Access Control Systems

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...that should enter and keep out those who should not. Applications. Access control systems are used to identify people before granting access to secure facilities. These include card and pod readers as well as biometric equipment to identify... Tools issued from a tool crib for use on specific jobs, work orders, or tasks. To record inventory transactions, employees use a barcode scanner or RFID reader to automatically identify the inventory object and capture usage information...
...eliminate the "buddy punching " that can occur with mechanical or electronic time and attendance systems. Instead of punching a time card of entering a numeric code, employees must insert a hand or finger into the reader. This forces each employee...
Label and nameplate services design and manufacture labels, tags, nameplates and related products for identification, inventory control, packaging, decoration, and regulatory compliance. Companies produce serial number plates, instruction labels, RFID tags, shipping and packaging labels, company logos, decals, fleet wraps, barcode labels, and other forms of identification for products that require the display of alphanumeric or graphical images.

Barcode Decoders

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...scanners; slot, badge, and magnetic stripe readers (MSRs); and barcode wands and barcode wand scanners. As wedge-style barcode decoders, these devices are designed to plug directly into a computer 's keyboard port, and are equipped with a connector...
...the best location for an item to reduce the overall spatial and labor investment of each item. Receipt and Cataloguing. When a parcel or item arrives at the warehouse from a manufacturer, a barcode, microchip, or RFID tag is affixed so that the WMS data... over telephone lines. Card readers and writers send data to or from host computers to or from PC cards. These modular devices connect to the host computer through a port or bus and simplify the task of transporting and sharing files among digital...

Smart Card Chips

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...a microprocessor and memory offer the greatest degree of versatility, the majority of smart cards are memory-only devices. Types. There are three basic types of smart card chips: Contact chips are read by an independent card reader and conform to ISO 7816...


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Chipsets are single chips that provide many of the functions of a motherboard. Generally, they integrate the clock generator, bus controllers, system timer, interrupt controller, DMA controller, CMOS/RAM clock, and keyboard controller functions.

Barcode Software

(216 companies) a necessary component to processing the digital signals from handheld barcode decoders, scanners, and readers. Barcode scanning software is used to recognize and decode barcodes and organize them in databases, spreadsheets, or other digital archives...

Barcode Printers

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Barcode printers are used to output barcode data in printed form.
...designs. The systems can incorporate microplate washers, barcode label units, material handling units such as conveyors, stacker or feeders, dispensers, coating machines, incubators, storage units and microplate readers. Types. There are many types...

FireWire® Connectors

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IEEE 1394 connectors are used to connect FireWire (R) devices such as host controllers, adapters, hard drives, hubs, repeaters, and card readers. FireWire, a registered trademark of Apple Computer, is a communications protocol for the transmission of data, video, and audio over a single cable at very high bit rates.


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Communications Commission (FCC) and use ultra high frequency (UHF) and very high frequency (VHF) bands. UHF radios use line-of-sight communications and repeaters. They provide better reception than CB radios, which can use either HF 27 MHz or UHF 477 MHz. VHF...

Inductive Couplings

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...and power back and forth, and may also be used in the antennae on both a signal transmitter and a receiver. An example of this application is used in radio frequency identification tags, where an inductive coupling in both a tag and a reader use...