Optic Test Sources

(121 companies)
Fiber optic test sources review the performance of a system by injecting light through the fibers.
Fiber optic fault locators shine red laser light through jacketed fibers to identify breaks, bends, faulty connectors, splices and other causes of signal loss.

Fiber Optic Splicers

(14 companies)
Fiber optic splicers are tools used to create a permanent fuse between the ends of two fibers optic cables.

Lighting Controls

(541 companies)
...sensors, photo sensors, and other automatic systems. Lighting controls and systems can reduce electric load demand, produce special effects for performances, and set the mood in home theaters, stores, restaurants, and museums. Lighting controls can...

Fiber Optic Receivers

(119 companies)
Fiber optic receivers are instruments that convert light into electrical signals. They contain a photodiode semiconductor, signal conditioning circuitry, and an amplifier.

Fiber Optic Circulators

(59 companies)
Fiber optic circulators are nonreciprocal devices that direct a light signal from one port, via a fiber optic line, to another sequentially.

Fiber Optic Polarizers

(31 companies)
Fiber optic polarizers (FOP) are placed inline to improve the extinction characteristics of fiber optic cable. They allow the transmission of only one polarization, blocking light in unwanted polarization states.

Fiber Optic Amplifiers

(116 companies)
Fiber optic amplifiers re-amplify an attenuated signal without converting the signal into electrical form.
Fiber optic depolarizers randomize the polarization in fiber optic systems.

Fiber Optic Cleavers

(9 companies)
Fiber Optic Cleavers are used to make precise optical fiber end face cuts. The smooth fiber end faces produced by fiber optic cleavers are essential for low loss fusion splicing.
Fiber optic cleaning and splicing tools are used to connect, adapt, polish, repair, fiber and fiber optic cables. This area includes fiber optic consumables such as polish, swabs, wipes, etc.

Fiber Optic Ferrules

(22 companies)
Fiber optic ferrules are mechanical fixtures, generally rigid tubes, which are used to confine the stripped end of a fiber or a fiber bundle.
Fiber Optic Polishing Machines are used to polish the end faces of fiber optic products (cables, connectors, adapters, etc.) in order to minimize signal losses due to scattering.
Fiber optic faraday rotators take the output from single-mode fibers and rotates the polarization by 90 degrees.

Fiber Optic Filters

(44 companies)
Fiber optic filters allow only specific wavelengths to pass into a larger fiber optic system.

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