Flexible Circuits

(259 companies)
...methods and rigid printed circuit boards (PCBs). Flexible circuits such as microelectronic connectors are often designed for specialized configurations and demanding environments. Typically, a flex circuit is made of a flexible, polymer film...

Gasket Cutters

(22 companies)
Gasket cutters are manually operated tools used for cutting gaskets. There are several types of gasket cutters and they can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Flatbed Cutters

(25 companies)
Flatbed cutters use a large, flat work surface and an X-Y cutting head to cut materials such as paper, vinyl, cardboard, textiles, glass, and other materials.

Keyseat Cutters

(66 companies)
Keyseat cutters produce a groove or slot, which serves as a seat for a complementary engagement key. They are typically used in key shafts to provide positive engagement and prevent unwanted rotation or movement.

Driver Bits

(17 companies)
EHardware. Essentially a Phillips driver style but with only three points; found on consumer electronics. Tri-wing. Image credit: Pan American Tool. Three segmented slots that form a triangle with extended segments, which may or may not include...

Pipe and Tube Cutters

(150 companies)
Pipe and tube cutters are hand-held tools or machines that use a rotating cutting wheel, blade, or other tool head to separate a long piece of tubular material into two or more parts.

Angle Cutters

(43 companies)
Angle cutters are milling cutters with the cutting face angled with respect to the axis of rotation.

Utility Knives

(40 companies)
...to several types of knives. Including: Box cutters. Cable knives. Capet knives. Carpenter knives. Drywall knives. Film cutters. Hobby knives. Linoleum knives. Pen knives. Pocket knives. Rotary cutters. Safety knives. Utility knives will often feature...
Wire, Cable and Connector Tools Information. Wire, cable and connector tools are used to assemble and install wires, cables and connectors. There are many different types of products. Categories include tool kits, cable tie guns, crimpers, cutters...
...with an arc and then use a high-velocity, high-temperature ionized gas to make cuts. The high-velocity ionized gas conducts electricity from the torch of the plasma cutter, heats the workpiece, and then melts the material. The high-velocity stream of ionized...

Drum Pulleys

(35 companies)
...class conveyor drum pulleys are also used to prevent downtime in critical applications. In addition to category, drum pulleys may be divided into four basic types: motorized, idler, spiral, and wing. Motorized drum pulleys, as their name suggests...

Gear Cutters and Hobs

(48 companies)
Gear cutters and hobs are tools for machining gear-tooth profiles.

Flexible Shafts

(31 companies)
Flexible shafts provide rotary power transmission along curved or adjustable axes. They are used in a wide variety of remote control, valve actuation, and power transmission applications.


(1,337 companies)
Washer nuts have an attached washer. It can be free-spinning or stationary. Image credit: U.S. Industrial Fasteners. Weld nuts incorporate a base so the nut can be welded to a substrate. Image credit: U.S. Industrial Fasteners. Wing nuts are tightened...
...an operating range. Standards. A-A-568 - Cutter, grinder. A-A-544 - Geringder, die, pneumatic. References. Image Credit: R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

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