Gage Blocks

(122 companies)
Gage blocks are manufactured to precise gagemaker tolerance grades for calibrating, checking, and setting fixed and comparative gages.
Hand and power tool repair services specialize in the repair and maintenance of hand-held air, electric, and manually-powered tools.


(298 companies)
Countersinks are tools used for cutting angled holes or countersinks in a workpiece.

Height Gages

(171 companies)
Height gages are used for measuring the height of components or product features. Height gages or gaging systems are used for measuring the height of components or product features. These include vernier height gages, micrometer height gages...
Theodolites and Transits are used for the accurate measurement of features, orientation and absolute positioning of large scale objects in engineering, construction, mapping, industry, defense and other applications.

Screwdrivers (hand tool)

(258 companies)
Screwdrivers, also known as turn screws, are hand-held, manually-powered simple implements designed for insertion and tightening of screws.
Educational and training software is used in applications such as distance learning, online training, and more specific programs such as equipment training and support.
...flatness, parallelism, and dimensional standards. End measuring rods or micrometer standards are fixed length setting gage or standards used for checking or calibrating micrometers or other length / thickness gages. End measuring rods consist of long...

Z-Axis Stages

(45 companies)
...motion. Belt-, band-, or cable-driven stages are typically larger devices used in material handling and packaging applications. Micrometer stages use a calibrated screw to measure and provide vertical motion. These devices are appropriate...


(718 companies)
Microscopes are instruments that produce magnified images of small objects


(59 companies)
Telescopes are lens assemblies designed to magnify and view distant objects.

Bore and ID Gages

(204 companies)
...movement and displacement of a gaging element (e.g., spindle, slide, stem) to determine the dimensions of a part or feature.  Bore micrometers, calipers, indicators, plug gages, ring gages or snap gages are examples of mechanical gages. Electronic Bore...

Thread Gages

(185 companies)
...plug gages, thread ring gages and thread micrometers. The appropriate variable or fixed limit gage for an application should be selected based on internal and external thread type, specific thread designation (UNS, UNF, UNC, NPT, ACME, Buttress), part...

Dovetail Slides

(31 companies)
...or micrometers can be used to physically drive dovetail slides. These devices in turn need functional drivers or motors, which can include handwheels or cranks, linear motors (direct drives), AC motors, DC servo motors, brushless servos, and stepper motors...

Scales and Balances

(990 companies)
Scales and balances are used to measure static or dynamic loads for a wide range of industrial applications.

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