...to indicate position. Fold away handles fold into the mount and remain out of the way when not in use. Revolving handles revolve when in use. Cranks are often supplied with revolving handles. Military specification (MIL-SPEC) handles and pulls...


(35 companies)
...grooves and rib pattern prevent slide slippage, and the lug design provides extra propulsion ability. Snow caught in the grooves forms snow pillars from cyclic up and down compression to result in better steering and traction in soft snow. Some...
...tissue or cloth products. Operation. Dispensers enable easy retrieval by spring-feeding or gravity-feeding napkins, tissues, or towels towards an access port in the dispenser, or by folding and stacking the products in a way that positions...


(182 companies)
...include: Independent or birdcage scaffolding. Single pole scaffolding. Baker 's scaffolding. Cantilever scaffolding. Frame scaffolding. Hanging or swing stage scaffolding. Pump jack scaffolding. Roll and fold scaffolding. Tube and clamp scaffolding...


(1,481 companies)
...often use sliding or folding doors for egress on to patios and decks. A sliding door is fitted into a track in a frame and is typically constructed of large panes of glass. Other types of doors include overhead doors for garages, warehouses and other...

Calibration Instruments

(614 companies)
Calibration instruments use electrical signals or physical quantities to calibrate sensors and meters. Devices that produce electrical signals can serve as precise meters for sensor calibration, or send output signals to other devices.


(417 companies)
...such as a wrench or chuck key. Locking chucks can be locked or set to provide holding force, even whenthe actuation mechanism (e.g., hydraulic or pneumatic pressure) is removed. Machinable jaws / inserts can be machined for custom workholding applications. Quick...

Tool Support Systems

(59 companies)
Tool support systems provide support for one or more tools, such as impact wrenches, screwdrivers, staplers and other tools.


(376 companies)
Wheels are solid discs or rigid circular rings that attach to assemblies such as casters to allow movement. They are connected to a hub and designed to turn around an axle.

Interior Doors

(316 companies)
...sliding, folding and even automatic doors out of wood, stone, metal and a combination of each. While interior doors in the post-industrial era have become commonplace, they are still valued for many of the same reasons. Types. Commercial doors...


(156 companies)
Locknuts are a type of prevailing-torque fastener that resists loosening under vibration and torque. They differ from standard nuts because they typically have friction-increasing bearing surfaces (e.g., pitted grooves on flanges) or special internal thread-geometries.

Load Centers

(48 companies)
...lugs. There are several types of mains, including straight-in and convertible. Straight-in mains are designed to eliminate waste and save installation time because they do not require bends. Convertible mains permit the field-conversion of main breaker...

Garage Doors

(187 companies)
Garage doors are designed to enclose and protect the entrances to garages and other large structures.
...surfaces. They also prevent accidentally pushing the plug all of the way through the opening. Knurled or faceted head - Usually found on threaded plugs only, knurls or facets allow easier installation and removal, either by finger or wrench. Slotted...

Closing Machines

(110 companies)
There are several ways to close packages. Examples include caps and lids, corks, glue, heat seals, nails and staples, tapes, tucks and folds, wrappers, and tamper-resistant materials. Closing machines differ in terms of specifications, features...

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